The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: F

Faith Antithesis: after her life was ruined by so-called holy men as a child, Faith Anise has waged a one-woman war against organized religions of all stripes. Whether they exist as mere local cults or span the entire globe, Faith will fight them! Availability:

Faith Antithesis (MSH Classic)

Faith Antithesis (4C System)

Faith Antithesis (Marvel Saga)

the Falcon Glider: excellent for emergency insertions and stealthy operations, the Falcon glider is one of the cheapest vehicles in GI Joe's arsenal. Lightly armed and altogether lacking moving parts, it is nonetheless effective in the hands of a skilled operator. Availability:

the Falcon Glider (MSH Classic)

the Falcon Glider (4C System)

the Falcon Glider (Marvel Saga)

the Famileech: though they survived the Pitt thanks to Spitfire, the Robinson family was mutated as a result of their exposure to 'Pitt-juice'. This change caused them to merge their form into a grotesque, man-eating monstrosity dubbed the 'Famileech'. Availability:

the Famileech (MSH Classic)

the Famileech (4C System)

the Famileech (Marvel Saga)

Fast Draw: something of a one man arsenal, Eliot is the Gi Joe team's F.A.F.N.I.R. (Fire And Forget Non-tube-launched Infantry Rocket) operator, and he's very good with this gear. So much so that he sometimes seems like unto a high tech, missile-firing gunslinger when facing down Cobra goons! Fast Draw comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Father Time (Timely Hero): too late to save his innocent father from being unjustly executed, Larry Scott vowed to make time work against criminals, instead of the innocent. To this end, became Father Time, punishing evil with his fists and his sharpened scythe! Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

Father Time (Elder of the Universe): forever changed by his profound obsession with time, the entity currently only known as Father Time is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has a particular fondness for heroic archtypes and legendary figures. Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

Richard Faylen: after committing statutory rape one fateful night (she said she was sixteen), engineer Richard Faylen was forever bound to Fritz Krotze. His boss scrubbed his record clean, but then forced him to do all manner of dirty tricks for him. Availability:

Richard Faylen (MSH Classic)

Richard Faylen (4C System)

Richard Faylen (Marvel Saga)

the Ferret: a four wheeled all terrain vehicle, the Ferret is fast and heavily armed. It allows Cobra operatives to rapidly dash into or out of a combat zone, and doubles as an excellent vehicle for either sentry patrols or surveillance missions, even if it's not too durable. Cobra's Ferret comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Timothy Ferris: the Troubleshooters' athlete, Timothy Ferris is a football player who derived his Fast-Back partial exoskeleton from Doctor Swensen's MAX technology, which he used until the terrorist known as the Steel Hawk destroyed it - and his legs! Availability:

Timothy Ferris (MSH Classic)

Timothy Ferris (4C System)

Timothy Ferris (Marvel Saga)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK): the Field Light Attack Cannon is a towable heavy assault weapon that can be loaded with a variety of mission-variable ammunition, ranging from non-lethal smoke canisters to flares to high-explosive anti-tankshells. Availability:

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (MSH Classic)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (4C System)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (Marvel Saga)

the Fiery Mask: when he isn't treating his patients or acting as a police consultant, Doctor Jack Castle patrols the night as... the Fiery Mask! Though he gained his powers under dubious circumstances, he nonetheless uses them against evil! Availability:

the Fiery Mask (MSH Classic)

the Fiery Mask (4C System)

the Fiery Mask (Marvel Saga)

Fighting Hobo: called to action after witnessing a dognapping in progress, Butch Brogan did his best to right this ridiculous deed. Brandishing his two fists and badly misquoted book of Shakespeare's works, he saved the day as the Fighting Hobo! Availability:

Fighting Hobo (MSH Classic)

Fighting Hobo (4C System)

Fighting Hobo (Marvel Saga)

the Fin: when his submarine went down in the high seas, Navy Lieutanant Peter Noble found he could breathe just fine on the ocean floor! Exploring this new (to him) realm, Peter found a magical blade - which he used to fight evil as... the Fin! Availability:

the Fin (MSH Classic)

the Fin (4C System)

the Fin (Marvel Saga)

Firefist: after his violent powers emerged while his ship was at port, Rusty Collins was collected by the mutant group known as X-factor, who trained him in the use of his mutant abilities and encouraged him to become a hero in his own right! Availability:

Rusty Collins: Firefist (MSH Classic)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (4C System)

Rusty Collins: Firefist (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Firewall: an immature computer hacker whose misanthropic sabotage of government operatives' personal data got her in hot water with the Feds, Michelle LaChance received a once in a life time 'get out of jail free' card by helping the Joes defuse Cobra nano-tech weapons! Availability:

Firewall (MSH Classic)

Firewall (4C System)

Firewall (Marvel Saga)

Fist: believing himself something of a revolutionary hero, the terrorist known only as Fist wishes to liberate his country. For some reason, his quest for freedom has brought him to America, where he has embarked on a reign of terror! Availability:

Fist (MSH Classic)

Fist (4C System)

Fist (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg II: a master of espionage and covert military tactics, General James Longstreet Flagg II was the GI Joe team's original leader. It was he who modeled Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta on the original Joe group from the 1960s! Availability:

General Flagg (MSH Classic)

General Flagg (4C System)

General Flagg (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg III: son of the late General Flagg, the original leader of the Gi Joe team, James Longstreet Flagg the Third was well into his military career when his father was murdered by Major Bludd. When the opportunity presented itself, James gladly joined the Joes for payback! General Flagg III comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Flash: logical and methodical, Anthony mastered several areas of electronic knowledge even before enlisting. After working his way through a bevy of advanced Army schools, he became a specialist in laser weaponry, and the Joe team's lab techie. Availability:

