In 40
Mn 75
Ex 20
Ex 20
In 40
Am 50
In 40
Ex 20
Gd +10 *


* Amongst humans, at least. Rm +30 among the Autobots, Rm -30 among Predacons / Decepticons / Vehicons.


As is his fellow 'late arrival' on earth, Tow-Line, Skid-Z is an electromechanical being from Cybertron, a robot that strives to prevent Decepticon dominion of the universe. This alien may also be from another time period, making him doubly out of place on the planet earth.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: like his fellow Autobots, Skid-Z is a robotic entity of Cybertronian origin. As such, this highly maneuverable racer has, by his very nature, the use of a large variety of abilities that reflect this. His very body gives Skid-Z these super human powers:

* Body Armor: made (or formed) from primarily metallic materials, Skid-Z is considerably durable. His sturdy, inorganic composition affords him Good (10) protection from attack, enough to shrug off most basic human assaults. Skid-Z's armor breaks down as follows:

Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

* Growth: Cybertronians come in all manner of sizes, few of which align with the human norm. Skid-Z, for instance, generally stands at around fifteen feet tall in his humanoid mode, which grants him this power at Typical (6) rank as a general matter of course.

As such, this lightning quick warrior possesses a +1 size factor. He thus suffers a -1 CS when targeting human-sized foes, but gains a +1 CS on any damage he inflicts against them, as well as 1 CS of damage reduction against any attacks they, in turn, launch against him.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity where distance is concerned. Functioning at Feeble (2) rank, these powers let Skid-Z see objects up to a mile distant with ease, as well as allowing him to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver: as are most Transformers on earth, Skid-Z is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other nearby Cybertronians, having Excellent (20) range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: as an inorganic life form, Skid-Z possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses Unearthly (100) resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Shape Change: whenever he desires, Skid-Z can transform between his humanoid and F-1 racer mode, and often does so quickly in battle for tactical purposes. This power is voice-activated, however ('Skid-Z, Transform!'). His F-1 racer mode has these vehicular statistics:

Un 100
Sh Y 200
Ex 20
Pr 4

Limitations / Enhancements:



Blaster: a warrior by trade, Skid-Z carries a powerful blaster on him in his humanoid mode, kept in a sub-space pocket when not in use. Curiously shaped like the classic Decepticon warrior, Shockwave, this blaster can be fired to inflict Remarkable (30) Force damage per burst.


Mania / 'Race Mania' 3: possessed by the spirit of Auggie Cahnay when his stasis pod scanned the deceased man's F-1 racer, Skid-Z acquired his obsession with winning races - any races. When a race begins near him, Skid-Z must pass a Psyche FEAT at -6 CS to resist entering it.


Acrobatics: acting primarily as a scout, seeking out Decepticon / Predacon shenanigans, Skid-Z has learned how to take maximum advantage of his incredible speed, acceleration, and reflexes. As such, he can attempt dodge, escape, evade and weave maneuvers at a +1 CS.

Advanced Guns: a warrior by trade, at least when not scouting for the Autobots (or trying to trounce the participants of some race or another), Skid-Z has to know how to at least use his own, advanced weapon. When using energy-based weaponry, Skid-Z does so at +1 CS.


Although he showed up on the planet later than his fellows, Skid-Z can rely upon any earth-bound Autobots for assistance should he need it; after all, they helped him when he first arrived. This is because, despite his curious mental issues, he comes through for them as well.


In his vehicle mode, Skid-Z perfectly resembles a white F-1 racer with metallic purple trim in places, silver hub caps, and blue under-carriage parts. When transformed into his humanoid form, Skid-Z simply appears to be a robot built from assorted white, blue, and purple F-1 racer bits.


Skid-Z is an Autobot scout more so than a warrior, and enjoys confounding his enemies with his amazing speed. Of course, this youthful Cybertronian is obsessed with winning any race he encounters, thanks to the influence of a dead human's spirit within his personality matrix...!

Real Name: Skid-Z
Occupation: scout, warrior
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron with no known criminal record on earth
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Autobots

Height: 15' (approximately)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: orange
Weight: 1,300 lbs (give or take)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Skid-Z is composed of a strong alien metal that is primarily white and purple in hue, regardless of his form.


Unlike most of his fellow Autobots, Skid-Z arrived on the planet after the Predacons had revealed themselves there. However, he was no less dedicated to protecting earth from their nefarious plans. To this end, he chose to have his stasis pod scan one of the fastest cars on earth.

To better reflect his own skills, of course.

This car wound up being that which was used by the late Auggie Cahnay, a racer who, curiously, had dealings with another wave of Transformers during their stay on earth. Not knowing of this or the human's obsession with winning, Skid-Z scanned the vehicle gleefully.

What he didn't expect was that his personality matrix would be possessed by Cahnay's desires. This caused the suddenly schizophrenic Autobot to enter every single race he encountered, no matter how inappropriate it would be for him to do so, in order to win - to the detriment of all else.

He continued to do so even after he was approached by Sky-Byte, in that Predacon's effort to sway the confused 'bot to his lord's evil cause. Though Skid-Z easily avoided the villain's advances, he was targeted by Sky-Byte and his fellows when he entered the International Grand Prix.

When Skid-Z didn't contact his fellows once he arrived on earth, the Autobots came looking for him. After figuring out what had happened to him (and what form he had taken on this primarily organic world) they ultimately ended Megatron's efforts to turn Skid-Z over to the 'dark side'.

Of course, they managed to do so only after Megatron almost killed Optimus Prime and the Autobot Brothers. Though this direct threat to his friends' safety temporarily snapped him out of his weird race mania, Skid-Z quickly reverted to his confused state after the battle had ended.

Skid-Z's allies knew he had to sort out the otherworldly influences within his mind, so they left him to his own devices. Over time, the high-speed scout came to terms with Cahnay's spirit and motives somewhat, and as such was able to help his allies in their final earthen battle.

Having changed into Galvatron, the Predacon formerly known as Megatron had the 'Bots on the ropes, but with Skid-Z's assistance, the collected force of heroic Cybertronians managed to defeat him at last. Upon beating him, the Autobots then took a nice, long vacation on earth.

Barring participation in a race, here or there.

After spending some time recovering from the fight, but Skid-Z and most of his fellows went back home at long last. Naturally, they took all the Predacons and Decepticons they'd defeated (and captured) with them back to Cybertron, removing their threat from earth once and for all!

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