the Robothorrior


Hand Size:
3 (17)


The mostly machine entity known as the Robothorrior was originally the mostly-normal born Wallace Abbot. After his body was smashed by a rampaging cyborg of Frankologist leanings, Wallace used his incredible fortune to buy a new body for himself - one that is nigh-invulnerable!




His body broken by a Frankologist cyborg, Wallace was seemingly doomed to life in a hospital bed. However, he was filthy rich, and knew some Electronicists with way too many ideas, and way too little cash. They built him a new, robot body to plug his brain into, which has these abilities:

* Body Armor (s): his entire body replaced by a robotic surrogate, Wallace is now highly resistant to damage. He is built from heavy duty materials that, overall, provide him intensity 12 (+3) protection from injury.

* Carrier Wave / Electricity (a): while he cannot truly project electricity, Wallace can focus it on his feet, which interacts with devices there that allow him to propel himself through the air. He may 'ride the lighting' with intensity 2 ability, doing so at 60 m.p.h.

* Cellular Telephone (i): while more mundane than the rest of his new body, this technology allows Wallace to keep in contact with other Warriors and his criminal contacts. It can tie into conventional cellular networks with intensity 3 ability (five mile range, under ideal conditions).

* Deflection / Lasers (i): while Wallace is happy to be nigh-immune to disease and poison, what he appreciates the most is his ray shielding. He is covered in a special coating that acts to disperse and deflect laser fire, and he thus benefits from +4 of protection from such.

* Electricity Generation (i): though he cannot focus it through his hammer (which is, strictly speaking, made from the greatest known insulator in existence), Wallace can nonetheless discharge impressive amounts of electricity at will, though he can only do this to whatever he touches.

Wallace's electrical touch functions at intensity 13, allowing him to cause like stunning energy damage on contact with others. He prefers to use his hammer in combat, since it's a whole lot more satisfying when you get down to it, but electricity is often more effective overall.

* Environmental Independence (s): what's left of Wallace's original organics are sealed away within his torso, and his nutrients / air supply are constantly rejuvenated via his fusion reactor. Thus, Wallace need not eat, drink or breathe, having this power at intensity 30.

* Hard Points (s): sure, Wallace's entire body is now a robotic stand-in for his former, fleshy existence. But some areas of his body are more heavily armored than others. His winged helm, breast plate, pauldrons, knee guards, gauntlets, and plackart benefit from +2 protection.

* Infravision (w): in the event that he needs to operate at night, Wallace can do so without undue problem, for his replacement eyes have access to the infrared spectrum in addition to conventional light waves! He can see infrared light (or heat) with intensity 7 ability.

* Resistance to Disease and Poison (s): Wallace's new body is primarily a sealed system, using a regenerating fusion system to not only power itself, but to revitalize what little nutrients his flesh needs to survive. He possesses these resistances at intensity 20 (+5).

Implant Psychosis Statistic: intensity 25.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, Wallace is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass an easy difficulty Willpower action against his IPS, or he will suffer from extreme mental instability for a time - usually until he next falls unconscious.

This instability can take almost any form, but usually amplifies his perpetual rage against the world. When subject to IPS, Wallace is at Willpower zero (0) to resist the urge to smash everything in sight - and then, once it's smashed, smash it some more.


Neutronium Maul (s): this was an ordinary iron maul, until the Electronicists' League got their hands on it. They coated it with the thinnest possible glaze of Neutronium, and then melted out all the iron inside. The result is an almost invisible melee weapon that is indestructible!

Possessing a m.s. of 25, this hollowed out Neutronium shell can be used by Wallace to inflict his Strength +5 in bashing damage. The best part is that he can carry this, even two handed, and one usually won't even see it until it is used to smash things (or people)!


Crime (i): a former bootlegger by trade, Wallace would happily sell just about any counterfeit items to whoever could meet his fee. He had an eye for quality, or a lack therein, and should receive a reduced difficulty on this or any related activities of an overt criminal nature.

Languages / Chinese and English (i): though he wasn't really inclined to learn another language, Wallace couldn't shake the feeling he was being ripped off by his Chinese partners. Thus, he has made it a point to master Mandarin Chinese, and can read, write and speak it and English.

Skill / Hammers (s): while he wasn't much of a fighter, usually preferring to just knife people in the back when necessary, Wallace learned how to wield various hammers after joining the Warriors of Thor. He can wield his maul, or any other hammer-like object, at a reduced difficulty.


As one of the 'big guns' within the Warriors of Thor, Wallace can usually rely upon that group for aid in a pinch. Sure, they have to pay to get him fixed whenever he breaks down somehow, but the muscle he provides them whenever facing ascendant humans more than makes up for this.

Additionally, Wallace has numerous contacts within counterfeiting circles, both domestic and abroad. He knows a lot of people in China, in particular, who were happy to deconstruct and manufacture for him all manner of 'designer' items that he could sell for a tidy sum.


Demolisher, with a secondary calling of Greed: while Wallace's urge to smash the niceties of society used to take a back seat to his naked greed for the finer things in life, this has changed upon his upgrade. Now, his motivations are reversed - and how!


Wallace's 'costume' is his full cyborg body. It was built to resemble an oversized, hulking brute of a man in viking-inspired plate mail armor. It appears to be made from bronze and steel, but is in fact constructed of sterner stuff.

