the Seven Dimensional Man

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The Seven Dimensional Man is actually Horace Bison, who was an otherwise normal human who greatly expanded his mind and body with psionic schooling. He has since gained an additional, natural psionic at a life or death moment - one outside of his standard power structure!

Known Powers:

Trained Psionics (Psimotive Powers, Traditional Master):

Teleportation (a): the core psimotive art, this power allows Horace to move from one point to another without physically crossing the intervening space. He can do this at rank value 75, giving him a 10,000 mile range (instant global range, for all intents and purposes).

Offensive Portals (t): his first real attack power, Horace can use this talent to open a tiny portal between here and elsewhere, which can then vent matter or energy into his current location (and usually with explosive force, for he has raised this power to rank value 50).

Locational Memory (s): this rank value 20 skill allows Horace to remember every location he's ever been to. Red ACTs recall locations in the same universe, blue ACTs recall locales in a different time or space, and yellow ACTs recall places in differing spaces and times.

Time Travel (a): greatly expanding his trouble-making range, this psimotive art allows Horace to cross into other time periods, doing so with rank value 30 ability. This rank allows him to move 27,000 years forwards or backwards in time - he's that good!

Mind Walk (t): Horace can use this talent to shift his body into the Mindscape, a strange reality generated solely by sentient minds. Horace can directly enter this entirely imaginary (and exceedingly dangerous) plane with rank value 30 ability.

Telelocation (s): Horace may use this rank value 40 skill to locate any person or object he wishes. Intimately familiar items or persons can be found with a red ACT, somewhat familiar targets are located with blue ACTs, and vaguely familiar subjects are found with yellow ACTs.

Dimensional Transit (a): wielding this powerful art, Horace can shift his body in either the fifth or sixth dimension. The difficulty of crossing the planes with this rank value 20 art is dependent on Horace's familiarity with the dimension in question.

Defensive Portals (t): these handy holes in space can be generated in a flash, and have the ability to pass energy into a realm of pure power. They work with rank value 40 ability, but only function in a directional sense; Horace must put them between himself and an incoming attack.

Teleport Trigger (s): helping him to escape injury, Horace can use this power to reflexively trigger his teleportation should some pre-determined condition occur (like running out of Health, etc...). This skill must be maintained in order to be effective in the case of an emergency.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Sword: no matter where or when you are, you can always rely on cold steel. Made from fantastic materials in a far-flung future, this blade is of m.v. 200, can be used to cut through materials of up to like m.v., and inflicts Horace's Brawn +1 RS in Slashing damage.


Attitude 3: if anything else, Horace is unbearably arrogant. He puts everyone beneath him on his personal totem pole, and has a hard time treating anyone - or anything - with respect. In order to do so, Horace must first pass a Willpower ACT roll at -6 RS.


Martial Arts styles B and E: handy with his fists as well as with a blade, Horace knows several weaponless fighting styles. He can attempt to make unarmed melee attacks at his Melee +1 RS, and when doing so Horace should receive a +1 initiative modifier - not bad, eh?

Skill / Swords: an unlikely weapon to master in the modern day and age, Horace was thinking of past eras when he trained up in his swordplay. He can attack with a sword or sword-like weapon as though his Melee was +1 RS higher than is listed above, and looks swank when doing so.

Trance: this talent allows Horace to play dead by entering a deep trance that slows his heart and respiratory rate to a near-stop; this also helps him find deep inner truths when conventional means fail. Folks seeing Horace in a trance must pass an Awareness ACT to tell if he is alive or not.


Horace was a long-lived member of the Mindwatch organization who was, until very recently, in good standing. He has a long list of Mindwatch operatives who owe him their lives, and they would gladly help him out should he only ask - which is what got him in trouble in the first place...!

Though no longer a member of Mindwatch, Horace has additional contacts in the criminal world - he worked as a 'troubleshooter' of sorts when not performing tasks for Mindwatch. Any number of such contacts may aid Horace in his hour of need.


Seven wears a flamboyant costume. It consists of a silver stretch fabric body suit with black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, a black fedora, his holographic Mindwatch belt buckle, and of course, his rippling black cape, which he usually poses in for dramatic effect.

Though with his expulsion from the group, he's since switched out to a generic brass belt buckle.


Horace is a snide, arrogant cuss. He's always on the lookout for number one, and has no problem sacrificing others for his benefit. At the same time, he has shown a curious dedication to the Mindwatch organization in the past, made all the worse for his expulsion from its ranks...!

Real Name: Horace Bison
Occupation: adventurer, former professional vigilante, former troubleshooter
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record in several nations, dimensions, and time periods (but not the modern-day U.S.A.)
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: former member of Mindwatch (thrown out)

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: none, formerly black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 250 lbs, formerly 220 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


The Seven Dimensional Man started out as a mere psimotive student accepted into Mindwatch's ranks after his master, a Mindwatch operative himself, was killed on some mission against strange, extraplanar brain-sucking monsters. This was both a good and a bad thing.

The good part was that Horace had already learned a lot of the basics, years of material Mindwatch wouldn't have to bother with. The bad part was that Horace had grown exceedingly arrogant as he progressed in his training, a trait that has marked him as being 'difficult' to this very day.

Nonetheless, Horace worked hard as a Mindwatch student, and later as one of their field operatives. He has participated in and even led all manner of dangerous missions for the organization, and has earned quite a lot of respect from his fellow psychic vigilantes as a result.

The respect of his peers and the rewards of a job well done weren't enough for Horace, though. He felt that he deserved more due to his prowess, and as a result he began to rent his services out to the highest bidder, doing all manner of 'troubleshooting' work for unsavory folks.

Most of this work was simple, but one particular job tripped Horace up. He was paid a fortune to dispose of some meddler that were interfering with organized criminals in Atlanta, Georgia - the only problem being that she was a Mindwatch operative: Mindgame!

Not knowing this until he'd banished her in the stone age, Horace thought the matter done... until she found their way back - and called him out! Since his actions revealed Mindgame's secret identity, the leadership of Mindwatch pitched Horace out of the group for his treason.

However inadvertent it may have been. Thus, Horace finds himself all alone in the world now, his former allies hating him for his transgressions - and his criminal contacts thinking him inept for having failed to dispose of people he'd been specifically paid to terminate.

How he'll recover from this - if he ever will - remains to be seen...!

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