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Gd 10
In 40
Gd 10
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Ex +20

Gd 10
In 40
Gd 10
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Ex +20

Gd 10
In 40
Gd 10
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Rm 30
In 40
Ex +20



Silhouette is an artist and dancer from an extradimensional space she knows as the Shadowrealm, who was trapped on the earth after attempting an interdimensional teleport for the first time. She is not human, though she closely resembles one - save for a few cosmetic oddities. Her extraplanar origins account for her wide array of physical and supernatural powers.

Known Powers:

Body Armor: highly resistant to injury, Silhouette possesses Remarkable (30) rank resistance to both physical and energy attacks, making her immune to most mundane types of harm. However, this resistance is ineffective against magical, psionic, or deionic energy damage, which means she's typically at a disadvantage versus mages, psis, or gods. But then, who isn't?

Darkness Generation and Control: Silhouette has the potent ability to channel unknown energies from a plane full of mystic shadows, energies that manifest as a sort of dark light with seeming substance. Once they are in this dimension, she can manipulate such energies at Incredible (40) rank, and had demonstrated the following power stunts thus far:

* Blending: Silhouette can cover her body in her shadowy energies, making herself appear to melt into shadows, as long as some are present. She can do this with Incredible (40) ability, and will remain so 'gone' until she does something to reveal herself, or an opponent can pass an Intuition (or other applicable sensory power) FEAT roll against this intensity.

* Dimensional Transit: an ability that Silhouette possesses, but has little control over, is her ability to cross the dimensions themselves. She does this via the dimension she draws her darkness from, as an intermediary plane. She fades into this plane and simply emerges into a new plane, and can do so at Good (10) rank. However, he has no known 'memorized' dimensions (like her home).

* Teleportation: Silhouette can use her darkness powers to teleport, doing so by encasing herself within a cocoon of darkness and bouncing off the dimension it issues forth from at right angles, in order to emerge at a new location. She can do this at Incredible (40) rank, allowing her a 2,500,000 mile teleportation range (this power stunt is strongly enhanced to work on the Very Far range table).

Regeneration: Silhouette has a highly enhanced metabolism, as compared to folks native to the earth, and as such she recovers from damage at a similarly accelerated rate. Functioning at Excellent (20) rank, this incredibly useful power allows her to recover two points of lost Health or Negative Health (if any is missing) each turn - assuming she's not on fire, or otherwise suffering SD damage.

Telepathy: Silhouette's other major ability is her telepathy, the ability to achieve direct mind-to-mind communications with another being. In essence, Sil's a Remarkable (30) ranked telepath, who can automatically achieve mental contact with a willing mind. If Sil wished to mentally speak to a totally unwilling being, she must pass a power FEAT roll versus her untalkative friend's Psyche rank.

This isn't the full extent of her telepathic abilities, however, for Silhouette has received extensive training in the application of her mental powers from various instructors at home. To date, Silhouette is known to have access to these telepathic power stunts, at various levels of mastery (though she's working on making them more effective):

* Biological / Psi Sense: by sweeping an area for the unique mental signature generated by sentient animal beings, Silhouette can detect whether or not any living things are in her immediate area. Working at Remarkable (30) rank, this allows her to spot such beings within a one mile range (Middle distance). This power does not work on life forms that are not animal-based, whether sentient or otherwise.

* Empathy: in addition to speaking mind to mind in a verbal sense, Silhouette can also read and transmit emotional states, doing so at Excellent (20) rank. This tends to be a more limited form of communication than true telepathy, but can sometimes be more efficient than simple mind-reading, for the purposes of determining motives and such.

* Psychic Probe: a more interrogative aspect of her telepathy, this power stunt allows Silhouette to probe a mind for specific images or information. She can do this at Good (10) rank, though the probe will not succeed unless her target fails a Psyche FEAT roll against this power rank first. The probe can seek out any information the target may have, as long as Silhouette knows what to look for.

* Resistance to Mind Control: this defensive power allows Silhouette to resist the effects of mental control powers (but not those that inflict Karmic damage) at Incredible (40) rank. Furthermore, she can extend this protection to other people, though this requires a successful power FEAT roll for each, and anyone she would so aid must be within the same area as Silhouette.

* Telelocation: Silhouette can readily locate people with her telepathic powers. She can find a person within ten miles of her person, doing so at Typical (6) rank. Finding close friends and acquaintances requires a green FEAT, locating vaguely familiar people and/or things takes a yellow FEAT, and persons barely known to Silhouette can't be found without a red FEAT roll.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Silhouette, coming from a veritable realm of darkness, receives a -1 CS to all of her FEAT rolls while exposed to bright light, such as daylight, high-octane halogen light bulbs, or impressive light generation powers. Furthermore, she doesn't actually speak, though she has vocal cords of a sort, being able to hum or laugh. She has the biological equipment necessary for speech, but simply hasn't learned how.


