The Complete Technohol 13 Character Rosters


In the event that you're looking for an individual character on the 13 and don't feel like leafing through said character's Handbook to find him or her (or it), here is a comprehensive listing of every character that is available for your viewing and/or gaming pleasure on the site. Sure, some of these folks are in needing of updating, but at least you can view each hero, villain, other, or device at your leisure.

Presented above is an A to Z roster, showcasing the characters and items that begin with said letter. I have also included two 'star' links that include all of the alphabetical information - those links lead to a list of every single character on the site all at once. I do caution that those are very, very large pages to download; sure, the imagery is minimal, but that's a lot of text to filter through.

The Technohol 13 Dirty Dozen

Alternately, as a secondary use for this document, I am also including a 'dirty dozen' of sorts, a roster that is a collection of the last thirteen * characters or items that I have covered / upgraded on the 13. In case you were wondering just what I've been up to recently (and I use that term loosely, considering my update schedule over the years), you can refer to the Dirty Dozen, below, to see what I'm perpetrating.

Range-Vipers: guerilla warfare experts trained to survive in numerous environments, Range-Vipers are some of the toughest Cobras out there. Operating alone behind enemy lines, they wage war indefinitely with only the gear they can steal from their foes! Availability:

Range-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Range-Vipers (4C System)

Range-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Earthquake: while a weaponized front loader seems an unlikely combat vehicle, the idea works once Cobra gets done with it. In addition to its mighty battle scoop, the Earthquake is armed with numerous mortars, missiles, and rotary-barrelled machine guns! Availability:

the Earthquake (MSH Classic)

the Earthquake (4C System)

the Earthquake (Marvel Saga)

SAW-Vipers: bearers of Cobra's Squad Attack Weapons, SAW-Vipers bring the firepower. They're strong enough to haul their heavy weaponry and ordnance anywhere needed, and are usually more than happy to discharge every bullet they bring along! Availability:

SAW-Vipers (MSH Classic)

SAW-Vipers (4C System)

SAW-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Laser-Vipers: equipped with powerful, back-mounted laser cannons, the Laser-Viper corps can indeed fry enemy targets at close range. However, their main job is to 'paint' enemy targets with their lasers, which allows allied munitions to 'ride' right to them! Availability:

Laser-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Laser-Vipers (4C System)

Laser-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Vypra: having as many backgrounds as there are days in the week, Vypra maintains many identities - even that of twin ninjas! Regardless of her origins, her position as a rough and tumble Cobra courier cannot be denied, a job she enjoys almost too much! Availability:

Vypra (MSH Classic)

Vypra (4C System)

Vypra (Marvel Saga)

Night Creepers: amoral contractors who often provide their services to Cobra, the Night Creepers are a deadly mystery. Investment bankers, mercenaries, burglars, and spies, this lethal band of high tech ninjas perform covert ops work for the Commander! Availability:

Night Creepers (MSH Classic)

Night Creepers (4C System)

Night Creepers (Marvel Saga)

the Paralyzer: a low-profile treaded vehicle, the Paralyzer packs a serious punch! Built around a central cannon comparable to that on the venerable HISS, and sporting communications disrupting missiles, the Paralyzer can make a serious mess of GI Joe! Availability:

the Paralyzer (MSH Classic)

the Paralyzer (4C System)

the Paralyzer (Marvel Saga)

Decimators: responsible for a Hammerhead submersible assault platform, each Decimator is an elite Cobra operative. With lighting reflexes and outstanding peripheral vision, they can use their amphibious vehicles to lethal effect on land or underwater! Availability:

Decimators (MSH Classic)

Decimators (4C System)

Decimators (Marvel Saga)

Rock-Vipers: using the latest in climbing gear, and conditioned to work effectively at high altitudes, Rock-Vipers are Cobra's mountaineering experts. They easily take the high ground with their advanced climbing skills, and hold it with their heavy ordnance! Availability:

Rock-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Rock-Vipers (4C System)

Rock-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Ice Sabre: supplementing the Cobra WOLF, their Ice Sabre is a three-person cold weather vehicle. Propelled by a singular tread and maneuvering via skis, the Ice Sabre even has a flamethrower to melt through ice and snow that it cannot glide over! Availability:

the Ice Sabre (MSH Classic)

the Ice Sabre (4C System)

the Ice Sabre (Marvel Saga)

Undertow: the underwater combatants of the Iron Grenadiers, Undertow are excellent spies and saboteurs. Stalking the polluted waterways of all industrialized nations, Undertow steal what secrets they can, and destroy what they can't carry home with them. Availability:

Undertow (MSH Classic)

Undertow (4C System)

Undertow (Marvel Saga)

Metal-Head: a walking, talking anti-tank weapon, Metal-Head gleefully destroys armor (or just about anything else) with the utmost of skill. Sure, he almost compulsively hones his skills on everything in his environment, but you can't argue with results! Availability:

Metal-Head (MSH Classic)

Metal-Head (4C System)

Metal-Head (Marvel Saga)

the Hammerhead: featuring five detachable sub-vehicles, an elevating missile launcher, and twinned laser cannons, the Hammerhead is built to deny enemy forces seaborne access to Cobra territory - which it can do from either the surface or the ocean floor! Availability:

the Hammerhead (MSH Classic)

the Hammerhead (4C System)

the Hammerhead (Marvel Saga)

* Yes, thirteen. On Technohol 13, did you not expect a dozen to, in fact, be a baker's dozen?

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