the GI Joe Handbook

In 1982, the GI Joe line of action figures was launched, accompanied by the beginnings of a great comic book, television commercials, and eventually, an animated cartoon. All of these combined to leave a permanent mark in the hearts and minds of innumerable youths and adults alike, and millions of people to this day cling to their good memories of Joe.

As you may have guessed, I am one of those countless millions. To this end, I intend to celebrate this appreciable chunk of my childhood by producing a GI Joe handbook for my current favorite pastime, the MSH RPG (either variety), covering the team itself, its allies, enemies, and of course, all its nifty gear. They may not have had super-powers, but the Joes definitely had cool stuff.

The following directories should contain detailed information about GI Joe and its arch enemy, the terrorist group known only as Cobra. Furthermore, as my comic collection grows more complete, I will provide a comprehensive issue guide to cover the battles between these two groups that have played out over the course of fifteen years (and more, counting the more recent re-launch).

Of course, the GI Joe Handbook here is in the process of being upgraded. I've left the old links to the rosters and such to the existing files whilst I upgrade everything, but those will have new addresses once I'm done (though the individual character descriptions are going to remain in the same locations). Until then I am placing the old links below, and will link to new stuff as I fix it.

GI Joe: true heroes in every sense of the word, these elite personnel represent the absolute best the U.S. military has to offer. They constantly put their lives at risk to prevent the spread of tyranny and domination, usually fighting against the evil forces of Cobra, though no terrorists are too good to avoid their notice. No matter the cost, GI Joe will fight on against any threat to freedom.

Cobra: the single most dangerous organization on the planet, bar none, Cobra is a band of terrorists and thugs that are dedicated to conquering the world - no matter who gets in their way! Led by the amoral and reprehensible Cobra Commander, this group would've already achieved its goal, save for the indomitable spirit of the GI Joe team!

Other Groups of Note: while the vast majority of clashes between GI Joe and Cobra have been pretty much head-on collisions, other groups have occasionally gotten involved in the battle between them. From ninja clans to aliens of drug dealers, all manner of people have found themselves trapped between these two powerful forces - usually to the detriment of their own agendas.

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