Timely Things

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Antons: vaguely humanoid beings hailing from the small planetoid of Torsa, the Antons belligerently attempted to conquer our world once their own was trapped in earth's orbit. Luckily for humanity, Professor Zog was on hand to stop them cold! Availability:

Antons (MSH Classic)

Antons (4C System)

Antons (Marvel Saga)

Dragon-men: one of several sentient species which rose on the planet Ligra, the Dragon-men crave conquest above all else. Using their incredible physical might and inexplicable technological acumen, they strive to rule their home world! Availability:

Dragon-men (MSH Classic)

Dragon-men (4C System)

Dragon-men (Marvel Saga)

Green Flame Robots: after kidnapping Professor Zog, Doctor Manyac and his Nazi accomplices forced him to build robotic minions based on his Marvel of the Age: Electro! While weaker than Electo, they could generate Manyac's ingenious green flame! Availability:

Green Flame Robots (MSH Classic)

Green Flame Robots (4C System)

Green Flame Robots (Marvel Saga)

Gnorrkin: according to its only known representative, Gnorr, this species of highly intelligent beings is now extinct. This may or may not be true, but either way Gnorr's people have not been encountered anywhere near earth for a long, long time. Availability:

Gnorrkin (MSH Classic)

Gnorrkin (4C System)

Gnorrkin (Marvel Saga)

Lion-people: one of several sentient species which rose on the planet Ligra, the Lion-people are a generally peaceful species of humanoid, leonine beings. Of course, living on the same world as the Dragon-men, they possess considerable weapons! Availability:

Lion-people (MSH Classic)

Lion-people (4C System)

Lion-people (Marvel Saga)

Living Corpses: the creation of the mad doctor Bruno Varoz, living corpses are formerly dead bodies rejuvenated by his artificial blood formula. Crime-addled and beholden to Varoz's will, the living corpses readily wreak havoc in his name! Availability:

Living Corpses (MSH Classic)

Living Corpses (4C System)

Living Corpses (Marvel Saga)

Octopus Men: a belligerent mishmash of humanoid and cephalopod physiologies, the Octopus Men (who I keep calling octothorpes) waged atomic war against Europe for wreaking havoc on their homes, at least until Namor exposed them to the world. Availability:

Octopus Men (MSH Classic)

Octopus Men (4C System)

Octopus Men (Marvel Saga)

Onees: reptilian, cyclopean terrors from beneath the earth's crust, the Onees yearn to expand their territory onto the surface. Their fatal vulnerability to bright white light means that this goal is, at best, something of a pipe dream. Availability:

Onees (MSH Classic)

Onees (4C System)

Onees (Marvel Saga)

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