the Mercenaries of Variant Earth 13

Mercenaries of note here are those who wield their ascendant properties primarily to make money - profit is their motivator. These individuals do not have the wherewithal to form a larger corporation towards this end, either due to a lack of resources or trust in their fellow man. Sometimes they band together however, forming small parties of like minded individuals. Known mercenaries include:

The Triumvirate of Tribulation: this three-piece set of bounty hunters is based on Planet T, home of the Ubiquidyne Corporation, and tend to work multiverse-wide as freak hunters. Their leader, Pincer Penny, prefers mutant targets while the Devil-blasted Man likes those of a diabolical bent. The Infernal Machine will take either as long as he's paid in milk...

Solo Mercenaries: this category of mercenary represents the highly motivated individual. These men and women are in business solely for themselves, most often because their abilities allow them to avoid relying upon others to make a buck. Mercenaries of this variety can be ascendant humans who simply use their powers for personal gain or to crack heads - whichever they like most.

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