Yorick the Yogi


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Yorick the Yogi is a zombie, a formerly animate human being who, through the advent of a strange chemical, has risen from the grave anew. Furthermore, he has acquired a few advanced gizmos, which technically makes him a high tech zombie.


Agelessness (s): being physically dead, Yorick lacks a metabolism to speak of. As such, he has completely ceased aging. If carefully maintained, his body can last him pretty much indefinitely; while he does not age, he can certainly be destroyed by conventional means.

Body Armor (s): Yorick is surprisingly tough, for a walking dead guy. He has the benefit of +2 protection against all physical attacks that do not strike him in the head; of course, all other forms of damage will affect him normally.

Environmental Independence (s): no longer amongst the living, Yorick does not need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep. While he may find himself immobile for vast stretches of time, Yorick is never 'unconscious', and always alert and aware (after a fashion; intensity 30).

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance (s): as a walking corpse, Yorick need not worry about the rigors of extreme cold or pressure on his body. Possessing this power at +10, Yorick can maneuver in the depths of the sea or in interstellar space equally well.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Curse of the Zombie: all zombies may transform living humans into more of their kind upon biting them. Upon being bitten, one must pass a challenging difficulty Strength action or be afflicted by the mechanism that causes zombification, all of which progress in a like manner.

Once afflicted, the victim must pass an average difficulty Strength action each hour or lose a card of health. Some time after the victim dies from this health loss, they'll rise again as a zombie, assuming the powers and statistics listed for such (exceptional abilities may alter this some).

Inert Metabolism: the problem with zombies, as far as a long term existence is concerned, is that they have no metabolism. Since Yorick's body is 'just there', with most of it slowly decomposing, he lacks the abilities that come with a metabolism - like healing.

In other words, once Yorick takes damage, he will not recover from it. Ever. Bits that are chopped off become inanimate again, and will not grow back on their own. However, as long as none of the damage taken is to his brain, Yorick can persist indefinitely, even at only 1 Health point.

Monstrous: zombies are icky! While Yorick is still in relatively good shape (as zombies go), he's still dead... and one can tell this upon a close examination. Once his status becomes apparent, this hindrance will immediately come into play for the duration of the encounter.

Of course, once Yorick is showing obvious signs of being undead (like missing body parts, otherwise lethal wounds that won't heal, etc), he is at Willpower 0 to prevent Edge 0 humans and other like entities from fleeing them on sight - though he'll usually hide while they run.


Deflector Field (i): given to him by the Electronicists Society in exchange for letting them study him (extensively), this item provides Yorick defense against knee-jerk 'eek zombie' reactions. It deflects incoming damage, increasing the difficulty of hitting him by one level.


Acrobatics (a): in his attempt to live a non-violent lifestyle, Yorick has learned how to fight defensively. As such, he can reduce the difficulty of actions meant to lower falling damage or dodge incoming attacks, mostly by redirecting their offensive energies elsewhere.

Chemistry (i): after his re-awakening as a chemically-induced zombie, Yorick has worked hard to master the fine arts of chemistry, to determine just how he was so transformed into one of the undead. He makes all actions based on chemistry at a reduced difficulty.

Computers (i): Yorick was a recent college graduate before the incident that changed him into a zombie. He's well-versed in several computer programing languages, and can build, program and repair computer devices at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Trance (w): to occasionally escape the murderous cravings that dominate his body, Yorick has taken to deep, Zen-like meditation. It helps him to at least put his physical wants aside for a time, and to focus his mind on his work in chemistry.

Writing (w): Yorick is a writer by trade, since it's one of the few occupations he can engage in without having to interact with other people directly. He may reduce the difficulty of attempts to write compelling and/or persuasive non/fiction by one difficulty level.


The Smythe family, who Yorick saved from a zombie apocalypse in his home town, will gladly help him out in any mundane endeavors of his - they helped him set up his current life, after all. He has a few additional contacts in publishing and martial arts circles as well.


