The Complete Technohol 13 Character Rosters


In the event that you're looking for an individual character on the 13 and don't feel like leafing through said character's Handbook to find him or her (or it), here is a comprehensive listing of every character that is available for your viewing and/or gaming pleasure on the site. Sure, some of these folks are in needing of updating, but at least you can view each hero, villain, other, or device at your leisure.

Presented above is an A to Z roster, showcasing the characters and items that begin with said letter. I have also included two 'star' links that include all of the alphabetical information - those links lead to a list of every single character on the site all at once. I do caution that those are very, very large pages to download; sure, the imagery is minimal, but that's a lot of text to filter through.

The Technohol 13 Dirty Dozen

Alternately, as a secondary use for this document, I am also including a 'dirty dozen' of sorts, a roster that is a collection of the last thirteen * characters or items that I have covered / upgraded on the 13. In case you were wondering just what I've been up to recently (and I use that term loosely, considering my update schedule over the years), you can refer to the Dirty Dozen, below, to see what I'm perpetrating.

Sky Creeper: leader of the Night Vultures, Sky Creeper has spent his life committing various crimes with gliders. After being recruited by the Dreadnoks in prison, Sky Creeper wound up joining Cobra, ultimately finding himself in charge of their ADDERS! Availability:

Sky Creeper (MSH Classic)

Sky Creeper (4C System)

Sky Creeper (Marvel Saga)

the Detonator: this long-range, anti-aircraft assault vehicle holds some of Cobra's most deadly armaments! Featuring three ICBMs and several high-powered machine guns on the front and the back, the Detonator is a weapon that can flatten just about anything! Availability:

the Detonator (MSH Classic)

the Detonator (4C System)

the Detonator (Marvel Saga)

Night Vultures: covert insertion operatives, the ranks of the Night Vultures may be joined by any Cobra who can demonstrate the ability to survive a five mile glide without warning - and then return with as much loot as they can carry from enemy territory! Availability:

Night Vultures (MSH Classic)

Night Vultures (4C System)

Night Vultures (Marvel Saga)

Cesspool: disfigured in an industrial accident caused by his own negligence, Vincent D'Alleva went gibberingly insane shortly thereafter. Wanting to spoil the world with chemicals as he himself had been, he joined up with Cobra to further his mad agenda! Availability:

Cesspool (MSH Classic)

Cesspool (4C System)

Cesspool (Marvel Saga)

the Toxo-Lab: the fount of the diabolical Plasmatox, the Toxo-Lab is Cesspool's primary munitions factory. A top-secret Cobra facility, the Toxo-Lab is designed not only to manufacture Plasmatox, but can use the substance against anyone in its vicinity! Availability:

the Toxo-Lab (MSH Classic)

the Toxo-Lab (4C System)

the Toxo-Lab (Marvel Saga)

Sludge-Vipers: villains who literally wield toxic waste against their foes, the Sludge-Vipers gleefully destroy the world for fun and profit. Thanks to their Sludge-producing weaponry, the Sludge-Vipers are feared and hated by environmentalists everywhere! Availability:

Sludge-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Sludge-Vipers (4C System)

Sludge-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Interrogator: an international man of mystery, little is known about the background of the Cobra operative called the Interrogator. His frightening ability to pry secrets out of other people is notorious, however, which is why he is feared by friend and foe alike! Availability:

Interrogator (MSH Classic)

Interrogator (4C System)

Interrogator (Marvel Saga)

the Parasite: a heavily armored troop transport, the Parasite is built to help Cobra operatives make it to their objectives in one piece. Of course, it's also armed heavily enough that anything in its path won't remain in that state for all that long! Availability:

the Parasite (MSH Classic)

the Parasite (4C System)

the Parasite (Marvel Saga)

Crimson Guard Immortals: elite amongst the Crimson Guard, themselves the apex of Cobra forces, the Immortals seem like super soldiers! Leaders of men and masters of war, Crimson Guard Immortals are so mighty that they're feared even by GI Joe! Availability:

Crimson Guard Immortal (MSH Classic)

Crimson Guard Immortal (4C System)

Crimson Guard Immortal (Marvel Saga)

Incinerators: the flamethrower experts of the Cobra legions, Incinerators are professional arsonists. While this corps is irresistable to the world's criminal pyromaniacs, it also attracts those who simply view flame as mankind's first, and best, weapon! Availability:

Incinerators (MSH Classic)

Incinerators (4C System)

Incinerators (Marvel Saga)

the Rat: capable of traversing the scummiest of swamplands, the Rat is a small, yet powerful hovercraft. Armed with foliage-chopping slicer blades and four front-mounted chain guns, the Rat is capable of allowing Cobra to dominate swampland battlefields! Availability:

the Rat (MSH Classic)

the Rat (4C System)

the Rat (Marvel Saga)

Desert Scorpions: unpleasant work as Cobra's bottom rung of desert operatives is a punitive task, given to those Vipers of varying stripes who fail to live up to the organization's expectations. And getting promoted out requires perfect service and behavior! Availability:

Desert Scorpions (MSH Classic)

Desert Scorpions (4C System)

Desert Scorpions (Marvel Saga)

Overlord: originally a highly charismatic and ambitious member of the elite Crimson Guard, the man known only as Overlord felt that he could run Cobra better than the various members jockeying for control of the organization in the wake of its first Civil War. Availability:

Overlord (MSH Classic)

Overlord (4C System)

Overlord (Marvel Saga)

* Yes, thirteen. On Technohol 13, did you not expect a dozen to, in fact, be a baker's dozen?

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