the Crusaders

The Crusaders were a relatively minor team of super heroes hailing from the United Kingdom during World War 2. Essentially, the team was created as a plot by the Nazis to eliminate the heroic Invaders, who were giving them way too much grief at the time.

Using one of their agents, 'Alfie', the Nazi regime summoned forth various British heroes (and the Spirit of '76, who was in England at the time), and convinced them to form a team of Nazi-busters: the Crusaders! Their first target, of course, turned out to be the Invaders.

When that team was attending the cristening of a new battleship, they were attacked by our heroes, who were told by Alfie that they were really Nazi agents, and were about to show their true colors. The Invaders eventually set the Crusaders straight, however, and the fierce battle ended.

Furthermore, they prevented Alfie's attempted assassination of then-King George the Sixth. Soon afterward, after realizing that they were used as Nazi dupes, the Crusaders disbanded, though most of them continued on as heroes in their own right.

Here, for your gaming amusement, are the Crusaders:

Captain Wings: thanks to a heart murmur, this patriot couldn't serve in the British army. He instead took an opportunity to become a hero when it arose, using a powerful one-man flight harness to transform into the mighty Captain Wings! Availability:

Captain Wings (MSH Classic)

Captain Wings (4C System)

Captain Wings (Marvel Saga)

the Ghost Girl: a young Scottish girl who yearned to fight for her country, Wendy Hunt was easy pickings for Alfie, a traitor who needed such people for a dastardly plot. Given a suit that bends light, she fought evil with it for a short time. Availability:

the Ghost Girl (MSH Classic)

the Ghost Girl (4C System)

the Ghost Girl (Marvel Saga)

The Mighty Destroyer 3 / Dyna-Mite: brainwashed and experimented on by Nazis after his capture alongside Brian Falsworth, Roger was remade into the inch-tall Dyna-Mite. Eventually breaking his mind control, he became the (third) Mighty Destroyer! Availability:

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (MSH Classic)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (4C System)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (Marvel Saga)

The Spirit of '76: though physically human, the patriotic William Nasland fought Nazis as a costumed adventurer abroad, first as a member of the Crusaders, and then solo when that group proved to be itself a front for a fascist plot. Availability:

The Spirit of '76 (MSH Classic)

The Spirit of '76 (4C System)

The Spirit of '76 (Marvel Saga)

Thunderfist: little is known about the British brute called Thunderfist, other than the fact that he's mighty even before you consider the Nazi power gloves he was duped into wearing. Strong and silent, he's happy to punch villains for freedom! Availability:

Thunderfist (MSH Classic)

Thunderfist (4C System)

Thunderfist (Marvel Saga)

Tommy Lightning: a troublemaker with a pronounced cockney accent, Tommy Lightning was deemed unfit to serve in the British military for some reason. As such, he jumped at the chance to become a super hero and defend his country directly! Availability:

Tommy Lightning (MSH Classic)

Tommy Lightning (4C System)

Tommy Lightning (Marvel Saga)

Of course, just because the Crusaders disbanded after only one mission, that doesn't mean they can't regroup and band together against any new threats to the Realm (or to the rest of the world, either). If it suits your game better, feel free to make the Crusaders fight again!

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