the Variant Earth 13 E Mail Game

Welcome to the home of the Variant Earth 13 E Mail Game! Or, of course, what used to be such. For several years, I ran what I thought was a successful game in the world which evolved to become the Variant Earth 13 string of campaigns, and at least a few people seemed to enjoy playing along with my mad ramblings. Or I suppose they just humored me. Who knows?

The game is now defunct, one of many casualties of my really poor health in the last decade. When my medical issues started messing with my brain, I started spacing the game off and it died a slow, painful death. But a wealth of fun was generated in our games, and one can follow the massive, massive amount of game posts to see the gist of my first Variant Earth 13 Adventure Path.

In case you are at all curious, I've kept all the old game's information up on the site, though I've cleaned it up a bit. These include all the e mail posts made in the game (though I have to ultimately finish archiving all of these at some point), as well as the player characters I had which weren't lost to various hard drive crashes and/or inexplicable e mail client problems. Remaining goodies include:

The Heroes of Variant Earth 13: this is a listing of most of the player characters that were active in the Variant Earth 13 E Mail Game. While the game itself was played using my own, Universal Heroes rules, I'm providing versions of each character in all the various rule systems that the Technohol site supports. You're welcome!

Joining the Variant Earth 13 Game: this section holds information on how one could get involved with the Variant Earth 13 e mail game, including instructions on how to actually subscribe to the v13 mailing list provided by the ad-heavy folks at Yahoo! Feel free to drop by and check it out if you're bored - I think the mailing list is still extant.

The Rules of Battle: as you can guess, running a role-playing game via e mail is totally different from playing one in person. For one thing, people can't immediately respond to things that players (or the game Judge) are doing, and as such, some rules need to be modified. So, in case you were wondering, here is how I managed things via electronic mails.

the Variant Earth 13 E Mail Game Archives: collected here for your amusement (should you care) is the collected mass of electronic mail messages that comprise the history of the online v13 game. It covers everything from the very beginning, on December 8th, 1998, up to October 31st, 2003. That's almost five years - and 2,061 pages of text files - to read through!

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