Repentant, with a secondary calling of Peace of Mind: Yorick hasn't killed anyone due to his incessant cravings, but loathes himself for having them in the first place. As such he works hard to save others from his fate, the only thing that soothes his mind in this regard.


Yorick doesn't wear the same thing all the time, but most of his clothes follow a central theme. They are mostly black or dark purple in hue, and make him look as though he's a 'goth' kid - the better to fool humans into thinking he's still alive, you see.


Yorick hates his existence, but cannot bring himself to end it. He loathes that his life was cut short by a random zombie outbreak, but at the same time is happy that he was 'given' the chance to at least save others from the grisly fate that claimed him.

Real Name: Yorick Jameson
Occupation: professional writer
Legal Status: citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record, hiding his deceased status from society
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: black, sometimes purple (dyed from its normal dirty blonde)
Eyes: milky white, covered by black contacts
Weight: 152 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Yorick usually wears makeup and clothes that identify him as a 'goth' kid, not to mention lots of cologne, so people don't realize that he isn't just pretending he's dead.


Right after he graduated from college, Yorick went on a hiking trip through the continent with several friends - also recent graduates. They wandered far and wide through Europe, though their trip came to an abrupt and untimely end in Lódz, Poland.

They stayed in a hostel one night, planning to continue their journey the next morning, only to have fate put the kibosh on that. You see, an errant driver crashed into a nearby building late in the night, and his mysterious chemical cargo was released throughout that city block.

It seeped into Yorick and his friends' room while they slept, and changed them... irrevocably! In fact, they all actually died from the bizarre chemical compound, only to rise a few days later as zombies! Yorick was a bit different than his fellows though, for he could remember.

Remember everything! Though possessed of a sudden, irrational craving for human flesh, Yorick resisted the urge to maul emergency workers as they eventually got to his building. Unfortunately for said emergency workers, Yorick's pals weren't so restrained.

As they mauled their would-be saviors, Yorick wandered away aghast, only to find more such chicanery going on outside. Zombies were running amok in Lódz, with people trying frantically to fight them off or to escape. In fact, a family was fighting for their lives right by him!

Doing what he felt was right, Yorick stopped his fellow undead from devouring the family, who were of course incredibly grateful. He then helped escort this family, the Smythes, to safety, where they promptly got on a plane back to England - and vowed never to return... ever!

Trying to hide his new state of being as he ambled out of Lódz, Yorick painted and dressed himself up as a goth kid, which actually worked. With that and a liberal supply of cologne, he made it out of the country before anyone could chop his head off or anything.

Yorick wandered across the world for a time, trying to find a means of reversing the process that has made him one of the walking dead. He was also unable to figure out where the truck hauling those nasty chemicals came from. As such, he decided to make lemonade.

Eventually winding up in India, Yorick found his way to a wise man, hoping to at least get help in controlling his cannibalistic urges. This man saw potential in Yorick, despite his being one of the walking dead, and decided to help him in his goal.

To this end, Yorick's chosen mentor taught him how to meditate deeply, and the zombie learned how to enter a deep trance. This would at least 'shelve' his physical urges for a time, allowing his sleepless mind to work - if not on a higher level, at least without distraction.

Eventually returning to England, Yorick contacted the Smythes, who helped him set up in a small cottage far, far away from other people. He worked there as a writer and as a programming consultant, both jobs he could pull remotely, without interacting with actual humans.

Yorick writes about the zombie condition extensively, having produced a successful line of books that the populace considers mere fiction. His 'character', Yorick the Yogi, has a cult following even. Yorick in fact goes by that name while occasionally walking the earth.

Though he's pretty sure his own condition can't be reversed, he at least hopes to identify the chemical that caused it - to save others from his fate. And while disguised as, well, himself, Yorick is usually just mocked as a rabid fan. Of his own books.

Hey, it beats having your head caved in with a shovel...

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