Mighty Destroyer


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Keen Marlow was originally an investigative journalist working behind enemy lines, where he was given an experimental Super-soldier Serum variant. Reborn as a one-man wrecking ball, Keen has no super-human powers to speak of, but is about as mighty as a man can be!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Daggers (s): Keen makes use of a large number of daggers while fighting oppression behind Axis lines. He can use these blades to inflict +2 lethal damage in melee, or fling them with astounding accuracy to inflict similar damage at range, easily 'calling shots' when necessary.


Acrobatics (a): part of Keen's transformation by the super-soldier serum involved a distinct enhancement of his natural nimbleness. When attempting actions to dodge attacks or reduce falling damage, Keen does so at one difficulty level lower than normal.

Boxing (s): Keen has grown quite good at the fine art of fisticuffs, and he can throw a furious bout of punches at a foe if necessary. You see, this skill allows Keen to divide his total action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Demolitions (a): a talent Keen has sort of picked up through trial and error, this skill demonstrates his knowledge of destroying vehicles and structures with explosives. He knows where to plant bombs to best cause such things to explode spectacularly.

Flinging (a): in addition to his preternatural skill in the fine art of fisticuffs, Keen has shown a natural affinity for the use of thrown weapons - usually his trademark daggers. He can fling these weapons at opponents at a reduced difficulty level.

Journalism (i): his original call to fame, Keen began his adventurous career as an investigative journalist. When looking into some matter, Keen can pretty much uncover any knowledge of at least a semi-public nature if he passes a challenging difficulty Intellect action.

Martial Arts (a): his time as the Mighty Destroyer has taught Keen a thing or two about fighting, though he only learned by doing. Thanks to this field training, he may reduce the difficulty of unarmed attacks, dodge attempts and actions to catch thrown weapons.


As an Allied supporter fighting behind enemy lines, Keen had few folks that he could rely on for aid in a pinch. The few people he could ask for help, of course, were folks like the French resistance, and others who weren't content with the way the Nazis did things during the War.


Investigator: as a journalist, Keen is a prime example of this kind of person. In fact, his inquisitiveness is what got him captured by Nazis, and transformed into the Mighty Destroyer to begin with! Even after this change, he looks into all manner of mysteries when time permits.


While in action, Keen wore a rather interesting 'union suit'. It consisted of a gray, long-sleeved shirt with a skull drawn on it, gray trunks, a blue belt, red boots and gloves, red and blue striped stretch pants, a red belt, and a full, red head-covering hood with a pale blue face mask.


Keen Marlow is an adventurous, inquisitive soul, who'll go out of his way to uncover the truth or to learn something new. However, he's also a smarmy, smart-mouthed punk to his enemies, who he continually belittles and berates while he's pounding them into a pulp.

He's funny that way.

Real Name: Keen Marlow
Occupation: adventurer, former journalist
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Golden Age tales with him call him simply 'the Destroyer', Louis Kramer
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 5"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 215 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Keen Marlow was originally nothing but an American journalist, one who thought that sneaking into Nazi Germany to get the real scoop on things happening there was a good idea. It wasn't, and he got himself caught by the Gestapo soon after he started his investigations. However, Keen wasn't alone in prison, as he shared a cell with one Professor Eric Schmitt.

It would appear that this scientist was one who had developed yet another German variant of the Super-soldier Serum, but wasn't participating with the Nazi regime, and as such found himself imprisoned for his conscience. Wishing to keep the serum from the Axis powers, Schmitt gave it to Keen, who (after injecting it into himself) changed... dramatically!

Growing in size, strength, and intelligence dramatically (as all recipients of the Super-soldier Serum tend to do), Keen was able to escape from his cell easily, though poor Professor Schmitt got killed in the jail break. Avenging him, Keen tore the place apart, and then decided that he had a mission - to destroy the Nazi regime from within its own borders!

To this end, Keen donned a flamboyant costume, and began to call himself the Mighty Destroyer! When he first started out, Keen had to do battle with the sinister Frederick von Banger, a high-ranking Nazi policeman who was begged to help deal with the vigilante by his subordinates. Welcoming the challenge, he laid a death trap for the Destroyer, but our hero persevered.

Of course, having dealt with this pompous villain, Keen subsequently found himself in the cross hairs of several other would-be Nazi super-villains, including the ugly Scar and his death ray, the loony Wilhelm von Sin and his planes of death, and of course the worst of them all - Adolph Hitler, who Keen once managed to burn on the behind with a Nazi brand.

While he tends to work alone, Keen has managed to pick up some allies over time. One includes Florence von Banger (no relation to his previous foe), an orphaned German girl who grew to despise her nation's rulers after they caused her innocent father's death, along with various other freedom fighters, both native-born Germans and folks in the French resistance.

He continued his work of sabotage for the duration of the war, doing his darnedest to slow the fascists' efforts abroad by focusing their energies and attention back home. Of course he wasn't the only fellow to wield the name of the Destroyer during this time; at several points, both Roger Aubrey and Brian Falsworth carried the name as well.

And while the former retained it after the war, Keen was more than happy to let these two oddballs 'take on' his role; after all, when it seemed like he was everywhere at once, it only helped to further his aims against the Nazi scourge!

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