the Kid Commandos

After they were merged into the composite being known as Agent Axis, the three agents of fascism that comprised him yearned to regain their individuality. To this end, they abducted the daughter of Doctor Sam Sabuki, who they believed could reverse their freakish transformation.

When taking Gwenny Lou Sabuki hostage, Agent Axis and his minions grabbed several other bargaining chips, including Bucky and Toro. When those heroes didn't 'play ball', the resulting brawl caused a freak accident - which gave Gwenny Lou and Dave Mitchell powers!

Using their new, special abilities, these two joined Bucky and Toro in their fight with Agent Axis and his cronies. Calling themselves the Kid Commandos while working together, these teenaged warriors for freedom have put a dent in the Nazi scourge!

Bucky: Captain America's original partner, James 'Bucky' Barnes is a con man and swindler, and doesn't have any problem getting his hands dirty to get what he wants - and what he wants is to protect the world from the Nazi scourge! Availability:

Bucky (MSH Classic)

Bucky (4C System)

Bucky (Marvel Saga)

Golden Girl: Gwenny Lou Sabuki was kidnapped by Agent Axis as a means of forcing her father to somehow separate him into his three composite selves. This plot backfired when a freak accident at Agent Axis' lab gave her the powers of the Golden Girl! Availability:

Golden Girl (MSH Classic)

Golden Girl (4C System)

Golden Girl (Marvel Saga)

the Human Top: the inconvenient witness to the kidnapping of Toro by Agent Axis, young Davy Mitchell was also taken captive. This turned out to be an error when a freak accident in Agent Axis' lab gave Davy the powers of... the Human Top! Availability:

Human Top (MSH Classic)

Human Top (4C System)

Human Top (Marvel Saga)

Toro: his parents being exposed to both asbestos and radium as youths, Thomas Raymond was born a mutant. He eventually developed powers like the Human Torch's, and the duo founded a crime-fighting partnership that lasted for years! Availability:

Toro (MSH Classic)

Toro (4C System)

Toro (Marvel Saga)

After their very first adventure, the Kid Commandos decided to help the War effort at home, attending War Bond Rallies and trying to stymie the various attempts by Germany to infiltrate and otherwise sabotage the United States of America.

One such mission got the Commandos involved with the nefarious Lady Lotus, who had kidnapped Golden Girl in an attempt to turn her to the Dark Side. Golden Girl had practically defeated Lady Lotus by the time the Invaders and her fellow Kid Commandos could come to her rescue.

The team has undoubtedly had many more adventures in the Golden Age of heroes, however, none of them have yet to see the light. As such, the further exploits of the Kid Commandos are as of yet unknown. They'll be seen again, however, that's to be sure!

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