Timely Fascists

Fascism (as defined by reference.com): a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

As Europe became embroiled in war, Timely Heroes increasingly did battle with adherents to this type of government, most often in the form of their many, many Nazi foes. Those criminals, costumed or uniformed, who aligned with the Axis powers include the following:

Agent Axis: originally three separate fascist spies, Agent Axis is the result of their accidental merger in a freak accident while in flight. Though granted three times the power of an ordinary man, he is also cursed with a fractured, querulous mind. Availability:

Agent Axis (MSH Classic)

Agent Axis (4C System)

Agent Axis (Marvel Saga)

Brain Drain: a morally dubious scientist, Werner Schmidt was crushed by a falling spacecraft shortly after duplicating the American Super-soldier Serum. Rebuilt by new friends in a robot body, he returned to curse the world as the bizarre Brain Drain! Availability:

Brain Drain (MSH Classic)

Brain Drain (4C System)

Brain Drain (Marvel Saga)

Iron Cross: though opposed to the Nazis, Helmut Gruler was a German patriot who followed orders despite his reservations. After acquiring his Iron Cross armor, he hatched various plots to arrange the ruination of the Allies and their super heroes. Availability:

Iron Cross (MSH Classic)

Iron Cross (4C System)

Iron Cross (Marvel Saga)

Komtur: a fanatic before the War, Franz Gerhardt was a believer in the tenets of the Teutonic Knights. Torn between faith and patriotism, he snapped, donned a suit of combat armor, and rampaged as a reincarnation of Komtur, the Teutonic Knight! Availability:

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (MSH Classic)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (4C System)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (Marvel Saga)

Tiger Man: his arms lost in a factory accident, Gustav Hertz began a regimen of exercise to master the use of his feet and teeth as replacements. Growing unhinged, his hatred for machinery caused his government to turn him loose in America! Availability:

Tiger Man (MSH Classic)

Tiger Man (4C System)

Tiger Man (Marvel Saga)

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