the Battle-Axis

Founded by Doctor Death, the Battle-Axis essentially consists of a gang of American (save for the Sky Shark, of course) adventurers who, for their own reasons, have joined up with the Nazi regime - against their own country!

Apparently not seeing the sheer folly of this, what with the laundry list of super-types that would disagree with this notion, the following folks are known to have signed on - either willingly or otherwise - with Doctor Death and his so-called Battle-Axis:

Willing Members:

Doctor Death: despondent after being bilked out of the kudos for co-creating the Human Torch, James Bradley adventured for a time as Doctor Nemesis. When this didn't satisfy, he then turned to super villainy, hatching a plot to destroy America itself! Availability:

Doctor Death (MSH Classic)

Doctor Death (4C System)

Doctor Death (Marvel Saga)

the Human Meteor: an Irish cowpoke, pilot, stuntman, and French Foreign Legionnaire, Duke O'Dowd led a full life even before his plane crashed in the lost city of Bayakura. There, he gained the wondrous equipment required to become... the Human Meteor! Availability:

Human Meteor (MSH Classic)

Human Meteor (4C System)

Human Meteor (Marvel Saga)

Spider Queen: when her husband was killed by Russian agents seeking his revolutionary, web-fluid weaponry, Sharon Kane used them to fight back. When America then supported the Soviets in the War, she became easy pickings for Doctor Death's manipulations. Availability:

Spider Queen (MSH Classic)

Spider Queen (4C System)

Spider Queen (Marvel Saga)

Strongman: Percy van Norton worked hard to acquire vast sums of wealth, to turn the tables on his his bullying tormentors. When his money gained him a shot at a miracle drug cocktail, Percy took it, becoming incredibly strong - and dim! Availability:

Strongman (MSH Classic)

Strongman (4C System)

Strongman (Marvel Saga)

Volton: created by Phineas T. Horton and James Bradley, Volton was 'stolen' by the latter when the two scientists parted ways. Though Volton fought crime at first, he was ultimately twisted to support Bradley's fascist agenda. Availability:

Volton (MSH Classic)

Volton (4C System)

Volton (Marvel Saga)

Unwilling Members:

the Vision: an emerald-skinned warrior from beyond, Aarkus hails from a plane of smoke and vapor. Summoned to earth several times with experimental dimension-smashing technology, he remains as long as there is evil to crush. Availability:

Vision (MSH Classic)

Vision (4C System)

Vision (Marvel Saga)

(More spiffy sexy text, basically a quick recounting of the severe beating these jokers were on the receiving end of - at least, after I cover the other two folks on this team, such as the Golem and the Sky Shark.)

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