Trojan Robot

While much of Cobra's technological developments are built with mass production in mind, in order to further its own ends and to make money from arms sales, others are more specialized in nature. In fact, certain creations of Cobra science have only been built once.

Cobra's Trojan robot is one such device. The idea behind this contraption is that it would be seized during a raid by some enemy or another, and after being disassembled for analysis in said enemy's hidden headquarters, could reassemble itself and reveal its location!

The reason Cobra only built one such robot is that the concept failed - though Cobra doesn't know by how narrow a margin! At any rate, the following are the capabilities that Cobra's Trojan robot demonstrated when it was put into play against the GI Joe team:


Hand Size:
2 (10)


Cobra's Trojan, possibly a one of a kind contraption, is a robot built by that organization's scientists to ferret out covert bases. It is not a sentient being, but possesses sophisticated programming that allows it to fight its way out of most any facility.

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs (a): should the rest of its body be disabled, the head of Cobra's Trojan robot can sprout multiple tentacles, which allow it to move under its own power! These are not manipulative limbs, however, and cannot be used to handle objects - save for pressing buttons.

Body Armor (s): an artificial representation of a human being, Cobra's Trojan robot is made from similarly artificial materials. Possessing a stainless steel outer skin, it benefits from intensity 4 body armor, which provides it like (or +1) protection from assault.

Detachable Parts (a): the Trojan robot Cobra built is designed to easily come apart. However, its components can manually reactivate themselves according to a pre-set chemical timer, and then reassemble itself - the better to waylay foolish scientists trying to analyze it!

Growth (a): Cobra's Trojan robot is a rather large affair. Standing at ten feet tall, give or take, this artificial combatant possesses this power, as a general rule, at intensity 2. Thanks to its size, the Trojan possesses a +2 size factor, which directly affects its foes in battle.

When facing human-sized enemies, the Trojan robot suffers a -2 to hit them, but gains a +2 to damage when it manages to connect. Conversely, human-sized opponents are at +2 to target the Trojan robot, but damage they inflict is reduced by -2.

Homing Beacon (i): its primary purpose, Cobra's Trojan robot is fitted with twelve homing beacons, each of which can move under their own power on four insectoid legs. They have but one Health point, intensity 1 ability scores, and can transmit with intensity 6 ability - a fifty mile range!

Laser Projectors (a): Cobra's Trojan robot is equipped with three distinct laser emitters: one in each hand, and one between its eyes! It may use these weapons to inflict its Agility +5 in Armor Piercing energy damage with each strike, raised to +6 if all three are trained on a singular foe.

Radar Sense (w): supplementing its visual acuity, the Trojan robot is equipped with an inherent radar sense, which it can use to see if its optics are disabled - or when caught in the dark. This sense functions for Cobra's Trojan with intensity 5 ability.

Extra Goodies:

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