The Star Brand

"There is a weapon in the universe more powerful than all others. No more coveted, feared, loved, or hated thing exists. Only a fool, or a madman - or the right man - would dare possess... the Star Brand!" These are the first (and incidentally, the last) words uttered in the comic book known as the Star Brand. And the author of these words wasn't kidding, as this device could destroy worlds.

Essentially, the Star Brand is a zero-point energy collector, drawing power from the fabric of space-time itself. It is unlimited in potential, though the upper limits of the star-like tattoo of power are determined by the imagination of its wielder. The device was created under rather mysterious circumstances, and similarly was given to its first host, one Ken Connell, in a very bizarre manner: by himself.

However, Connell ultimately couldn't use the Star Brand's infinite potential properly, and as such, he managed to forever change the face of his world, mostly by inadvertently causing both the White Event and the creation of the Pitt (in the so-called Black Event). Since then, the Star Brand has passed on to various others, all of which (including several other important people) are described here:

the Star of our Show:

the Star Brand: the Star Brand is an artifact of infinite power, one which requires a sentient being to contain and command its energies. Taking the form of a star-shaped tattoo, the Star Brand can be moved about one's body, or transferred to another, at will. Availability:

the Star Brand (MSH Classic)

the Star Brand (4C System)

the Star Brand (Marvel Saga)

the Many Faces of Ken Connell:

Ken Connell - the Star Brand: while riding his dirt bike outside of Pittsburgh, Ken Connell was given a weapon of infinite potential by an old man: the Star Brand! Ken tried using this item as a super hero, and almost destroyed the world as a result! Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Brand (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Old Man: journeying into the past in an effort to atone for his many sins, Ken Connell's mind was immediately programmed upon him by the Star Child, and he was lost in a delusional state of being that persisted the rest of his life. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Old Man (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Old Man (Marvel Saga)

Ken Connell - the Star Child: the son of Ken Connell and his Deb 'the duck' Felix, the Star Child was born with full command of the Star Brand. Lacking any knowledge, however, he set out to learn about both the Brand and his place in the universe. Availability:

Ken Connell - the Star Child (MSH Classic)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (4C System)

Ken Connell - the Star Child (Marvel Saga)

Other New Universe Wielders of the Star Brand:

Jacob Burnsley: Jacob is a retired Army quartermaster who, after an encounter with the Star Child, walked away with a portion of the Star Brand! Implored to use his new power wisely, Jacob has performed various good deeds with the mighty Star Brand. Availability:

Jacob Burnsley (MSH Classic)

Jacob Burnsley (4C System)

Jacob Burnsley (Marvel Saga)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan: while investigating a bizarre energy discharge over the Pitt, Air Force pilot Jim Hanrahan was blasted out of the air during a duel between the Old Man and Jacob Burnsley. When Jacob healed Jim, a portion of the Star Brand passed to him. Availability:

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (MSH Classic)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (4C System)

Lt. Jim Hanrahan (Marvel Saga)

Roger Price: husband of Debbie Felix's friend Jane, Roger got involved with the Star Brand during the Star Child's birth. After being killed by the that entity, Roger was brought back to life better than before - wielding a portion of the Star Brand itself! Availability:

Roger Price (MSH Classic)

Roger Price (4C System)

Roger Price (Marvel Saga)

Other Marvel Universe Wielders of the Star Brand:

Kayla Ballantine: when her boyfriend Quasar returned from a cross-time adventure, he inadvertently passed the Star Brand to Kayla. Though she didn't realize it at first, various villains were able to perceive the thing, and schemed to take it from her. Availability:

Kayla Ballantine (MSH Classic)

Kayla Ballantine (4C System)

Kayla Ballantine (Marvel Saga)

Ereshkigal: this third generation Deviant sorceress believed the 'cosmic powers' were stifling the development of the multiverse, and thus became an agent of Chaos to unseat them. She found the perfect tool to this end in the form of the Star Brand! Availability:

Ereshkigal (MSH Classic)

Ereshkigal (4C System)

Ereshkigal (Marvel Saga)

Quasar: appointed the Protector of the Universe by the mighty Eon, Wendell Elvis Vaughn uses the mighty Quantum bands to perform his duties. His time as the champion of our cosmos has seen Wendell suffer greatly, but ultimatly come out on top in the end. Availability:

Quasar (MSH Classic)

Quasar (4C System)

Quasar (Marvel Saga)

Additional Folks of Note:

Arden: Arden works as a Lateral Shifter. It's her job to cross from one variant timeline to another, to research how certain phenomena manifest in different universes, all to better predict how they will affect her own - for good or ill! Availability:

Arden (MSH Classic)

Arden (4C System)

Arden (Marvel Saga)

Gladiator: Randy Kellog was blessed with amazing power by the White Event, his body changed to forever increase its density over time. He attempted to use his power to help the world, but his scheme almost caused a third World War years before it was due. Availability:

Gladiator (MSH Classic)

Gladiator (4C System)

Gladiator (Marvel Saga)

Hysteria: this crazy old woman was given the ability to cause irrational fear by the White Event. Using it to escape the asylum, she began to roam free with two other paranormals, and proved powerful enough to stand up to the Star Brand himself. Availability:

Hysteria (MSH Classic)

Hysteria (4C System)

Hysteria (Marvel Saga)

Pinhead: a minor hood before the White Event, the man known only as Pinhead became a much greater menace once that astronomical phenomenon granted him a comically twisted appearance, and deadly physical weaponry atop his cone head. Availability:

Pinhead (MSH Classic)

Pinhead (4C System)

Pinhead (Marvel Saga)

Mr. Lovejoy: after encountering two insane paranormals, Mr. Lovejoy was swept up in their mania. Blessed by the White Event himself, Mr. Lovejoy had incredible strength - a power twisted to the end of the deranged psychics who held him in their thrall. Availability:

Mr. Lovejoy (MSH Classic)

Mr. Lovejoy (4C System)

Mr. Lovejoy (Marvel Saga)

Spotty: a would-be villain, the thug known as Spotty was a two bit hood before the White Event, and got even worse once he gained a horrific appearance and subtle illusion generating powers. He tends to perpetrate various crimes with his pal, Pinhead. Availability:

Spotty (MSH Classic)

Spotty (4C System)

Spotty (Marvel Saga)

Tantrum: Dean is an unbalanced fellow who, using the powers he'd recently gained thanks to the White Event, gleefully manipulates others' emotions to serve his own, mercurial purposes. Only Hysteria seems to hold his manic urges in check. Availability:

Tantrum (MSH Classic)

Tantrum (4C System)

Tantrum (Marvel Saga)

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the Star Brand created by Jim Shooter and Archie Goodwin!

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