Solo Heroes

Not affiliated with any other super hero groups from their day and age, such as the Liberty Legion or the Invaders, the solo heroes of the Vintage Age fought the forces of crime, chaos, and evil all alone. They are the truly brave of their kind, as they didn't fight with backup. Aside from the occasional team-up, these men and women only had themselves to rely on for the most part. They are:

the 3Xs: Marvel's original hero group, the 3Xs were simply three guys that busted up crime - and did so very well. Little is known about this mysterious trio, other than the fact that they're happy to put their lives on the line for others! Availability:

the 3Xs (MSH Classic)

the 3Xs (4C System)

the 3Xs (Marvel Saga)

American Avenger: drafted in Argentina by the grandson of El Gaucho, American Don Caldwell became that hero's replacement. He calls himself the American Avenger elsewhere though, battling his homeland's enemies in Argentina and beyond! Availability:

American Avenger (MSH Classic)

American Avenger (4C System)

American Avenger (Marvel Saga)

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

the Black Marvel: passing extensive and extreme tests of strength, stamina and dexterity, Dan Lyons proved worthy of carrying the mantle of the Black Marvel. Living up to its responsibilities, he constantly strives to right wrongs! Availability:

the Black Marvel (MSH Classic)

the Black Marvel (4C System)

the Black Marvel (Marvel Saga)

Blazing Skull: fired upon while reporting on the second Sino-Japanese war, ace reporter Mark Todd sough shelter in a cave inhabited by strange Skull-men. Finding him honorable, they made Mark into their champion - the Blazing Skull! Availability:

the Blazing Skull (MSH Classic)

the Blazing Skull (4C System)

the Blazing Skull (Marvel Saga)

Blue Blaze: exposed to a mysterious blue blaze his father had discovered in the midst of a tornado, Spencer Keen was slain outright. Rising from his grave a century later, Keen was driven to fight against evil and injustice... as the Blue Blaze! Availability:

Blue Blaze (MSH Classic)

Blue Blaze (4C System)

Blue Blaze (Marvel Saga)

Challenger: after his father was murdered while investigating city corruption, Bill Waring decides to get even. Walking the earth, he gains the skills he needs to wage a one-man war on crime - only returning to Challenge scofflaws... to the death! Availability:

Challenger (MSH Classic)

Challenger (4C System)

Challenger (Marvel Saga)

Dakor the Magician: sorcerous detective of the Golden Age, Dakor is a powerful wizard that utilized his myriad powers as a private eye, working on a global scale to right wrongs, do good deeds, and solve mysteries - all for a hefty price! Availability:

Dakor the Magician (MSH Classic)

Dakor the Magician (4C System)

Dakor the Magician (Marvel Saga)

Flexo the Rubber Man: built with the power to right wrongs, Flexo is an artificial being operated by remote control. Though he never really showed his true personality, Flexo usually waded into battle against villains with a smile on his face! Availability:

Flexo the Rubber Man (MSH Classic)

Flexo the Rubber Man (4C System)

Flexo the Rubber Man (Marvel Saga)

Hercules 2: raised on remote Snow Island, this scientist's knows little about civilization, and as a result he lives with and works in a circuis freak show. Always on tour, he can pop up anywhere to deal with crime sprees and prevent disasters. Availability:

Hercules 2 (MSH Classic)

Hercules 2 (4C System)

Hercules 2 (Marvel Saga)

Mighty Destroyer 1: after his capture behind enemy lines, investigative journalist Keen Marlow was given a Super-soldier Serum variant by an imprisoned scientist. Using the power it afforded him, Keen waged a one war against fascism! Availability:

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (MSH Classic)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (4C System)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (Marvel Saga)

Miss Fury: using a strange, leopard-skin costume acquired from a tribal shaman, bored socialite Marla Drake wore it as Miss Fury! Nazi spies, South American dictators and worse fell before the rage of Miss Fury - and they were just her warm-up! Availability:

Miss Fury (MSH Classic)

Miss Fury (4C System)

Miss Fury (Marvel Saga)

Monako: the Prince of Magic, Monako grew up in India, where he learned of the black arts. Bringing his knowledge to the rest of the world, he uses his staggering and inexplicable powers to combat various menaces to civilized society! Availability:

Monako, Prince of Magic (MSH Classic)

Monako, Prince of Magic (4C System)

Monako, Prince of Magic (Marvel Saga)

Phantom Bullet: though jaded by the abject and brazen corruption befouling the system, wealthy reporter at large Allen Lewis was moved to take direct action against it when an amazing ice gun, which fired untraceable bullets, fell into his lap! Availability:

Phantom Bullet (MSH Classic)

Phantom Bullet (4C System)

Phantom Bullet (Marvel Saga)

Silver Scorpion: secretary Betty Barlow made a heroic costume for a ball one night, and wound up using it as an real crime fighter: the Silver Scorpion. While a competent martial artist, she eventually added a silvery exoskeleton to her arsenal! Availability:

Silver Scorpion (MSH Classic)

Silver Scorpion (4C System)

Silver Scorpion (Marvel Saga)

the Terror: injected with a virus and chemicals extracted from a mad dog, amnesiac Laslo Pevely was transformed into... the Terror! He now wields his inexplicable powers against the criminal element, brutally manhandling evil men! Availability:

the Terror (MSH Classic)

the Terror (4C System)

the Terror (Marvel Saga)

the Vision: an emerald-skinned warrior from beyond, Aarkus hails from a plane of smoke and vapor. Summoned to earth several times with experimental dimension-smashing technology, he remains as long as there is evil to crush. Availability:

Vision (MSH Classic)

Vision (4C System)

Vision (Marvel Saga)

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