the Villains of Variant Earth 13

The following is a roster of teams and individuals within Variant Earth 13 that most often use their incredible powers and capabilities for their own benefit. They don't want to help others and they won't bother unless they're specifically motivated to do so. Of course, since it's not their natural inclination, such heinous criminals don't even qualify as mercenaries. The villains of Variant Earth 13 include:

Kill All Humans: a loose association of villains who have a serious bone to pick with mankind in general, as opposed to specific individuals, Kill All Humans has one goal - guess which one! While they're not really a team, much less a secret society, the non-humans comprising this group's roster nonetheless help each other out when they can - it's in their best interests to, after all!

the Mutant Legion: founded by Fascisma, co-leader of the Biplicity, the Mutant Legion was designed as an extension of her belief that mutants will ultimately dominate the earth - and that she should dominate all the mutants. Of course, a variety of her own servants bought into her propaganda so thorougly that they developed their very own desire to rule the world...!

the Society of Explicated Brethren: mages of various levels of mystic skill, these crackpots embrace sorcery and nothing else - and believe that the world should do the same. Of course, the Society doesn't tell you that they also want to be in charge of just what magic people can learn under their utopian plan, though it's an amount much less than they themselves'd have access to.

Solo Villains: solo villains are those who have no group to commit crimes with, either because no one will have them or they simply prefer to go it alone. While they often have a number of contacts they may rely upon for information or gear in a pinch, these one man cataclysms fight their battles all by their lonesome, only occasionally enjoying the benefit of a team-up now and then.

Adventure Path Villains:

Additionally, here are the collected villains that have (or will) star in one or more of the Variant Earth 13 adventure paths. Most of their back stories are highly dependent on the 'projected' path of one or more adventures, so it's important to note that reading about these men, women and things just might spoil the plot for you. Which might be a consideration if you're a player waiting to experience them!

the Boogie Brigade: there have been two separate incarnations of the Boogie Brigade, but both have been dead-set on eliminating Gerald R. Ford, the former President of the United States. Bearing a grudge against this fellow, the high tech genius known as Disco Head has vowed to take Ford down, and continues to assemble teams of villains to accomplish just that.

the Tenacious Ten: this group was originally a gaggle of, you guessed it, ten villains collected by the diabolical dragon villainess Elys to do her bidding. Though defeated, Elys' handiwork is occasionally revived by others who have need of such an assemblage of evil, and thus the Tenacious Ten is often seen doing the bidding of any number of villainous masterminds.

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