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Pr 4
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Gd 10
Pr 4
Ty 6
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Fe 2
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The thuggish paranormal known only as Spotty is something of an altered human, one who was forever changed after the so-called White Event, that blast of unknown, paradoxical energies that swept across the earth way back in '86.

Known Powers:

Illusion Projection: Spotty's principal, Incredible (40) power seems to be his ability to project an image of himself, one that he can alter as he sees fit. For example, he can make it grow rather large in aspect, as compared to others.

Furthermore, he can bend the perceptions of others to convince them that this illusory duplicate is, in fact, some other object.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Unattractive 2: though his appearance before the White Event is indeterminate, Spotty is now rather ugly, no matter how you look at him. As such, he receives a -4 CS penalty to his Popularity score, for the purposes of NPC reactions.


Martial Arts type B: an accomplished thug, from the look of things, Spotty most likely has this talent as a general matter of course. As such, he can bring his big ham-hands (or any other bodily extension) to bear in battle as though his Fighting score was +1 CS in rank.


Having only appeared once in comic-dom, the extent of Spotty's contacts - criminal or otherwise - is unknown. However, he does seem to have a good working relationship with his partner / crony, Pinhead, and this thug is likely a reliable contact as far as Spotty is concerned.


Not a professional 'villain', per se, Spotty doesn't have the proverbial criminal's 'union suit'. While perpetrating some crime or another, he simply wears his usual, ragged clothes into conflict. In his one appearance, this outfit included a white, long sleeved shirt, and a brown pair of pants.


From what can be seen of the man, Spotty is a tried and true thug. After his transformation rendered him rather... inhuman in appearance, Spotty decided to use his new abilities to his advantage, and doesn't mind hurting folks to get a meal or whatever else it is that he wants.

Real Name: unknown
Occupation: criminal thug
Legal Status: American citizen with a likely extensive criminal record
Marital Status: single (?)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: partner of Pinhead

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: purple
Eyes: solid black
Weight: 320 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Spotty has a monstrous appearance. He's a tall, stocky man of pea green hue, who has a rather lumpy look to him. He's also got upward sloping brows, rather prominent warts and lumps ('spots'), and a thick, purple Mohawk.


Not all that much has been revealed about the origin of the brutish criminal known as Spotty to his friends, foes, and victims. However, it does appear that he was a law-breaker long before the White Event transformed him, and he apparently knew his current partner in mayhem, Pinhead, during this time. However, in '86, Spotty's life was forever changed, for the White Event gave him powers!

Though he gained control over the perceptions of others, Spotty was nonetheless hideously mutated by the energies that empowered him, making him look rather grotesque in appearance. Rejected by humanity, both he and Pinhead made for New York, as the duo no longer felt any loyalty to their fellow man, and decided to use their powers for themselves and themselves alone.

Arriving in the town sometime after the Pitt incident, Spotty and his fellow thug descended into a spree of robbery, assault, and general thuggery, a minor crime wave that went unchallenged until the duo were confronted by several local 'heroes' known as Mastodon, Glitter, and Chrome. These three decided that Spotty and Pinhead's current activities must stop, and the duo didn't like this.

Though Glitter made short work of Pinhead, Spotty convinced the three heroes of DP 7 that they were fighting him when, in fact, they were using their enhanced strength to total a brownstone nearby. They continued their assault until the arrival of Jacob Burnsley in town, a bearer of the Star Brand who easily saw through Spotty's illusions and shut him down - hard.

It is assumed that both Spotty and his partner Pinhead were taken to jail for their crimes, but this was never actually shown. However, even if they were incarcerated, it is likely that these two paranormal thugs will eventually return to their adopted city to continue living life to the fullest, mostly by taking what they like from the decaying city and citizenry of New York.

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