Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
In 40
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Fe +2

Gd 10
Ty 6
Pr 4
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Rm 30
In 40
Fe +2

Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Am 50
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Sh 0



Becky Abrams, or Crystalline as the world generally knows her, is an inventive genius. She excels at combining extant technologies in new and seemingly incomprehensible ways, which has led to the development of her revolutionary Brisk Brace cooling system... and her vigilante career!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Brisk Brace System: Becky's greatest invention to date, the Brisk Brace system is a pair of incredibly powerful refrigeration units, which their wielder wears on their wrists. Some versions of these devices are somewhat small and nondescript, while others are not.

Using the ionic systems within, the Brisk Brace units attract ambient moisture from the environment, and use their chilling properties to rapidly discharge them as ice, in a variety of previously determined fashions. Becky has programmed the following, icy abilities thus far:

* Aura / Ice: the BBS can construct a suit of armor for Becky, which has a higher than normal material strength of Excellent (20). This thin ice has 'holes' in its protection however, allowing for jointed movement, and thus only provides the following protection:

Ty 6 / Fe 2 / Sh 0 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

However, the true defense in the BBS' icy armor is in its deflective properties. Seemingly blocky and unwieldy, its ice armor serves to bounce incoming attacks away from its occupant at oblique angles, and thus provides him or her 4 CS of deflection against physical and energy attack!

* Friction Control: a highly limited form of this power, Becky can attain the benefits of this ability by spreading a large ice patch beneath her with the BBS. While this requires she root herself to the spot (lest she slip as well), this makes her highly dangerous in melee.

Individuals adjacent to Becky when she uses this function of her BBS must pass an Agility (bal) FEAT roll against Excellent (20) rank, or immediately lose their footing. A like FEAT roll is required upon every attempt to either regain one's footing or otherwise slink away.

* Hard Points: the BBS can produce any number of blunt implements out of its Excellent (20) m.s. ice. Becky typically uses it to produce icy gauntlets with which she can punch her foes, inflicting her Strength (might) +1 CS in Blunt Attack damage with each hit.

However, there's nothing stopping her from producing any other form of blunt weapon. While she likes gauntlets for the hitting, it's sometimes more satisfying to clobber someone with a hammer, or perhaps to smash someone over the head with a chair. It all depends.

* Ice Generation: though most applications of the BBS are personal in nature, it can be used to project ice at Becky's foes. She can fling Excellent (20) ranked ice at her enemies, which will inflict either Blunt or Edged Attack damage, depending on the shape projected.

Alternately, the ice generated by the BBS in this fashion can instead root a foe in place, namely by surrounding them with ice! This ice has an m.s. of Excellent (20), and acts as grappling attack of like intensity, for both the initial attack and subsequent escape attempts.

* Quills: an aversive defensive aura, the BBS can constantly generate long, sharp icicles with which to stab anyone foolish enough to stay adjacent to Becky. These spines will inflict her Strength (might) in Edged Attack damage each turn to those in contact with her.

In a pinch, these icicles can be launched at her foes, though they can only strike anyone within Becky's current area. While this isn't all that far, where ranged weapons are concerned, this can be enough to give, say, an entire gang pause, what with its Edged Throwing damage.

Jumpers: one of the benefits of membership in the Electronicists' League is that you benefit from access to the inventions of your peers. One such peer shared the secret of his anti-gravitational devices when joining the League, and Becky has taken full advantage of this.

Building these devices into all of her footwear, Becky can now make full use of the Super Jumping power - as long as she's wearing boots or shoes, that is. This power functions for her with Unearthly (100) ability, which lets her leap a full area at a time (or at approximately 15 m.p.h.).


Technological Aptitude: part of the reason Becky excels in the creation of new things from old things is that she has a natural 'knack' for technology. As such, she can add a +1 CS to any FEAT roll, save for the Resources check required, when building or fixing anything.


Blunt Weapons: through trial and error (though mostly error), Becky has been taught how to wield all manner of blunt implements as weapons, from baseball bats to her own, icy gauntlets. She may use any such weapon without penalty, at her base Fighting (off) score.

Electronics 2: an eager proponent of technological advancement, Becky has continued to study electronic science even after graduating from college. Her already impressive Reason should be considered +2 CS when repairing, building, or even designing electronic devices.

First Aid: to better help the victims of crime she may happen across, Becky has received proper CPR training. Thus, she can stop a dying individual's Endurance rank loss, gaining one back in the process, or revive someone who has died in the last five turns.

Martial Arts type A: having taken multiple self-defense courses to complement her Brisk Brace system's capabilities, Becky can now inflict Slam or Stun results regardless of her comparative Strength or Endurance scores, as she's a rather advanced Aikido student.

Repair / Tinkering: supplementing her electronics knowledge, Becky has shown a knack for tearing apart existing devices and repurposing them... sometimes inexplicably. She should receive a +1 CS when attempting to modify any existing device to serve another purpose.


Becky is on good terms with the Electronicists' League, what with her being a fully vested member and all. Being one of the more benevolent members of this 'mad scientist society', she's also particularly friendly with its leader, Transistorized Ted, who shares similar motivations.

As a wanted vigilante, Becky has found herself friends with the inexplicable Johnny Wham, who she occasionally teams up with when he requires backup he can trust. Of course, she's also been known to work with the bounty hunter Hacks now and then, despite the price on her head.


While working with the Electronicists' League, either in public or on one of their secret missions, Becky tends to favor professional clothing. This most often includes a blue suit jacket over a white collared shirt, blue trousers, blue leather shoes, and a black leather belt.