ICB: this sample of advanced equipment, brought with Silhouette from her home plane, allows her to utilize Remarkable (30) ranked Linguistics, as well as an extremely specialized form of matter conversion that can manufacture a costume for her out of either her clothing or ambient air molecules. Finally, it's a powerful radio transceiver, working with a 250 mile range.

Impressive, no?


Otherworldly Beauty and Grace: Silhouette is an extraplanar being, and her unique features have a particularly numbing effect on the human mind, but in a good way. You see, this grants her a +2 CS to all Popularity FEAT rolls required of her, as humans are simply fascinated by her at all times (though especially when she's performing a dance or gymnastic maneuvers).

Double Jointed: Silhouette is naturally double-jointed, a physical state that grants her a +1 CS to escape maneuvers (or wriggling out of ropes, handcuffs, etc...), and dodging maneuvers. Combined with her extensive martial arts training, this makes her exceptionally nimble in a scrap. Of course, this also allows Silhouette to perform all sorts of unique, artistic maneuvers while on stage, as well.


Artist: Silhouette is a professional artist, in addition to her other exploits. If she allocates time towards her artistic endeavors, she can finish a 'good' work in 1d10 weeks, at the end of which time she'll receive a number of Karma points equal to the number of weeks she spent on it times ten. Her areas of expertise include painting, costuming and makeup, sketch work, graphic art, and even holography!

Computers: Silhouette has been trained in the use of all sorts of computers: from everyday functions such as 'web surfing' to programming complex holographic effects for theatrical performances to repairing and programming. She is also familiar with hacking, due to her curiosity. She should receive a +1 CS on all FEAT rolls concerning computer actions of any sort.

Languages / Sign Language: though she can understand English, Silhouette nonetheless can't 'speak', without the use of her telepathy. However, she has learned sign language in order to communicate with people when the use of her telepathic powers would be... detrimental to the situation. She's also skilled in the interpretation of the body language of humans and most animals.

Martial Arts Types A, C, G, and H: highly skilled in the arts of self defense (should she be rendered powerless somehow), Silhouette can Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of comparative Strength or Endurance, gains a +1 CS when performing grappling and escaping maneuvers, a +1 CS when dodging or weaving, and the ability to make one additional melee attack per turn, after one turn of combat.

Performer: a skilled dancer, Silhouette was a famous entertainer where she came from (and is no less entertaining on earth). Since she's mute, her dancing often centers on the mimicking of various mannerisms and body language. In game terms, this allows her to gain 10 Karma points per week of stage performance, since making people happy makes her feel so darn good.

Repair / Tinkering: stemming from her computer work, Silhouette's inherent curiosity has led to her eventually learning how to take apart and repair all sorts of devices, from cars to keyboards. She's also quite good at scrounging for (read: cannibalizing) parts in order to make a device work. Any repair roll made by Silhouette should be made with a +1 CS to the FEAT.

Theatre Tech 2: this is a broad, generalized construction-type talent, demonstrating Silhouette's expertise in stagecraft. She can put together all kinds of basic structures on stage, including primitive electrical work and pyrotechnics, almost with a McGuyver-like ability. Her Reason score in such work should be considered +2 CS (it's her favorite hobby).


Silhouette is able to rely upon friends in the comics and gaming industry for help, as well as numerous fans of her autobiographical comic book and gaming books, novels. Of course, she can also rely upon a team of vigilantes she befriended on one of her many adventures, even if they didn't get ideal portrayals in her comic, in particular the dwarf known as Och.


Silhouette wears a black cloak and stretch fabric outfit, which is adorned with green boots and gloves, along with a green centerpiece (like a one-piece bikini over the black fabric), and a utility belt brimming with all sorts of useful devices (like a Maglite ™ flashlight, etc...). The costume appears to be armored in nature; however, it doesn't actually improve Silhouette's defenses any.

Personality (in the words of Lady Arakne):


Real Name: Drisananisha
Occupation: dancer, comic book writer / artist
Legal Status: Citizen of 'the Shadowrealm', legalized alien (so to speak) in America with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Shadowdancer
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: dark green
Eyes: dark green
Weight: 128 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: looks like a "Hindu elf", has 6 fingers/toes on her hands/feet; reflective eyes



Extra Goodies:

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