The winged helm, breast plate, pauldrons, knee guards, gauntlets, and lengthy plackart are bronze in coloration, whilst the rest is steely in hue. The knee guards and plackart have stylized lighting bolts on them, and Wallace wears a long, billowing red cape on the back of his cyborg body.


Having been unable to function in normal society, Wallace has reviled it and its institutions for as long as he can remember. He spits in the eye of the world, but then finds himself mystified when it, more often than not, spits back. This makes for a very unhappy life.

The Warriors of Thor gave Wallace some measure of outlet for his disdain, as other members will occasionally need to rouse rabble such as Wallace to wreck their enemies. Of course, now that he's been rebuilt, Wallace is even more than happy to oblige them!

Real Name: Wallace Abbott
Occupation: cyborg hit-man, former bootlegger
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Warriors of Thor

Height: 7' 5" (formerly 5' 7")
Hair: inapplicable (formerly brown)
Eyes: golden, glowing (formerly green)
Weight: 666 lbs. (formerly 144 lbs.)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: before his 'accident', Wallace was a small, wiry man. He had long hair and a full, scraggly beard. He was covered in scars, and wore a makeshift armor of his own design, which didn't really protect him all that much.

After his conversion into a full cyborg, Wallace looks quite different. He resembles something akin to an oversized techno-viking, his 'armor' being bronze and iron in coloration, and bearing various decorative flourishes that are indicative of a Nordic background.


Wallace has always been a loser.

He grew up not wanting to go to school in his rural Kentucky town, and indeed dropped out as soon as he was legally able to. While some in his community did so to work, Wallace didn't really want to do that either, and thus another anchor on the weight of society was born.

Though he didn't want to work for it, Wallace craved the finer things in life, and quickly descended into a life of petty, amateur crime. While he's bright enough, Wallace never really thought his schemes through, and invariably did time in various prisons as a direct result.

Wallace met the right people in jail however, who introduced him to the fine art of bootlegging. They taught him that there was plenty of easy money involved in the counterfeiting of highly expensive but otherwise useless items, such as Louis Vutton ™ handbags.

Once he got out of jail that time, Wallace began to set up shop, using a variety of contacts that he learned about while incarcerated. These individuals, mostly in China, were happy to make him all manner of bootleg objects, from pirated DVDs to designer jackets to exercise shoes.

Drifting to New York City, Wallace readily found buyers for his illicit gear. The locals craved these items of status but didn't want to pay their usual, exorbitant prices. So, not bothering to ask questions about where his wares came from, they happily handed Wallace their money.

Making a pretty penny in time, Wallace even learned Chinese to understand his sources. A fortune cookie told him to do so, or so he thought, so why not. After all, it helped his sense of security, knowing he could understand when his contacts talked 'foreign' behind his back.

Though he was far from religious, Wallace ultimately gravitated into the Warriors of Thor. They seemed something of an anti-church, and he liked the idea of getting stinking drunk as a religious devotional. That and the Warriors tended to throw down with just about anyone they pleased.

On one fateful occasion, Wallace was on hand at the Warriors' lodge when they were called out to smash up the Scientific Church of Frankology. The Warriors believed that one of those direct action atheists had murdered several Warriors in Texas, and were out for blood.

Answering the call, Wallace marched off from the Lodge to the College without thinking, and was laid low for his trouble at the College's doorstep. He was hacked to pieces by laser weaponry integrated into a particularly violent Frankologist known as the Cyborg in the Red Suit.

One would think this would be the end of poor Wallace... but they'd be wrong. You see, the Warriors, while thuggish louts for the most part, know people. They throw business to the Electronicists' League with some frequency, letting the League absorb their money in exchange for stuff.

Promising the League all of his ill-gotten gains, Wallace asked them to rebuild his broken body. Having nothing else to do that afternoon, not to mention the fact that he was short on cash at the time, Yash Alloy and his cybernetic students were happy enough to help Wallace out.

Building him a full robotic body, they then really hacked Wallace up. Yash subsequently stuffed his brain and assorted glands into a life support tank within his new body's torso, and lit him up. Though disoriented at first, Wallace was ecstatic when he saw he was whole again.

But wait, there's more. Using the Neutronium manufacturing process developed by Old Gruff, the League outfitted Wallace with a special maul befitting his new status as a bruiser. They essentially produced a hollow, nigh-invisible shell of Neutronium he could use as a lethal weapon!

Armed with this new toy, not to mention the built in electrical generators his rebuilt body possessed, Wallace then went on a cybernetic rampage, basically flattening the Scientific Church of Frankology's New York branch. But then, they're used to that, and rebuilt soon after.

While he found that refreshing, Wallace had developed a few problems. For one thing, he couldn't find the Cyborg in the Red Suit - he wasn't amongst the Frankologists that Wallace had smashed up during his tantrum. Secondly, the police were now looking for him - and how!

Having no money left, having spent it all to get himself a new body, Wallace resorted to hiding out in the basement of the Warriors' lodge when not out wrecking stuff. But then, the Warriors always need to wreck something, so it didn't feel like doing time down there.

A sensation Wallace is all too familiar with.

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