the Raider

The Raider is the latest in a long line of GI Joe vehicles that borrow a bit from the work that Battle Force 2000 is doing, if not being used by them proper. It is a large, four tracked vehicle that has two separate, distinct modes of use.

It can either function as a large assault vehicle, or split into a scout craft and battle station combo, making it quite versatile in battle, depending on the situation. The Raider, though usually pushed beyond them by Hot Seat, has these vehicular capabilities:

Annihilator Gun (a): this powerful, 44mm rotary-barreled cannon is mounted on the front of the Raider, and is the sole weapon of the scout craft. It can be fired to inflict its operator's Agility +6 damage in a single shot, raised to +7 when opened up fully automatic.

Battle Station Mode (i): the Raider can, after its scout craft disconnects from the main vehicle, be reconfigured as a battle station. This involves elevating the missile platform and lowering two hydraulic support legs to support the weight of its heavily armed cockpit.

Body Armor (s): sporting dura-steel enhanced, all-terrain tank treads, a shatter resistant, no-fog combat windshield, and other advanced armor techniques, the Raider has an effective m.s. of 13, along with providing its occupants +3 protection.

Chain Cannon (a): this large, twinned gun is mounted under the cockpit of the Raider. It can swivel horizontally, and can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +7 damage when fired in a short, controlled burst, raised to +8 if the operator of the gun opens it up fully.

Communications Array (i): the Raider is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This makes for intensity 6 comm power (with a 250 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Laser Cannons: on each side of the Raider lies twinned laser cannons. These powerful weapons can swivel vertically, and can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +7 in energy damage each, raised by +1 if both twinned guns are trained on a singular target.

Lightning Speed (a): the Raider is pretty fast (as you can guess from its very name). The thing can move about at around 75 m.p.h. - pretty fast for its bulk - having this ability at intensity 3. Of course its scout craft can move even faster when necessary...!

Missile Launcher (i): the rear of the Raider can elevate to reveal a large missile launching bay. It can fire two projectiles per load, and has an automatic reload mechanism in the event of heavy combat. Each projectile inflicts intensity 11 damage, adding +1 if both hit.

Passengers: the Raider has room in its cockpit for the driver and two gunners, as well as a fourth internal seat in the turret pod of its scout craft (technically deep inside the vehicle when combined). Of course, others can hang on for a ride as well, when necessary.

Radar Unit (w): the Raider's rear section has an 'ultra-sophisticated' enemy identification radar device. It can track targets in the vicinity of the Raider with intensity 10 ability, doing so with a range that extends out to artillery distance.

Scout Craft (i): the Raider can split into two separate components, a battle station and a scout craft. The latter is essentially the first two treads, with a small engine and manned turret situated betwixt them, that moves rather fast.

It can zip about at intensity 3 Lightning Speed (90 m.p.h.).

Search Lights (i): mounted on the rear of the Raider, upon its elevating missile bay, these lights can cast powerful light quite a distance. It can illuminate an area with intensity 10 light, and this area so illuminated can be within firing distance of the Raider proper.

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