the Heroes of Variant Earth 13

The following is a roster of teams and individuals who wander the wilds of Variant Earth 13, generally using their advanced skills and abilities to help others simply for the sake of doing so - or possibly because they don't have anything better to do with themselves. Most of these so-called 'heroes' have little, if any ties to the secret societies and such which litter their world. They include:

the Crazy Hate: this curious group of super-types are a gaggle of loners that seem to have come together after dealing with some sort of extra-dimensional menace to mankind. Though they don't get along with each other very well, it seems that they're bound by a sense of purpose, or even duty, to pool their powers in the service of mankind. Whether that will pan out remains to be seen.

the Variety Show: the Variety Show is a hodge podge of disparate individuals who have a particular problem with the occult. This gets a bit tricky however, when you note that most members of the Variety Show are occult entities! They nonetheless stick together out of solidarity with each other, as their friendships have helped to overcome their individual biases... mostly.

Solo Heroes: solo heroes are those who have no group to adventure with, either because no one will have them or they simply prefer to go it alone. While they often have a number of contacts they may rely upon for information or gear in a pinch, these one man armies fight their battles all by their lonesome, only occasionally enjoying the benefit of a team-up now and then.

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