Junge Donner


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Junge Donner, born Milton Blank, is an exceptional member of the Warriors of Thor. He has various items of an advanced technological design at his disposal, not to mention the fact that he's mastered a few spells through the very power of his faith!


Schooling: Novice / Clerical Magic (Thor)

While not too many Warriors of Thor actually have anything remotely approaching the discipline required to master clerical magic of even the most rudimentary sort, Milton does. Though he's only recently begun his studies, Milton has mastered these spells thus far:

Ability Boost (p) (w): Milton uses the power of Thor to vastly augment his own physical capabilities when necessary. He may raise either his Strength or Agility to intensity 13 levels for an aura duration once per encounter. Attempting more lowers this spell's effectiveness.

Bless (s) (i): the intensity 5 blessings of the Warriors of Thor last for a full encounter. They offer a +1 to all actions made to a living being when applied to him, her or it, or a +2 to all actions made with an item when applied directly to it.

Eldritch Bolt / Electricity (u) (i): since it was apparently expected of him, Milton has mastered the power of lightning. He can cast bolts of electricity with intensity 5 ability, inflicting like stunning energy damage with each use of this dangerous spell.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Chain Mail (s): as do many of the more clerically minded Warriors of Thor, Milton has taken it upon himself to begin wearing chain mail armor about in the course of his duties - and his every day life. But then, he just likes the look of his particular protective garb.

Made from exquisitely crafted bronze links, Milton's chain mail provides him intensity 4 (or +1) protection from most conventional attacks, but absolutely nothing against assaults based on fire or electricity. Other than its appearance, this gear is entirely mundane.

Motorcycle (a): while some Warriors ride about in inordinately expensive hoverbikes, Milton prefers to keep his feet - or at the very least, his ride - on the ground. His particular, American-made conveyance has an m.s. of 10, and moves with intensity 5 speed.

Neutronium Shield (s): another product of the League's minimalist Neutronium glazing experiments, Milton's shield is a cast-iron monstrosity that also has a m.s. of 26 - though it would only be of m.s. 10 without the whole 'mad science' treatment.

The strange thing about this shield, however, is that it has properties that were not designed into it. Milton has carried it into battle on several occasions, only recently noticing that, while holding it, he seems to recover from injuries he fails to block with it faster.

Investigations by the League led them to conclude that this had nothing to do with their process, much to their dismay. Instead, some anomalous (mystical) agency was at work, possibly Thor himself, which compels the shield to grant intensity 3 regeneration on contact.

In other words, it heals a card lost Health on non-negative aura draws of 1 or 2.

Thunder Hammer (i): a unique creation of the Electronicists' League, this hammer is Milton's signature weapon. It is constructed from various cast-iron parts, which were then coated with the thinnest possible glaze of Neutronium, giving it an effective m.s. of 25!

Needless to say, this makes the Thunder Hammer quite valuable... and indestructible. And while it can be used in melee to inflict Milton's Strength +4 in bashing damage, the true power of this weapon is the powerful sonic system embedded within.

When triggered, Milton's Thunder Hammer will give off a discharge of intensity 13 sound. While they do not do direct damage, per se, the sonic emissions of this device can stun Milton's foes if he can pass an easy difficulty Thunder Hammer (strength) action against them.

Failing that, he may at least inflict temporary deafness.


Languages / English and German (i): having spent quite some time in Germany while his mother was stationed there, Milton picked up the German tongue in addition to his native language. He can thus read, write and speak in both of these languages rather fluently.

Skill / Hammers (s): since his particular hammer does not inflict special damage, Milton has trained in the use of it as a conventional melee device. He can thus wield it, as well as any other hammer or hammer-like object, at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Theology (w): having obsessed on Thor all his life, it was a given that Milton would study how to become one of Thor's own once he realized that he could. Thus, he should make related Intellect actions at a reduced difficulty, especially where Thor is involved.

Weapon Specialist / Thunder Hammer (s): while he's competent in the use of most hammers, Milton has trained extensively in the use of his custom-built Thunder Hammer. He thus strikes at an additional reduction of difficulty, and with a +1 initiative modifier, when wielding it.


The Warriors of Thor really like Milton. He seems a serious young lad after all, who follows both basic traditions of the group. Wielding science and sorcery to further Thor's aims on earth, he's something of an inspiration to them all - even if he can't hold his liquor any.

As an outreach of his work with the Warriors, Milton has joined a group of theistic vigilantes known as the Higher Powers. They act to counter injustices perpetrated against those of all faiths, no matter how small or obscure - particularly if the perpetrators are other cults.


