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Along with his mate, Ananke, Khronos is the very first of the Greek gods. Spontaneously springing into existence, he and Ananke acted quickly to spawn not only the more familiar forebears of Greek myth, but the multiverse of planes they reside within.


Growth (a): Khronos is big... unbelievably big. His mammoth serpentine form was able to circle the nascent earth itself, altering it to generate the Olympian multiverse. This translates into intensity 30 growth, which isn't quite as handy as you would think.

You see, Khronos grows via atomic dispersal, so he does not actually gain mass or strength with his increased volume. He possesses a +30 size factor, but does not gain additional damage as a result of his size - and may not be able to even perceive normal-sized foes (and vice versa).

While at his full size, consider Khronos to be incorporeal at his growth intensity. Khronos' growth is not something that is 'always on', however. He can contract his mass in order to interact with the mundane world, assuming a size aspect which matches that of a normal human.

Immortality (s): as one of the progenitors of all the Olympic deities, Khronos is naturally an immortal being. He is ageless and timeless, and cannot be affected by abilities which manipulate either (the latter in particular, due to him being an elder time god).

His powerful life force also gives Khronos invulnerability to disease and toxins, as mere mundane threats such as those shall never inconvenience him, much less lay him low. Khronos may possess additional immunities, but these have yet to be recorded by history.

This is because, though he created the Olympian multiverse, most of Khronos' feats over time are shrouded in mystery. However, the thing to keep in mind about Khronos is that his existence is as far above the Olympians' as theirs is above mere mortal men.

Shape Change (a): though he normally maintains an immense, monstrous form, Khronos can change his shape as he sees fit. When traveling to the realms he's created, or even earth, Khronos may assume the form of an ordinary (or extraordinary) man, doing so with intensity 8 ability.

The typical form he will manifest in is that of a large, muscular man, often but not always in the nude, with silver hair and a rather large, flowing beard. He will also possess fully functional, silvery wings in this shape, with which he can fly at intensity 3 speeds (90 m.p.h.).

In his 'natural' form, Khronos is serpentine in nature, having the additional limbs / organs powers in the form of his three heads: a human head, a bull head, and a lion head. His human head is 'normal', but his bull head has horns and his lion head has fangs.

Space Control (i): though he is a god of time, Khronos has also shown the ability to manipulate space in several ways. Functioning at intensity 25, this potent ability allows Khronos to teleport anywhere within 250 million miles with each jump (functioning with beyond visual range).

Furthermore, he may exit our plane of existence altogether, traversing the sixth dimension in order to enter other universes. This ability also functions at intensity 25, meaning there are few places in reality that are barred to Khronos should he wish to travel to them.

Finally, Khronos has the power to spawn whole dimensions. Though he requires Ananke's help to do so, Khronos can literally form new planes of existence when he wishes, as he did when he and Ananke created the Olympian multiverse back at the 'beginnings' of reality.

Time Control (i): Khronos is a primordial god of time, perhaps the first such entity. He has the ability to alter the flow and very nature of time itself, doing so with intensity 30 ability. This grants him astounding advantages should he be forced into combat somehow.

For one thing, he can accelerate or decelerate himself or others by a factor of up to 30. The entity so affected will experience 1 exchange for every 30 that others pass through if so slowed, or the reverse effect if he is accelerated by Khronos' whims.

Alternately, Khronos can use this power to traverse the time stream at his leisure. By bouncing off the fifth dimension at right angles, Khronos may move to virtually any point in time at will, traversing most of known time as desired - and can cross into parallel timelines with ease.

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Lore (i): having sprang into existence fully formed, Khronos has no real knowledge to speak of. Save for that regarding the origins of the Olympian multiverse - and everything which has happened since then. He may attempt related Intellect actions at a reduced difficulty.


Khronos is the progenitor of all the Olympic deities, along with Ananke. They all know of him and his existence, and would likely do anything he asked of them were he to but do so. However, Khronos usually does not bother with the mundane affairs of normal causality.


Peace of Mind: unlike many other deities of the Greek persuasion, Khronos isn't a meddler. He isn't constantly interfering with the affairs of lesser entities, for good or ill. No, he simply works tirelessly to keep time flowing as it should, and is content to do so indefinitely.


Typically, Khronos does not bother with clothing of any stripe. After all, when you can literally wrap your body around the world, why should you? Even when he assumes a human-like size and aspect, Khronos does not bother with mere clothing, unless he feels a sudden need for decorum.


Khronos has a primarily detached personality, typically seeing the 'big picture' more than individual events. Unlike Ananke, he does not typically bother to meddle with the affairs of his descendants, simply going about his job of keeping time functioning properly.

Real Name: Khronos
Deific Role: elder god of time
Marital Status: wed to Ananke
Alias(es), if any: Chronos
Distinguishing Characteristics: in his natural form, Khronos is immense, and has a serpentine form with three heads: that of a man, a bull, and a lion. When he takes a human form, Khronos has a strong build, silver hair with a billowy silver beard, and powerful silvery wings.

Or sometimes a vigorous young man. This just depends on Khronos' mood, really.


Long ago, really really long ago, there was nothing. No earth, no space, no time.

Then, things changed. The universe sprang into existence, all full of chaotic energy and mad potential. Space and time were a bit more fluid back then, as were the various forces that rule existence: life and death, matter and probability. Bizarre things happened a lot.

As the earth itself formed from the steaming remnants of an accreting solar disc, strange primordial entities sprang forth from it, beings whose very existence defied logic. Two such beings were Khronos and Ananke, who were similar in both appearance and raw power.

Like powerful beings such as they tended to do, they decided to shape existence in their own image, and combined their powers for use on the youthful world of their origin. From this union was born the entire Olympian multiverse of planes, including Olympus, Elysium, and Tarterus.

In addition to forming these new dimensions to house their offspring, Khronos and Ananke went about having a few, and split Gaea and Ouranos off from the nascent earth itself. Thus began the Olympian family of deities, who would proceed to further shape the world to their liking.

While his creations have given Khronos his due respect, they don't interact with him very much. Khronos is aware of them and what they are doing, but he's often so busy that he does not have time to really interfere or meddle, as his wife Ananke does with some frequency.

This may be because in his role as the god of time, Khronos is too busy to bother with the day to day existence of his descendants. Or, as is more likely the case, he already knows what they're going to do (or likely to, at least), and doesn't feel the need to tamper with fate.

A lesson some of his descendants could sorely use to learn, to be sure.

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