Jenny Swensen, the Original Spitfire


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Jenny Swensen is a normal human, albeit one that has a powerful armor suit at her disposal. This advanced exoskeleton, built from her father's M.A.X. technology, allowed Jenny to perform a variety of incredible feats, which made her a high technology hero.




M.A.X. Armors (i): whether on her own or working for Project: Spitfire, Jenny has access to the Mark 2, Mark 3, and Mark 4 M.A.X. armor technology. While she doesn't use the Mark 2 anymore (since it was destroyed by Star Brand), she could theoretically recreate the suit if she needed to (and had access to the right parts and an adequate laboratory).




Aerial Combat (a): Jenny was specifically trained how to fight an opponent while flying, as her 3-D thinking style was apparently lacking (a trait that has since been repaired). She can now use her agility instead of her strength when making aerial attacks.

Electronics (i): Jenny's knowledge of electronics systems is second only to her intuitive understanding of robotics. As such, she can easily analyze, disassemble, reverse engineer, or build all sorts of electronic gear, at one difficulty level lower than would normally be required.

Espionage (i): working with the C.I.A. has given Jenny the training she needs in order to peform surveillance missions, operate spy-type equipment, and detect whether or not she's being followed. She's also skilled at noting small details about her surroundings...

Gadgetry (a): if anything, Jenny's really good at taking a machine apart and building something else out of it. As long as she's got suitable parts and tools available, she can likely transform any device into something else completely (though this does take a little bit of time).

Leadership (w): her various trials involving the M.A.X. technology has brought out Jenny's natural ability to lead others. If Jenny is leading a group, they can add a +1 to all actions, though if her leadership disappears, this bonus translates into a -1 to all actions for the duration of that encounter.

Martial Arts (a): Jenny has been training in Tai-Chi for several years, and as such, she can use her agility score to make melee attacks instead of her strength, as well as lower the difficulty of reducing falling damage by one difficulty level.

Mechanics (i): as well as being good with electronics, Jenny is a rather competent mechanic, too. This may be the reason she absorbed her father's heuristics knowledge so readily (having skill in both component areas of robotics).

Military (w): after she joined Project: Spitfire, Jenny had to learn the essentials of military life (even if she was mostly working with the C.I.A.). She understands military protocols, can decipher military plans, and can lead a group of soldiers if necessary.

Robotics (i): an extremely intelligent engineer in her own right, Jenny's talent with electromechanical gear has seen a quantum leap for the better once she managed to break down her father's advanced heuristics technology. She can easily make and / or dismantle robotics technology.

Teaching (w): though her M.A.X. exploits caused her to lose tenure at M.I.T., Jenny is nonetheless a competent and accomplished instructor. She can help any character use his or her response bonus to learn any skill that she herself knows.


Vengeance, later Protector: when she first learned the true cause of her father's death, Jenny could only think of getting even with Krotze (or, at the very least, bringing him to justice). After this was accomplished, Jenny wished to prevent anybody from being harmed by the technology Krotze stole from her father and sold to various agencies.


Well, when in action, Jenny usually wears the M.A.X. armor, which is essentially a giant red armor suit. When not in the suit, however, Jen usually wears a suit of green military fatigues.


Jenny is a smart, intelligent, and terminally head-strong woman who became a true hero at heart after acquiring the M.A.X. technology. Though she was nervous about using her father's work to fight evil at first, she soon realized that others weren't as hesitant to use her technology on innocents, and as such, did everything she could to stop the proliferation of M.A.X. technology.

Real Name: Jenny Swensen
Occupation: government agent, gone rogue
Legal Status: U.S. citizen suspected of murder (she's innocent), also wanted for going a.w.o.l. from the government's secret paranormal program
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Spitfire
Group Affiliation: Project: Spitfire (government operation)

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Weight: 145 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Professor Jenny Swensen was an M.I.T. instructor until that fateful day when her father was killed, murdered by a minion of Fritz Krotze, who thought the Doctor was holding back on his development of M.A.X. technology. A pacifist at heart, Doctor Swensen soon realized that his ultimate tool was being developed by Krotze as a deadly weapon.

As such, he did indeed hold back the prototype of his greatest work, an act that got him killed. Once this occurred, Jenny came to collect her things from the family home (which was situated on Krotze International property), when she discovered things that made her suspicious about the conditions surrounding her father's demise.

Soon after, Jenny broke into the place with the help of five M.I.T. students, the so-called Troubleshooters, found the Mark 2 M.A.X. suit, and discovered that her father had indeed been killed by Krotze's flunky. She then decided to steal the M.A.X. suit and the mobile lab it was built in (it was three mack trucks) and made for the sticks.

Krotze made several attempts to recover the suit and the laboratory, though he was ultimately thwarted when Jenny testified about the events surrounding her father's death and Krotze's shady dealings with the so-called Club, at which point the terrorists in that organization eliminated him for his failures; they then targeted Jenny and the Troubleshooters.

Their best operative, the assassin known as Steel Hawk, did a number on Jenny on many occasions, and managed to effectively wipe out the Troubleshooters (killing one and maiming another). As the remaining two Troubleshooters dealt with Steel Hawk once and for all, Jenny was kidnapped by the government, who had Plans for her.

Plans involving the creation of Project: Spitfire, a C.I.A. program meant to deal with the proliferation of M.A.X. technology, which was sold by Krotze (and through him, the Club) to various world powers, like the U.S.S.R. Jenny worked with this group for a time, until she was caught up in the chaotic swirl of events surrounding the creation of the Pitt.

While there, she disobeyed orders in order to save the lives of several people, though she got dipped in Pitt-juice in the process (as did the people she saved). Jenny then left the Project, which got her landed in military jail for her troubles, though not before she met the paranormals that made up the group known as D.P. 7, who took her in as one of their own.

Of course, the Pitt-juice eventually caused a mutagenic effect in Jenny, an effect that changed her skin into a sort of flexible steel armor. Her life after this point is described in much later detail in the following...

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