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Hand Size:
4 (25)


Aarkus, the Destroyer of Evil, claims to be a human who was forever changed after his arrival in the Dimension of Smoke. Whether or not this is the case, Aarkus has a laundry list of inexplicable supernatural powers with which to fight the forces of evil!


Agelessness (s): whether he acquired this power thanks to a long journey of self-discovery or use of the Pillow of Life and Death, this power has seemingly ended the aging process within Aarkus, rending him effectively ageless!

Body Armor (s): it is a proven fact that Aarkus' new body is highly durable. Impervious to small arms fire and most conventional forms of impact, he can be considered to possess intensity 8 (+2) protection from attack, making him exceedingly difficult to harm.

Cold Generation (a): wielding this power at intensity 15, Aarkus can use it to absorb the heat from a body, binding them in ice of similar material strength. It is bound by the Touch Only limitation, but it is nonetheless enough to cause most everybody to stop in their tracks!

Dimensional Transit (i): if smoke is present in two locations, Aarkus can use it to open up an interdimensional portal between them. He may do this with intenstiy 8 ability, which allows him to enforce the law throughout the multiverse!

Flight (a): another of Aarkus' powers is the ability to move freely, in three dimensions, within a space filled with gaseous matter, at intensity 4 (about 120 miles per hour). This power is useless in a vacuum, however, as is his dimensional transit ability.

Illusion Projection (w): though limited in scope, Aarkus has the ability to alter the perceptions of others. Namely, this ability allows him to 'blend in' to a world, masking himself as one of its natives if he so chooses, at intensity 10.

Invulnerability to Poison Attacks (s): Aarkus has demonstrated on at least one occasion an extremely high resistance to toxins, by wading right into a cloud of poison gas deadly enough to kill most everybody on the western seaboard. He is completely immune to poison

Mesmerism (w): another potent mental power Aarkus possesses is his ability to temporarily seize control of the minds of lesser beings. He can perform this trick at intensity 10, and can direct a person's actions for an aura duration per application of this power.

Teleportation (i): similar to his ability to cross the planes, Aarkus may teleport to any location where smoke or fire is present. He can do this with astounding range, being capable of reaching even Jupiter in a single leap! Consider this intensity 27 teleportation (1 billion miles).

Vapor Animation (i): Aarkus has the ability to handle vaporous matter as though it were solid; this may be an ability common to all peoples of the Dimension of Smoke. He may use this ability with intensity 15 skill, giving him considerable control of the environment around himself.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Aerial Combat (a): a natural denizen of the skies, Aarkus has the ability to engage in aerial assaults with ease, doing so at a reduced difficulty. Furthermore, he can substitute his Agility for Intellect for the purposes of determining initiative when desired.

Law Enforcement (w): having become an enforcer of the Law in the Dimension of Smoke, Aarkus can easily be considered a master of such - he tends to fight crime in not only one dimension, but two! While not legally recognized on earth, his sheer power here is undeniable!

Lore (i): being of an extraplanar nature, Aarkus has this skill as a matter of course. This allows him exceptional knowledge of all things arcane, including certain bits of knowledge about mages, magical societies, ancient artifacts of power, and all sorts of forgotten lore.


Aarkus can claim his mysterious people as a contact, should he be in a position to ask them for help. Furthermore, he can possibly rely on the Invaders for aid, as he saved them from poison gas, even if he'd roughed them up a little bit beforehand.


Outcast: hailing from a universe well outside our own, Aarkus is an outsider, and is something of a freak to ordinary human folks. However, he can disguise himself as a normal human, so this effect isn't so bad unless he's using his powers.


Aarkus wears a green suit made from stretch fabric, with blue boots, blue gloves and a large, golden belt. The Destroyer of Evil also wears a cape that is yellow on the outside, and red on the inside, that has an exceptionally large red collar.


Aarkus loves his adopted home - so much so, in fact, that he will expose himself to the risks of interdimensional travel to fight the evils that may threaten it... either now or in the future. He's not a soul-less killer, but doesn't mind meting out Justice to those who deserve it.

Real Name: Aarkus (last or other names unknown or unrevealed)
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the Dimension of Smoke, former citizen of Shangri-La
Marital Status: unknown, possibly inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Destroyer of Evil
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: none
Eyes: white
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Aarkus is possessed of emerald-hued flesh, and his bald head is slightly larger than a regular human's.


The being who would become known as the Destroyer of Evil supposedly founded the hidden city of Shangri-La. Their high lama, he discovered the secret of immortality itself - or at least very long life - and eventually left our world for the Dimension of Smoke.

There, he became an enforcer of the Law, and was... changed. Whether this occurred due to outside influence as part of his job description or simply due to the effects the Dimension of Smoke have on a human body is unknown. However, he grew truly inhuman in appearance.

Furthermore, Aarkus developed startlingly varied powers, abilities he could easily use to defeat all but the most obstinate of evils. Eventually, he was contacted by an earth scientist, one who thought that the world could use a law man of Aarkus' acumen.

Traveling to earth, Aarkus deposited a heinous killer from his own, adopted realm in the gravity well of Jupiter, and then began to mete out Justice in earnest on our world. Whether it was mobsters or devils or dinosaurs or even plant-entities, Aarkus dealt with them all.

Eventually, the diabolical Doctor Death gained control of the device Aarkus' terran friend, Markham Ericsohn, used to contact him in the first place. Wielding this control, he forced Aarkus to aid him in his plot to completely devastate the western United States.

Forced to oppose the Invaders when they confronted Doctor Death and his Battle-Axis, Aarkus eventually was freed from the villain's control, and immediately went about neutralizing a large portion of the gas he was going to use against the Americans the Doctor had grown to hate.

After this, Aarkus is known to have assisted other heroes of the age, going so far as to participate in a mass assault on a Nazi base, before returning to his solo pursuits. He presumably continued his one-entity war on Evil for the duration of the War.

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