Tanar'ri, Uridezu

Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Pr 4
Ty 6
Gd 10
Fe 2



The somewhat unnerving uridezu are tanar'ri, fiendish demons of the Abyss. One of the weakest tanar'ri, uridezu often find themselves as the servitors of others, whether human or fiend. Despite this, they possess considerable powers with which to impose their sullen will on the world.

Known Powers:

Tanar'ri Physique: while they are far weaker than most other tanar'ri, uridezu are given more consideration than their 'least' counterparts. Evolved beyond the chaotic and evil petitioners of the Abyss, uridezu are true planar entities, and possess these tanar'ric capabilities:

* Darkness: all tanar'ri have the ability to share the inherent darkness of their very souls with the world at large. This rudimentary power functions at but Poor (4) rank, but basically 'blacks out' the area an uridezu currently occupies (it works within Near range).

* Damage Reduction / Physical Attacks: though they are not immune to the effects of mundane, physical attacks, uridezu are quite resistant to such. When exposed to assaults of this type, an uridezu may reduce its intensity by 1 CS - applying this reduction before any other defenses.

* Infravision: many of the Abyss' countless layers are dark beyond mortal ken, and have never seen the light (physically or otherwise). As such, all tanar'ri have evolved the ability to see by heat as well as by visible light, and can do so with Good (10) ability.

* Invulnerability to Cold, Fire, Electricity, Heat, Poison, and Sleep Attacks: the tanar'ri are hardy creatures - they have to be to survive at all in the endless, horrific wastes of the Abyss. Uridezu in particular possess invulnerabilities above and beyond those of their fellows.

* Portal Sense: planar beings all, uridezu have the ability to perceive the various rifts that dot the planescape of the multiverse. Most of these doorways are invisible to the naked eye, but uridezu can spy them with ease, doing so with Excellent (20) ability.

* Telepathy: almost all tanar'ri are able to communicate directly from mind to mind - a vital skill when so few speak the same tongue. They can usually broadcast and receive thoughts at Typical (6) rank, enough to get their point across when necessary.

* Teleportation: chaotic creatures all, the tanar'ri can bend space itself to their will. All tanar'ri possess the power to teleport with Remarkable (30) ability, and can avoid teleportation's usual side effects while transporting themselves within the same plane of existence. *

Animal Control: though they are unnatural creatures that only resemble rodents, uridezu have the ability to control rats of any stripe. They may do this with Excellent (20) ability, holding one to twelve regular, or one to six giant rats in their thrall.

Claws: like almost all tanar'ri, uridezu are naturally equipped with claws with which to dismantle their foes. Uridezu can use these short, thick blades at the end of their fingers to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage during melee combat, should they wish to.

Danger Sense: though their ordinary senses are rather mundane, uridezu have a preternatural awareness of their environment, and are rarely surprised by any threat within it. They possess this power at Excellent (20) rank, meaning they are virtually immune to ambush conditions.

Dimensional Transit: unlike many other tanar'ri, uridezu do have the ability to travel between the Abyss and the earthly plane without outside assistance (no yugoloth abomination required). This Feeble (2) ranked power requires a full minute to function, however.

Fangs: in addition to their short, stubby claws, uridezu are equipped with sharpened fangs as well. They may use these to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage with each bite, which also allows them an opportunity to wield their paralysis power.

Paralysis: only usable when biting someone, uridezu have the ability to immobilize a foe with a powerful paralysis effect. This power functions at Remarkable (30) rank, and can last up to eight hours unless its target can pass an Endurance FEAT against this intensity.

Summoning: as can many tanar'ri, uridezu may summon forth their fellows. They can only do this with Poor (4) ability, however, and then only have the power to draw forth whoever their current master is (if applicable). Using this power isn't always in their best interests.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Susceptibility: like all tanar'ri, uridezu are weak against the use of cold-wrought iron weapons, as well as holy water and weapons. Their supernatural defenses are ineffective against such assaults, which inflict at least a quarter of an uridezu's maximum Health in damage.




Unattractive 2: uridezu are distressing, human-sized rats of ill aspect. Inherently menacing, the malformed monsters seem almost human, until you realize that they are much more rodent than human. This makes them suffer a -4 CS to reaction rolls, not that they usually care, really.




Though they're sullen and dim, one must not forget that uridezu are demons. Having clawed their way beyond the ranks of the least tanar'ri, uridezu have endured and (inflicted) unimaginable suffering. Misanthropic curmudgeons, they'll dish out pain whenever possible.


The distressing uridezu look precisely like upright, human-sized rodents - albeit without any fur to speak of. Though muscular in appearance, their short limbs prevent them from applying as much force to a foe as they would seem capable of. Their eyes grow with a demonic light.

Ecological Niche:

As the low things on the tanar'ri totem pole, albeit above the least tanar'ri, uridezu are often compelled into the service of their 'betters'. Generally dull in both raw intelligence and overall goals, uridezu go along with this state of affairs for the most part.

In this capacity, one can find an uridezu functioning as a general laborer, a messenger, a direct servitor, or possibly even an assassin. All of these tasks are fraught with peril, and an uridezu who fails in any of them is likely to be eaten for its trouble.

If left to their own devices, either in the Abyss or on earth, uridezu generally subsist via scavenging, but will hunt weaker creatures. On rare occasions, an uridezu with ambition will build a small kingdom all its own, one whose will is enforced by its enthralled rodent subjects.


* Depending on which version of the Planescape lore you wish to use, uridezu (along with the rest of the tanar'ri) may not have access to teleportation any longer, having lost that power due to yugoloth meddling. Its presence is at the discretion of the individual Judge.

Either way, however, they can still cross between the Abyss and the earthly planes at will - albeit slowly.

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