RV 50
RV 40
RV 40
RV 50
RV 50
RV 50
RV 75
RV 30
RV -10 *


* Amongst humans, at least. RV +50 among Predacons / Decepticons / Vehicons, RV -50 among Autobots / Maximals.


As are his Combatron minions, Mega-Octane is an electromechanical entity hailing from Cybertron - possibly the Cybertron of another era or even a variant timeline. He is an evil robot that strives to conquer the universe alongside his fellows, and wages war to achieve this goal.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: Mega-Octane is a robotic entity of Cybertronian design and origin. As such, this weapons transport has, by his very nature, the use of a large variety of abilities that reflect this. His very body gives Mega-Octane these super-human powers:

* Body Armor: like most Cybertronians, Mega-Octane was formed with a reinforced steel frame, one that offers him rank value 20 resistance to injury. This makes him nigh-invulnerable to human attacks, and moderately resistant to his fellow robots. His defense breaks down as follows:

RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Growth: Cybertronians come in all manner of sizes, few of which align with the human norm. Mega-Octane, for instance, normally stands at around eighteen feet tall in his humanoid mode, which grants him this power at rank value 6 as a general matter of course.

As such, the Combatron commander possesses a +1 size factor. He thus suffers a -1 RS when targeting human-sized foes, but gains a +1 RS on any damage he inflicts against them, as well as 1 RS of damage reduction against any attacks they, in turn, launch against him.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity where distance is concerned. Functioning at rank value 2, these powers let Mega-Octane see objects up to a mile distant with ease, and allow him to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver: as are most Transformers on earth, Mega-Octane is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other nearby Cybertronians, having rank value 20 range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: an inorganic life form, Mega-Octane possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses rank value 100 resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Camouflage System: all the Combatrons have a specialized camouflage system that they can use to blend into various environments (such as Arctic tundra, or desert sands). This system works at rank value 2, giving them camouflage patterns appropriate to the background at hand.

Gestalt: using this special power, Mega-Octane can combine his physical form with that of his fellow Combatrons. Working at rank value 50, this ability can be used to create the ultra-powerful Ruination, one of the Decepticons' most powerful operatives!

Sensor Suite: in addition to his inherent visual powers, Mega-Octane is equipped with a bevy of additional sensors and display devices. Working at rank value 50, this suite includes transparent vision, transparent hearing (a sort of sonar dingus) and a small hologram projector.

Shape Change: Mega-Octane has the ability to shift his form between several modes as is needed. His vehicle mode is that of a flatbed truck, and is quite massive when you get down to it (especially when considering its twin cannons). Mega-Octane's vehicle form has these capabilities:

RV 40
RV 50
RV 20
RV 10

Of course, Mega-Octane is also technically a triple-changer, in that he can transform into a combat / repair station as well, one which can perform maintenance and such on his subordinate Combatrons. This gives him the use of the Repair / Tinkering skill naturally (it's built in, after all).

Twin Laser Gun: mounted on Mega-Octane's back is a massive weapon - a twin laser cannon. He can wield this inherent device in either of his modes, using it to inflict rank value 75 Armor Piercing Energy damage per blast - a single barreled blast inflicts -1 RS damage.

Also, Mega-Octane can use this weapon to simultaneously fire two missiles at an opponent. Now, if both of these projectiles manage to strike their target, Ruination can inflict rank value 75 Slashing (fragmentary) damage all at once. His individual missiles behave as follows:

RV 50
RV 50
RV 20
RV 50 Slashing (fragmentary)

Limitations / Enhancements:



Dol-Laser Rifle: a powerful weapon that only he has the ability and skill to use, this massive, ten foot long firearm is Mega-Octane's favorite. He can use this devastating device to inflict rank value 75 Armor Piercing Energy Damage with each deadly blast - and he does so often.

Restraint Shells: equipment that all the Combatrons carry, these shells can be fired from their primary weaponry to capture a foe, rather than kill him outright. Each shell casts an energy net around a foe that restrains him at rank value 30, +1 RS for each additional shell used.




