Doctor Death (deceased?)

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A highly knowledgeable doctor, James Bradley was tapped to help build the original Human Torch - and his brother, Volton. An inventive genius decades ahead of his time, he adventured as Doctor Nemesis, and later Doctor Death, wielding drug-dispensing weaponry of his own design!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Dart Guns: his trademark weaponry, James always carries two of these powerful pneumatic weapons, which fire miniature syringes loaded with a variety of payloads of James' concoction. The darts themselves only inflict rank value 2 AP Slashing damage, but can dispense the following:

* Knock-out Serum: this astoundingly potent 'super sedative' is strong enough to take down even Captain America! Exposure to James' knock-out serum prompts a Fortitude ACT roll against its rank value of 50, the failure of which will put his foe to sleep for 1d100 turns.

* Truth Serum: his original claim to fame, James' 'truth serum' could force its victim to answer any questions truthfully, within seconds of it entering their system. That is, unless they can pass a Fortitude ACT roll against its potent rank value of 50.




Electronics: having studied the manipulation of the electron as applicable technology developed, James is an expert electronicist. He may design, build and repair electronic devices as if his Intellect trait was +1 RS higher than the above would indicate.

Guns: self-taught, as he is in many areas of expertise, James is competent in the use of a wide variety of firearms. While he specializes in the dart guns of his own design, James can wield most firearms as if his Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Manipulation: the skill describes James' intense persuasive abilities. He knows how to push people's buttons, using both hypnotic and neuro-linguistic techniques to make them to do what he wants - not even revealing his manipulations while doing so!

Medicine 3: his primary claim to fame, James is a doctor of renown. This talent, in addition to helping him concoct his truth serums and knockout drugs, allows him to perform life-saving surgery when necessary, as well as helping characters recover from long-term damage.


Though he left in a huff, James was Phineas T. Horton's partner for years, and could theoretically rely upon him for help. Besides the Battle-Axis though, it's most likely that the only person this treasonous American could still count as a contact is his fiance, nurse Mary Strong.


In his original guise as Doctor Nemesis, James wore a sort of 'two-fisted doctor' outfit. This included navy blue trousers, a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, a red tie, a navy blue suit jacket, a stylish brown fedora, and a white surgical mask to hide his identity.

After he went bad, James transformed into the evil Doctor Death, and altered his 'look' slightly. As a villain, he wore a white pair of pants, a white collared, long-sleeved shirt, a white tie, a white trench coat, a white fedora (with a black band), and a white surgical mask.


James, while he originally meant well, is a man who ultimately became bitter that he didn't receive the public recognition that his partner, Phineas T. Horton was drowning in after publicizing the Human Torch's creation. This drove him over the edge into bitter, bitter villainy.

Real Name: James Nicola Bradley, M.D.
Occupation: criminal mastermind, former adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States, legally deceased
Marital Status: possibly married (was engaged at one point)
Alias(es), if any: Doctor Nemesis
Group Affiliation: the Battle Axis

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: dark blond
Eyes: blue
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Little is known about the origins of James Bradley, save for the fact that he was a brilliant young man that everyone agreed was Going Places. Working his way through a higher education, James ultimately earned himself a medical degree, to procure work as a doctor.

That's where all the money was at, after all. Eventually getting a job at Mercy Hospital, James quickly grew tired of seeing the results of crime filling his emergency room, and made a fateful decision one day to take it on directly... as Doctor Nemesis!

Building special dart guns to inflict his very own truth serum upon criminal scum, James unraveled numerous mysteries around his hospital. His medical knowledge was what got him noticed however, for when Phineas T. Horton needed help building an android, he called James.

And James, finding the enterprise worthy of his time, gladly helped Horton out. Of course, the androids they were developing had... issues with various energy discharges, and James wished to iron those out before going public with their work. But Horton? He was having none of that.

Leaving in a huff, James watched Horton's life burn down around him as his Human Torch ran amok. Taking one of the two androids they built with him, James activated the artificial, electricity-emitting man and convinced him that he was an ordinary man - scientist Guy Newton!

As his android began his own heroic career as Volton, James resumed fighting crime as Doctor Nemesis - at least, until Horton began to receive acclaim for his work with the Torch. Incensed, since a considerable amount of that was his own, James had something of a moral lapse.

When he was contacted by Nazi agents intent on forcing America out of World War II, James was despondent enough about his current situation to lend them a hand. His plot: to break California off the West Coast, using a powerful earthquake machine known as the Oscillotron!

Assembling a group of minions by hook and by crook, James began calling himself Doctor Death, and had his so-called Battle-Axis seize all the scientists and muscle his plan would require. The only problem was that their work piqued the curiosity of the Invaders.

While his team was tough, consisting of other heroes like himself unhappy with America's status quo for various reasons, James' Battle-Axis was no match for the world's premiere super hero team. As you can guess, his plan came crumbling down around his ears in no time flat!

Left for dead when his own android, Volton, betrayed him, James remained at the base of the Oscillotron when it overloaded. Presumed dead, the Invaders didn't bother looking for a body - which was odd, as often as their foes miraculously avoid certain doom.

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