Idealist: though he's no fanatic, Milton has seen the light where Thor is concerned. While the fellow was simply a fantasy ideal in his youth, Milton now aspires to truly be like his childhood hero in all things, and wishes to tell everyone just how great the deity is!


As a more faith-based Warrior, the core of Milton's adventuring garb is an ornate suit of brass chain mail. With this, he wears indigo leather boots and gloves, a magnificent indigo cape (with optional hood), a brown leather belt with a hammer holster, and indigo lensed sunglasses.


Milton is an earnest nerd. He has been enamored with the idea of Thor since he was a youth, since that mythological figure represented the ultimate escape from a childhood he was sorely dissatisfied with. You can imagine how happy he was to actually act out his hobby!

Emulating the heroic side of his patron, Milton has thrown himself whole hog into the Warriors of Thor - as well as the Higher Powers. He works hard to master both the scientific and theological side of the Warriors' faith, and to increase the world's appreciation for Thor!

Real Name: Milton Blank
Occupation: vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Warriors of Thor, the Higher Powers

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: blonde, dyed red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 203 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Milton wears his dyed hair long, along with an accompanying full beard and moustache.


Milton Blank comes from a long line of accountants and financiers - at least, when you look at his father's side of the family tree. In fact, his father was an actuary for a large industrial firm, but his mother had a completely different career: she was a Marine.

Her career pulled Milton all around the world with her, since his father couldn't be bothered to raise him properly. His parents had a long distance relationship for the most part, which ultimately ended when Milton's father got caught having an affair with his assistant.

Having spent most of his formative years in military housing, Milton was taught self-reliance by his mother, not to mention a whole lot of skills most youths don't really get exposed to. But Milton didn't really like his life, and he thus became obsessed with escapist literature.

A fan of science fiction novels and various comic books, Milton particularly enjoyed the various tales of Thor. Whether they came from books of Norse mythology or even from comic books featuring the deity, Milton was hooked - he looked up to the hammer-wielding being.

Though he had an inkling of going to college and becoming a mathematician like his father was, Milton's life was forever derailed when he first met a gaggle of Thor's own, during a showing of the film dedicated to their patron god. Oddly enough, these ruffians loved the movie!

Asking the strangely dressed men about the Warriors, Milton was astonished that he'd never heard of them before, much less their quest to tell the world about their entity of power. Of course Milton thought they were doing a good job - they had just seen a Thor action film, after all!

Determined to join them in their inexplicable mission, Milton got approval to do so from his mother (after ensuring that these bikers didn't have anything unsavory in mind for her son), and indeed left with them. After promising to call and e-mail her regularly, naturally!

Arriving in their New York City headquarters, Milton began to study up on the Warriors' dogma immediately. He became steeped in the lore of its priests, and began to practice in the use of hammers, well, religiously. The only thing Milton couldn't do well was drink.

Despite his considerable, muscular build, Milton simply couldn't hold his liquor very well. But the Warriors were okay with that, as long as he was willing to have a mug or two with them now and then. This because Milton proved to be something of a prodigy amongst their ranks.

The group was so impressed, in fact, that they chipped in to get him a special-built hammer from the Electronicists' League. While most of Thor's own get concussion hammers or mallets that come back after you fling 'em, Milton got a hammer which can give off a deafening crash of thunder!

On top of, you know, being able to dent your head.

With this devastating weapon, not to mention his growing mastery of actual clerical magic granted by Thor, Milton began to wander far and wide, explaining to others just how great Thor is - and why. Which ultimately got him in hot water with a bunch of southern fundamentalists.

Though more than capable of defending himself, Milton simply didn't have to. He was rescued from having to hospitalize a bunch of ignorant, intolerant thugs by a small group of priests - each representing a different deity! They then introduced themselves to Milton as the Higher Powers.

Firm believers in the freedom of religion, the Higher Powers do their level best to protect the practitioners of all faiths from persecution. They strive to remind the faithful that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, not just one group, and act to keep bullies in their place. Hard.

Thinking that association with such a group could not only act to raise Thor's profile even higher, but could also spare others from incidents like he just experienced, Milton asked to join the Higher Powers in their mission as well. Naturally, they were happy to have him!

Of course, Milton couldn't just sign up as 'Milton'. No, he needed an alias, a name with which he could act against religious extremists without getting himself thrown in jail (as bullies often fall back on lawyers when called out for their chicanery). Thus, Junge Donner was born!

When not doing work specifically for the Warriors of Thor, Milton joins the Higher Powers in their quest to achieve an equilibrium of faith world-wide. Which, incidentally, has served to make his mother proud - she's followed his bizarre career with ardent interest!

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