The Complete Technohol 13 Character Rosters


In the event that you're looking for an individual character on the 13 and don't feel like leafing through said character's Handbook to find him or her (or it), here is a comprehensive listing of every character that is available for your viewing and/or gaming pleasure on the site. Sure, some of these folks are in needing of updating, but at least you can view each hero, villain, other, or device at your leisure.

Presented above is an A to Z roster, showcasing the characters and items that begin with said letter. I have also included two 'star' links that include all of the alphabetical information - those links lead to a list of every single character on the site all at once. I do caution that those are very, very large pages to download; sure, the imagery is minimal, but that's a lot of text to filter through.

The Technohol 13 Dirty Dozen

Alternately, as a secondary use for this document, I am also including a 'dirty dozen' of sorts, a roster that is a collection of the last thirteen * characters or items that I have covered / upgraded on the 13. In case you were wondering just what I've been up to recently (and I use that term loosely, considering my update schedule over the years), you can refer to the Dirty Dozen, below, to see what I'm perpetrating.

Ereshkigal (Anunnaki): the Queen of the Dead, Ereshkigal has ruled Irkalla since she was young. Wielding absolute power over both mortal and divine entities that have passed into the Realm of No Return, Ereshkigal is one of the most powerful Anunnaki! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Ninlil: the daughter of Haia and Nisaba, Ninlil was a smart young goddess in her own right. Upon marrying mighty Enlil, and becoming queen of the gods, Ninlil acquired power over the wind to complement her inherited mastery of grains and other plants! Availability:

Ninlil (MSH Classic)

Ninlil (4C System)

Ninlil (Marvel Saga)

Caregiver: having a single-minded focus on nurturing the cosmos' most important beings, the Caregiver has found her calling enough to sustain her existence indefinitely. One of the Elders of the Universe, she had been doing this for billions of years! Availability:

Caregiver (MSH Classic)

Caregiver (4C System)

Caregiver (Marvel Saga)

Gardener: obsessed beyond mere mortal constraints with a desire to build the universe's greatest display of plant life, the Gardener is billions of years old. An Elder of the Universe, he only acts to further this goal, for good or ill. Availability:

Gardener (MSH Classic)

Gardener (4C System)

Gardener (Marvel Saga)

Obliterator: his physical needs and limitations sated by an endless need to destroy and murder everything of note, the Obliterator outlived every other member of his species. Rendered immortal by his obsession, he eventually became an Elder of the Universe! Availability:

the Obliterator (MSH Classic)

the Obliterator (4C System)

the Obliterator (Marvel Saga)

Runner: out of a need to reject responsibility and obviate obligation, the Runner has running down to a science. Aside from occasionally being snookered into the schemes of his fellow Elders of the Universe, he's managed to avoid duty for billions of years. Availability:

the Runner (MSH Classic)

the Runner (4C System)

the Runner (Marvel Saga)

the Infinity Gems: existing before reality as we know it, the seven six Infinity Gems each provide absolute power over one aspect of creation. They include the ego gem, mind gem, power gem, reality gem, soul gem, space gem, and time gem. Availability:

the Infinity Gems (MSH Classic)

the Infinity Gems (4C System)

the Infinity Gems (Marvel Saga)

Zarana: Zartan's sister, Zarana is one of his lieutenants in the Dreadnoks. Her unchecked cruelty, greed, and ambition also garnered her a position as Cobra's second in command for quite some time, an opportunity she milked for all it was worth. Availability:

Zarana (MSH Classic)

Zarana (4C System)

Zarana (Marvel Saga)

Monkeywrench: something of a firebug, Monkeywrench has never liked anything so much as a nice, loud explosion. Naturally, this made him immensely favorable to the Dreadnoks, who are more than happy to indulge his overwhelming destructive urges! Availability:

Monkeywrench (MSH Classic)

Monkeywrench (4C System)

Monkeywrench (Marvel Saga)

the Swampfire: a swamp skimmer with a twist, the Swampfire can fire up its rotors and take flight whenever necessary. Furthermore, it is uniquely capable of changing color, blending into the background to better sneak up on the Dreadnoks' foes. Availability:

the Swampfire (MSH Classic)

the Swampfire (4C System)

the Swampfire (Marvel Saga)

Zandar: Zartan's brother, Zandar is nominally one of his lieutenants in the Dreadnoks. His asocial tendencies generally preclude him being an active leader of the bunch, however, and as always, he has a tendency to blend into the background. Availability:

Zandar (MSH Classic)

Zandar (4C System)

Zandar (Marvel Saga)

the Thunder Machine: Thrasher's greatest creation, the Thunder Machine is a car/truck/something that he cobbled together from the remains of numerous other vehicles. Heavily armed and ludicrously fast, the Thunder Machine is a Dreadnok mainstay! Availability:

the Thunder Machine (MSH Classic)

the Thunder Machine (4C System)

the Thunder Machine (Marvel Saga)

Nisaba: closely associated with the dawn of human civilization, Nisaba was originally a goddess of grain. As trade spread throughout Sumer and beyond, she became one with the concept of writing, each act of which serves as veneration of her! Availability:

Nisaba (MSH Classic)

Nisaba (4C System)

Nisaba (Marvel Saga)

* Yes, thirteen. On Technohol 13, did you not expect a dozen to, in fact, be a baker's dozen?

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