When adventuring, or otherwise engaging in vigilante behavior, Becky tends to favor icy blue neoprene outfits, though their exact style will vary. Sometimes she'll accessorize with a blue and white scarf or even seemingly armored boots, but the blue is generally consistent.

Though sometimes she'll substitute a pink or black Spandex ™ shirt with blue jeans now and then, if only to mix things up.


Becky is fascinated by technology and the potential it represents. She wishes to herald in new technological advancements to improve the world for her fellow man (and woman), and sees the League as her means of doing so - since conventional society won't seem to let her.

At the same time, Becky has found that she enjoys using her Brisk Brace system to fight crime. Living in New York City as she works with the League, she has engaged in numerous vigilante actions as the cantankerous Crystalline - much to the chagrin of local police.

She sees all of her efforts as helping, though, despite their occasional illegality. Whether developing the latest and greatest devices to help humanity, or simply bashing up criminals with ice-encrusted fists, Becky is secure in the knowledge that her work is for the greater good.

Real Name: Becky Abrams
Occupation: repair technician, electronic engineer, occasional vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Electronicists' League

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: blue-white (dyed from her natural auburn)
Eyes: hazel
Weight: 133 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Becky Abrams has always been fascinated by technology. Even over the course of her young life, the world had a habit of changing seemingly overnight thanks to one astounding innovation after another. This is why she decided that she wanted to be a part of this great revolution.

Going to college as an electronic engineer, Becky paid special attention in the relevant classes, if not the associated courses her institution of learning forced her to take to make her more 'well rounded'. She gained her Bachelor's degree with distinction, in fact!

However, she just couldn't get a job in a company working with the technology she admired. She never had enough work experience, they'd say. Or her degree wasn't quite what they were looking for, they'd say. Sometimes, they wouldn't even tell her why she wasn't chosen, in fact.

Unhappy with how her hard work was seemingly for naught, Becky resigned herself to work in whatever technological capacity she could while she pursued her dream job. Which of course led her to work as a help desk technician, as well as an occasional refrigerator repair woman.

Staggeringly overqualified for such work, Becky's mind continually railed against her seemingly menial labors. Though each job required about a minute of her actual concentration, the rest of her time was filled with her own, creative engineering processes. She invented in her head!

It was on one rainy day, when she was hip deep in a Taco Bell ™ freezer, that something clicked in Becky's head. A bunch of different technologies lined themselves up for her in her mind, and she had an idea. An idea to build herself an ice generator!

She wasn't exactly sure what she would do with such a contraption, but it became a compulsion for Becky to construct such a thing... if only to prove she could. To prove to everyone else that she was more than worthy of working at the electronics firm of her choice.

Thus, when not working to pay the bills, Becky was working to complete her invention, and in about a year she'd perfected her merger of microscopic machinery, refrigeration technology and ionic generators. In short, she'd built a man-portable ice machine!

But what to do with it, she wondered. Since it was winter at the time, Becky was able to test out a variety of different applications for her new contraption. She learned how to use it not only to project ice, but to do so in a specific fashion, to create ice sculptures!

This got her thinking. A device to generate icy weaponry could offer an almost instant form of self-defense. Same with a suit of protective armor, built from ambient moisture and shaped to the precise contours of its wearer! Ecstatic, Becky then got to work on the software side of things.

Enter: the Brisk Brace system!

Using two wrist-mounted units, Becky found she could readily construct icy objects at her whim, of a nature limited only by what she programmed into the ice generating devices. She could make armor, or melee weapons, or even encase something (or someone!) in a solid block of ice!

While roaming around in the dead of night, Becky was testing out her Brisk Brace system on nothing in particular, when suddenly she heard screams issuing forth from a nearby wood. Investigating, she discovered a man being beaten to death by armed hooligans!

Though fearful at first, Becky confronted the violent thugs, who at first were confused by the strange, seeming ice woman before them. Of course, they quickly got over this and decided that she needed to be 'taught a lesson' too. This was their first - and last - mistake.

Fueled by fear and adrenaline, Becky quickly took apart her would-be assailants, freezing some in place while bashing and slashing the others with her icy implements of pain. Leaving them for dead, Becky then carried their victim to a nearby hospital - thus saving his life.

Though nobody believed the stories of either the man she saved nor the thugs she trounced, the legend of Becky's deeds grew in her small Wisconsin town, such that before she knew it, a plethora of paranormal investigators had descended upon the place in an effort to find her.

Not wanting to have her deeds made public, lest she find herself sued into bankruptcy by the deplorable state of the current court system, Becky was going to simply store her Brisk Brace system for the time being. But that was before she met the one and only Transistorized Ted!

Grocery shopping after work one day, Becky was approached by a strange man, one with really tall hair. He was wearing thread-bare clothing, though it had all manner of electronic and mechanical implements woven throughout his rather minimal outfit. And he wanted to talk to her!

Though she wrote him off as a loon at first, Becky began to listen to this guy, who identified himself as Transistorized Ted (legal name, mind you). He'd been watching her progress in her engineering career, or lack therein, and had caught wind of what she had wrought in her basement.

Impressed by her ingenuity, he wanted to offer her a position in a 'club' of his, a group he called the Electronicists' League. The League! Becky had heard all about them, a group of alleged 'mad scientists' who were supposedly trying to bring about the so-called 'technological singularity'.

Wanting dearly to be involved in their strange work these men of the electron were performing, Becky agreed to join up with the League on the spot - even if it meant sharing the Brisk Brace system's secrets with them. Not that she minded, really.

After all, she had already designed a better version of it in her head...!

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