the Terror

Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
In 40
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ty +5



The Terror is Laslo Pevely, an amnesiac given a serum derived from a mad dog by a similarly mad scientist - for Science! Whenever he senses evil or feels great rage, Laslo transforms, his head taking on a skull like aspect, and his body becoming a whirling dervish of destruction!

Known Powers:

Invulnerability to Fire and Heat: it's not known is Laslo is immune to fire and heat or simply very resistant to these energies. Either way, he seems invigorated when exposed to them, which only serves to maintain his transformation into... the Terror!

Philosophical Awareness: an ability he seems to wield in either form, this power allows Laslo to detect the presence of great evil in his vicinity. Functioning at Remarkable (30) rank, it can pinpoint dark-minded individuals within eight areas of his person with ease.

Limitations / Enhancement:

Alter Ego: whenever he is fueled by fury or excitement, or when overwhelming evil rears its ugly head nearby, Laslo Pevely is transformed! Vapors issue forth from his body, and the skin on his face is pulled tight, making it pale and skull-like in aspect.

Furthermore, Laslo's physical body is greatly enhanced. His physical statistics are raised to the level shown above, though his mental faculties remain the same. When he's in his 'human' form, Laslo instead wields the following Fighting, Agility, Strength and Endurance scores:

Pr 4
Pr 4
Fe 2
Pr 4

Health: 14

Wheelchair Bound: the years have not been kind to Laslo, and these days he cannot actually walk. In order to get around, he must rely upon his wheelchair to move - unless of course he transforms into his Terror form, which has normal movement abilities.


Wheelchair: a vital device for Laslo when he's not actually trouncing evildoers as the Terror, this low tech implement allows him to move without the aid of another person. Though he cannot walk, he can move with this implement as if he had Feeble (2) Strength and Endurance.




Martial Arts type B: Laslo has demonstrated that he's very, very good with his fists - in either form, really. Whenever he's engaged in unarmed melee combat, he may strike his opponent(s) as though his Fighting rank was +1 CS higher than is listed above.


Laslo has few contacts these days, but then his crime-fighting heyday has long since passed. He knew President Roosevelt, so could conceivably cull favors from his descendants. Laslo also knows both the She-hulk and Howard the Duck, two heroes about as odd as he is.


Whether he's fighting crime or not, Laslo tends to wear the same outfit - the tuxedo he was wearing the night he lost his memory. It includes a blue jacket, blue, loose-fitting slacks, brown leather shoes, and a blue and black cape (for that dashing effect).

More recently, Laslo has adopted a costume a bit more fitting to the day and age. It primarily consists of black stretch fabric pants, a black stretch fabric shirt, black leather boots, and a cape that is black on the outside and red on the inside (for the same reasons as before).


Laslo seems to want to do right by the world, and eagerly wields his power as the Terror to fight crime. Having no apparent family or responsibilities to speak of, he pursues his war on evil relentlessly, having nothing else to distract him from the protection of others.

Real Name: Laslo Pevely
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: unknown, presumably single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 8" (as Laslo), 6' (as the Terror)
Hair: brown, later bald (as Laslo), black (as the Terror)
Eyes: black (as Laslo), red (as the Terror)
Weight: 150 lbs (as Laslo), 190 lbs (as the Terror)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when he transforms into the Terror, Laslo's face goes bone white, and the skin is stretched tight, giving him a vague, skull-like appearance. Of course his ears also grow pointy, his eyes change color, and his canines become more pronounced.


The story of the Terror began long ago, on a dismal night when one Doctor Storm was working hard in his lab. When an ape inexplicably broke in and threatened Storm, his dog Rex leapt to the rescue, and in his fury the dog... changed. He was stronger, faster, and looked strange.

Though Rex defeated the ape, the stress of the encounter killed him. Doctor Storm then investigated why his dog transformed, both physically and mentally. Examining his body, Doctor Storm determined an unknown chemical in Rex, activated by a strange virus, was responsible.

Thinking it may've been exposure to something in his lab that caused the trouble, Doctor Storm was unable to ruminate further on the incident, as there was suddenly a crash outside. Investigating, he found a man was driving by his castle, and had crashed his roadster into a tree.

Finding him to be amnesiac from an apparent head injury, Doctor Storm decided to experiment on him, and injected him with the chemical and virus he'd extracted from Rex. Almost immediately after, Doctor Storm's lab was invaded by criminals, seeking to enlist his 'big brain'.

Hearing the scuffle, Laslo (though he didn't know that was his name just yet) found Doctor Storm at the mercy of these thugs, and his fury rising, was transformed into... the Terror! Lashing out with all his might, Laslo felled the criminals, but Doctor Storm was slowly dying.

Telling the amnesiac of his origins and source of power, Doctor Storm then died. Encouraged to make the best use of his newly found power, Laslo subsequently dedicated his life to dealing with evil men like no one else could ... as the Terror!

To this end, he began wandering the earth, where he found plenty of evil to fuel his rage. He started in Washington DC, where he traded barbs and punches with Mr. Decker, a mysterious Nazi agent who was using a shrinking compound, of all things, to destroy high-ranking military men.

The Terror then made his way to Midvale, where he stumbled upon a racket formed by Potoro, the town's most ruthless killer. Preying on small business owners, this man and his crew had the town in the grip of fear, at least until their tormentors had to look upon the face of... the Terror!

The Terror's next adventures saw him journeying to North Africa, where Nazis were enslaving men to build them a rail line across the sweltering deserts. Smashing up their slavery ring, the Terror also saw to it that the villains were ultimately slain by their own countrymen!

His next adventure saw the Terror returning to America, to face down with the Old One and his murder for hire organization, Poison, Inc. Though he was unable to stop the Old One and company from killing several men, Laslo at least managed to avenge their deaths... brutally!

Moving on to Centerville, the Terror uncovered an insurance fraud ring headed by the mysterious Mister Z. Laying a trap for him and his thuggish cronies, the Terror exposed Mister Z as the president of an insurance company who was selling out his own clients to cash in on their policies.

The bulk of the Terror's further actions against evildoers has yet to be revealed to us, probably due to the fact that he never stayed anywhere long enough to be documented. Regardless, he continued his war on crime for the duration of World War II, when his powers finally faded.

Drifting into obscurity, the Terror resumed his life as Laslo Pevely, having been 'missing' for quite some time. He didn't get up to anything particularly exciting between the late 1940s and recent years, ultimately being confined to a retirement home when he was wheelchair-bound.

During an incident caused by Doctor Angst, Laslo's powers were suddenly reinvigorated. He immediately resumed his fight against evil, first slaying the managers of his retirement home, and then helping the She-Hulk to resolve the crisis caused by the evil Doctor in the first place.

His powers remaining, Laslo continued to work haphazardly as the Terror, his rage at modern-day evils transforming his now-physically frail 'normal' form into his super-powerful Terror persona. Whether alone or with other heroes, his war on crime continues to this very day!

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