Advanced Guns: though it may go without saying, Mega-Octane is very well-versed in the use of most advanced, energy-based weapons. He may use laser guns, blasters, and even particle cannons as though his Coordination trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Demolitions: though anybody can simply blast away at a structure until it comes down, Mega-Octane is skilled in the efficient destruction of most any edifice. He may make an Intellect roll at +1 RS to determine the fastest way to destroy any building before him.

Military: Mega-Octane was apparently a potent military leader even before he was corrupted by exposure to Megatron's Spark. As such, he knows military protocols and procedures like the back of his hand, and can reflexively lead combat troops into battle as he sees fit.


Leader of the Combatrons, Mega-Octane can easily rely upon his subordinates to aid him without question - his underlings wouldn't dare refuse. Of course, Mega-Octane can naturally count Megatron's other flunkies on earth, regardless of faction, as reliable contacts as well.


As a vehicle, Mega-Octane appears to be a green and black camouflaged flatbed truck, one with a large orange gun mounted on the back. His maintenance bay mode is similarly hued. In his humanoid form, Mega-Octane appears to be a machine built from green and orange truck parts.


Mega-Octane is a cold, cruel commander. He rules his subordinates with an iron fist, almost as though they were extensions of his own frame - which literally becomes the case when he forms Ruination with them. He feels he should lead the Decepticons, but fears Scourge's power.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: Decepticon warrior
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron wanted on earth for various crimes against humanity
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Decepticons, the Combatrons, former Autobot

Height: 18' (approximately)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: orange
Weight: several tons
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Mega-Octane is composed of a strong alien metal that is primarily green and orange in hue, with a nifty green and black camouflage pattern in places, regardless of his form.


Mega-Octane's story is a tragic one.

He was originally an Autobot who, along with at least five of his fellows, came to earth in search of the mighty Fortress Maximus. This mission was a spectacular failure, however, for Mega-Octane's craft crashed for some unknown reason in the American southwest.

Remaining inert in stasis pods ever since, these dormant Autobots were eventually uncovered by another Autobot crew active on the earth, if sixty years later. Unfortunately for them, they were quickly snatched up by the sinister Megatron, who also craved Maximus' power.

Requiring additional help in this goal, being so woefully outnumbered on this planet, Megatron activated these Autobots' stasis pods, forcing them to scan and reformat themselves into military vehicles. Megatron then exposed each pod to his diabolical Spark, changing their occupants forever.

First to emerge from stasis, Mega-Octane proclaimed himself Megatron's second in command. However, this only lasted until Scourge emerged from his reformatting, packed with power, ambition, and the will to smash Mega-Octane into a pulp if he didn't submit to his authority.

While Scourge may have taken charge of Megatron's Decepticons overall, Mega-Octane nonetheless retained control of the Combatrons, a sub-group of those fiends who have the power to combine their forms into one singular, massive robot: the highly dangerous Ruination.

Mega-Octane and the other Decepticons served Megatron for a time, though their programming wore off somewhat; while they were still evil, per se, their independence reasserted itself, and these Decepticons began to plot Megatron's demise in addition to that of the Autobots.

This plot reached its climax when Scourge took command of Fortress Maximus at one point, and attempted to use him to crush Galvatron (a super-charged Megatron). When this plan failed, Galvatron reprogrammed the Decepticons anew, making them utterly subservient to his whims.

This was a disappointment to Optimus Prime, who had repeatedly attempted to rehabilitate his former comrades. Stripped of their free will entirely, the Combatrons were reduced to the level of a mindless servants, and fought on against the Autobots without question.

He continued to lead his Combatrons in Galvatron's service until that villain sought to dispose of the traitors under his command in his final bid to annihilate the Autobots. This he did thanks to power absorbed from Fortress Maximus, but his scheme ultimately failed in the end.

Defeated by his own master, Mega-Octane was then reeled in when Galvatron himself was beaten, and the Autobots transferred him and all of Galvatron's other minions on earth (save for Sky-Byte) to a penal asteroid near Cybertron proper.

Mega-Octane likely rusts there to this very day.

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