Flash (MSH Classic)

Flash (4C System)

Flash (Marvel Saga)

Flexo the Rubber Man: built with the power to right wrongs, Flexo is an artificial being operated by remote control. Though he never really showed his true personality, Flexo usually waded into battle against villains with a smile on his face! Availability:

Flexo the Rubber Man (MSH Classic)

Flexo the Rubber Man (4C System)

Flexo the Rubber Man (Marvel Saga)

Flint: joining the Army for the promise of adventure after he grew bored with the 'Groves of Academe', Dashiell used his innate smarts to excel in various areas of military expertise, and was recruited onto the Gi Joe team by an old acquaintance of his, the one and only Duke! Flint comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Footloose: former eagle scout, former valedictorian and track star in high school, and a former physical education major in college, Footloose dropped out when he had an existential crisis. He eventually resurfaced years later, having enlisted in the Army in order to find purpose - and he has! Footloose comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Force Exponentializer: struck with inspiration after nearly electrocuting himself while working on a ceiling-mounted projector, young Wilbur Queller subsequently developed radical force-shaping technology - which he uses to act as a high tech vigilante! Availability:

Force Exponentializer (MSH Classic)

Force Exponentializer (4C System)

Force Exponentializer (Marvel Saga)

the Forest Fox: this medium-sized B.T.R. device may either take the form of a Jeep ™ or a Transport, depending on the Joes' needs at a given moment. For something its size, the Forest Fox has an insane amount of armaments at its disposal...! Availability:

the Forest Fox (MSH Classic)

the Forest Fox (4C System)

the Forest Fox (Marvel Saga)

the Fornicator: having wielded his mutant pheromones power for illicit purposes all his life, Leon naturally got on Captain Cocksure's bad side. Leon reformed for a time, and even served as his side kick, but his lecherous nature eventually won out. Availability:

the Fornicator (MSH Classic)

the Fornicator (4C System)

the Fornicator (Marvel Saga)

Fort America: though the Gi Joe team has no shortage of tracked ground assault vehicles, they don't have too many that can transform into a reinforced combat structure! Fort America can do just that, either as a stand-alone facility or to back-up the main Gi Joe pre-fab base in the field! Comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Fortress Maximus (RiD): the largest Autobot ever, Fortress Maximus is huge - over one thousand foot tall! He can transform his gigantic humanoid mode into either a flying battle fortress or a city block, both of which greatly aid in the fight against evil! Availability:

Fortress Maximus (MSH Classic)

Fortress Maximus (4C System)

Fortress Maximus (Marvel Saga)

Frankologists (Typical): coming from various walks of life, Frankologists all share a few common traits, such a couple of minor belief-based psionics - not to mention an unbridled hatred for organized religion and its many and varied supporters. Availability:

Frankologists (Typical, MSH Classic)

Frankologists (Typical, 4C System)

Frankologists (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Professor Frankowitz: this former British citizen was forever changed when his family was massacred by the Cult of Set. Developing an intense disdain for religion, Alan developed his unique philosophy and brought it to America as his Scientific College! Availability:

Professor Frankowitz (MSH Classic)

Professor Frankowitz (4C System)

Professor Frankowitz (Marvel Saga)

the Freedom Defense Outpost: the last addition to Gi Joe's B.T.R. arsenal, the Freedom Defense Outpost is a prefabricated tower and motor cycle combo that may be assembled in one of two different modes - and switched between the two with in just a few minutes! The Freedom Defense Outpost comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Freefall: though he's got the biggest ego on the Joe team, Phillip's got the tools and the talent to back it up. Whether he's eating bugs or debating philosophy, Phillip's physical and mental conditioning always place him at the top of his game. Availability:

Freefall (MSH Classic)

Freefall (4C System)

Freefall (Marvel Saga)

Frenzy: a manic ball of barely contained ire, Frenzy readily longs to destroy. He doesn't care who, he doesn't care what. He's just looking for free license to smash his way through eternity, and stays with the Decepticons because they always indulge him. Availability:

Frenzy (MSH Classic)

Frenzy (4C System)

Frenzy (Marvel Saga)

Friction: a former dance student at the University of Wisconsin, Charlotte Yolanda Beck was forever changed by the White Event, which granted her the psionic ability to control the molecular attraction between objects - and ruined her cozy life...! Availability:

Friction (MSH Classic)

Friction (4C System)

Friction (Marvel Saga)

the Fridge: Super Bowl champion, professional wrestler, television star, and even barbecue salesman. While there are many ways that people know William 'the Refrigerator' Perry, few realize he has one more job he can't put on his resume: that of a Gi Joe physical training instructor! the Fridge comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Frostbite: born in crisp, cool Galena, Alaska, Frostbite grew up dealing with the dread of winter on a daily basis. This taught him how to easily do his job under such conditions, no matter what it may be, which has helped him as both an Alaskan Pipeline techie and a Joe operative! Frostbite comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter: the FANG is is one of Cobra's main air support vehicles. Heavily armed for an airborne vehicle its size, the FANG is highly maneuverable, and in the hands of a skilled pilot, it can also be incredibly deadly. Availability:

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (MSH Classic)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (4C System)

the Fully Armed Negator Gyrocopter, Mark 1 (Marvel Saga)

the Future Fortress: unique amongst the various Gi Joe prefabricated bases, the Future Fortress is not only pre-built - but is made from components donated from six different Battle Force 2000 vehicles. This odd construction allows it to literally be installed and ready in minutes! the Future Fortress comes in Classic and Saga styles!

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