The Golden Age was littered with a large number of men and women who not only lacked super-human powers, but also refused to wear some silly, skin-tight Spandex ™ costume while engaged in the fine art of exploration, crime-fighting, and/or adventure.

Almost all are good with their fists, charming and distinctly rugged, and possess a can-do attitude that lets them achieve above and beyond the call of duty. This batch of direct-action adventurers include the following men and women:

Dave Dean: master seaman and diver, Dave Dean is known in some circles as the Deep Sea Demon. He specializes in pillaging the booty of sunken ships to finance his life of high seas adventure - despite a rogue or two trying to keep him down. Availability:

Dave Dean (MSH Classic)

Dave Dean (4C System)

Dave Dean (Marvel Saga)

Fighting Hobo: called to action after witnessing a dognapping in progress, Butch Brogan did his best to right this ridiculous deed. Brandishing his two fists and badly misquoted book of Shakespeare's works, he saved the day as the Fighting Hobo! Availability:

Fighting Hobo (MSH Classic)

Fighting Hobo (4C System)

Fighting Hobo (Marvel Saga)

Zephyr Jones: when his father died before acheiving his dream of flying to Mars, Zephyr Jones stepped up to the plate. Completing his father's space ship, he leapt into adventure - visiting several strange worlds (though not Mars)! Availability:

Zephyr Jones (MSH Classic)

Zephyr Jones (4C System)

Zephyr Jones (Marvel Saga)

Mister Million: though his secret identity is unknown to the world at large, Mister Million nonetheless maintains a public presence in a downtown office building - from where he works to change the world with his direct action philanthropy! Availability:

Mister Million (MSH Classic)

Mister Million (4C System)

Mister Million (Marvel Saga)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen: the captain of a merchant vessel of ill repute and poor repair, Barnabus Mullen, known to friends and enemies alike as just Barney, would take on any cargo, no matter how insanely dangerous having it on board could be! Availability:

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (MSH Classic)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (4C System)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (Marvel Saga)

Queen Nara: when her spacefaring parents were slain by Dragon-men on the planet Ligra, young Nara Gale was raised on that world by its more benevolent Lion-people. As it turned out, they liked her so much that they decided to make her their queen! Availability:

Queen Nara (MSH Classic)

Queen Nara (4C System)

Queen Nara (Marvel Saga)

Agent Dale Sturm, FBI: a Quantico, Virginia FBI academy graduate, Dale Sturm quickly ascended to a top position in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Possessing incredible physical and mental skill, he made short work of the nation's criminals. Availability:

Dale Sturm, FBI (MSH Classic)

Dale Sturm, FBI (4C System)

Dale Sturm, FBI (Marvel Saga)

Zara of the Jungle: Zara was raised in the jungle by a family tired of 'civilized' society - until their untimely death during her childhood, that is. Now an adult, she protects incompetent outsiders and combats would-be exploiters of her home. Availability:

Zara of the Jungle (MSH Classic)

Zara of the Jungle (4C System)

Zara of the Jungle (Marvel Saga)

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