the Manned Mobile Unit

The Manned Mobile Unit, or MMU, is a strange device that was apparently being tested in the eighties by the United States Army for use in urban warfare. It is a hybrid machine, in that it is half tank and half robotic exoskeleton; essentially, it's a white robot, about twelve feet tall, that moves about via two large tank treads (with a curious vertical profile). The MMU has these vehicular statistics and capabilities:

Gd 10
Ty 6
In 40
Rm 30

Armor Plating: the MMU is covered from head to tread with thick armor plating that is proof against small arms fire. This armor itself is built from Incredible (40) material strength metals, though the treads are only built from Excellent (20) m.s. materials. Overall, this offers the MMU Remarkable (30) ranked armor (and similar protection for the occupants), which breaks down as follows:

Rm 30 / Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

Grasping Arm: the MMU's right arm is equipped with a fully functional hand, which can be used to manipulate objects in its environment. It has an equivalent Strength score of Remarkable (30), which can be brought to bear either in lifting, grasping, or even melee attack. Its small parts are slightly less armored than the rest of the MMU, however; give it -1 CS protection from attack.

Gun Arm: the MMU's left arm does not terminate in a hand like the right does; instead, it is fitted with two fully automatic machine guns, the better to kill people with. These twinned machine guns can fire in either a semi or fully automatic mode, the first inflicting Excellent (20) Armor Piercing Shooting damage per burst, the latter functioning at +1 CS - and is normally used against vehicular opponents.

Sensor Suite: considering the large size of the MMU's robotic 'head', it is very likely that this item is equipped with a large array of enhanced sensory devices. At the very least, the MMU's head has been fitted with infrared sensors and a complete radar imaging system, both of which will function at Remarkable (30) rank. There may be more to this sensor collection, but it hasn't been shown yet.

Tank Treads: finally, the lower portion of the MMU is equipped with two large, vertically uneven treads (higher in the back than in the front). These treads can propel the rather large and heavy MMU at Typical (6) ground speeds, which translates into approximately 45 miles per hour - at full burn. The thing usually travels at a mere 15 miles per hour when in combat, though.

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