the Autobots: 2002

Robots in Disguise

Learning that the evil Megatron was intent on attacking the planet earth, if not necessarily why, the heroic Autobots journeyed forth from their home on Cybertron, crossing time and space to stop this villain and his Predacon minions from causing undue harm to humanity. Over time, an increasing number of Autobots have made their home on earth, including the following fellows:

Late Autobot Arrivals:

Sideways: an ultra-efficient Autobot scout, Sideways was summoned to earth to help the Autobots there locate the mighty Fortress Maximus, who (though immensely large) was continually eluding the Autobots and the Decepticons who wished to control him! Availability:

Sideways (MSH Classic)

Sideways (4C System)

Sideways (Marvel Saga)

Storm Jet: having quite a temper, the aptly named Storm Jet is nonetheless a professional, taking his responsibility as the Autobots' aerial support on earth very seriously. He likes putting his foes in their place, but doesn't go nuts doing it...! Availability:

Storm Jet (MSH Classic)

Storm Jet (4C System)

Storm Jet (Marvel Saga)

Last, but not Least:

Fortress Maximus: the largest Autobot ever, Fortress Maximus is huge - over one thousand foot tall! He can transform his gigantic humanoid mode into either a flying battle fortress or a city block, both of which greatly aid in the fight against evil! Availability:

Fortress Maximus (MSH Classic)

Fortress Maximus (4C System)

Fortress Maximus (Marvel Saga)

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