the Angel

Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ex 20
In 40
In 40
Rm +30



Like many adventurers in his time, Thomas Halloway was but a normal human, physically speaking. While the 'heavy hitters' of his day were Atlanteans, Super-soldiers and androids, Thomas fought crime with just his fists, his wits and - oddly - a magic, flying cape.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Cape of Mercury: though his red cape was originally mundane in origin, Thomas earned this mystic item as a reward after a particularly harrowing adventure. This cape allows Thomas to defy gravity, giving him the power of flight at Excellent (20) rank - 150 m.p.h. airspeed.

Revolvers: gifts from the Two-gun Kid on his death bed, these ancient weapons have seen plenty of action - both in the past, present, and future! Thomas may wield each of these weapons in ranged combat to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage with each shot.




Acrobatics: even before he acquired the Cape of Mercury, Thomas was rather efficient in his movements while on one of his many adventures. As such, he receives a +1 CS to any Dodge, Escape, Evade, Feint, or Weave maneuvers (which complements his Martial Arts C talent).

Crime: having grown up in a prison, Thomas is well-versed in how the criminal mind works, and intimately understands its behavior. This talent aids the man by +1 CS in FEATs where he wishes to determine what a villain may be up to - and how he's going about his business.

Detective / Espionage: a master sleuth by choice, Thomas is truly at home when investigating some mystery or another. As such, he should receive a bonus whenever looking for the clues necessary to solve a crime, to learn secret information from villains, and so on.

Languages: Thomas has demonstrated a mastery of various languages, in addition to his own. Supplementing his English tongue, Thomas has shown a mastery of Greek (both modern and ancient), and likely knows how to use several additional languages fluently.

Lore: several investigations undertaken by Thomas can be classified only as 'weird'. Most of these involved bizarre cults, mystic villains, and overall unexplained phenomenon. Thomas is well-versed in such paranormal activity, receiving a +1 CS to related Reason FEATs.

Martial Arts types A, B, and C: a master of unarmed combat, Thomas knows these fighting styles. He can inflict Slam or Stun results regardless of his comparative Strength or Endurance, and receives a +1 CS on Dodge, Escape, Grapple, Weave, and unarmed melee attacks.

Medicine: Thomas is quite a good doctor, using this skill to make a living. He can bring back folks who've slipped below Shift 0 Endurance up to 20 turns after this occurs, can stop a body from losing subsequent Endurance ranks (if they're dying), and speed up long-term recoveries.


A hero of significant renown, Thomas was on rather good terms with a large number of heroes from his time, including the Human Torch. He can likely rely upon his fellow adventurers for assistance should he need it on the job, for he's got a pretty good reputation overall.


When acting as the high-flying Angel, Thomas wears a primarily blue costume.

It includes blue, stretch fabric trousers, blue trunks, blue boots with yellow, criss-crossed bands on them, a blue stretch fabric shirt with yellow cuffs and yellow wings on the chest, a black mask covering his eyes, and of course his trusty red Cape.


Thomas is a dapper man who felt the need to use his extensive knowledge for the betterment of mankind - and had all kinds of fun adventures while doing so. He is a true hero at heart, brave enough to fight his foes bare-handed, and spent his considerable fortune righting wrongs.

Real Name: Thomas Halloway
Occupation: doctor, private investigator, adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: black, sometimes dyed brown or red
Eyes: brown
Weight: 209 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Thomas wears a pencil-thin moustache at all times.


When Thomas' mother died in childbirth, his father, a prison warden, apparently went a bit off the deep end. Instead of doing what normal folks would do in such conditions, the man decided to raise his son in secrecy and isolation, within the prison he himself managed!

This made for a peculiar childhood, indeed.

Of course, his father did the best he could by Thomas, bringing in experts from various fields to educate him on, well, everything. In addition to this, Thomas learned various secrets from the inmates of his father's prison, who gave him the 'keys' to the underworld.

After saving an inmate from his untimely execution in the prison, Thomas was dubbed 'the Angel' by the man he saved, not to mention other inmates who were also doomed to a similar fate. This stuck with the man, who became fascinated with those winged creatures of legend.

Once he was old enough to leave his curious (to say the least) childhood home, Thomas decided that he wanted to use his skills to help others, and he had many, many skills to offer his fellow man. To start with, he worked as a doctor in New York City.

There, Thomas could count amongst his many patients the dying Matt Hawk, who always had a fascinating story for Thomas about amazing events to come. Thomas didn't know the secret identity of the old man, however, and chalked his tales up to flights of fancy.

Upon his death, Hawk - the Two-gun Kid - willed his revolvers to Thomas, who finally realized just who he'd been caring for all this time. The curious tales he'd told Thomas started to seem just a little bit less crazy, and he couldn't help but catch the 'bug' when tragedy arose.

Caught in the fallout of the first battle between the Human Torch and Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Thomas helped rescue a young woman menaced by looters exploiting the situation. Feeling like he'd finally found his calling, he subsequently decided to become a hero!

Donning a disguise to showcase his abilities as well as to protect his identity somewhat, Thomas thus became New York City's first costumed hero! When asked who he was on his earliest crime-fighting outings, Thomas found himself at a loss, and began to refer to himself as the Angel!

Thomas then began to solve various mysteries as they arose, both mundane and occult. In addition to disrupting any number of criminal enterprises, Thomas did battle with a very large group of villains, such as the armless Tiger Man and Fritz von Bock, Master of Disguise!

On one such adventure, Thomas was given the Cape of Mercury by a 4,000 year old woman, after he rescued her from an underground city. Thomas used it to further enhance his reputation as the Angel, now being able to swoop down on criminals, fascists, and occult freaks.

Thomas continued his crusade against domestic crime until the onset of America's involvement in World War II, at which point the criminals he fought took on a more international flavor. In addition to America's home-grown scum, he even mixed it up with various fascist villains!

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