the Blue Blaze


Hand Size:
4 (25)


A man cursed to rise after his seeming death over and over again, thanks to his exposure to a mysterious blue blaze, Spencer Keen is an immortal being. Neither tornadoes nor explosions or zombie hordes can lay Spencer to rest - and he'll never stop battling evil!


Body Armor (s): his exposure to the blue blaze has made Keen quite invulnerable; Spencer merely shrugs off attacks of the ordinary variety. Consider this intensity 4 body armor, offering him like (or +1) protection from various conventional attack forms.

Jeopardy (i): this strange variation on the standard jeopardy power includes traits of immortality. Whenever villainy manifests itself, it can cause Spencer to rise from the dead, doing so with intensity 15 ability, and within like range of where he last put evil down.

Thanks to the mysterious power of the blue blaze, this ability will subsequently keep Spencer alive long enough to resolve whatever crisis brought him back in the first place. He can persist for up to fifty days, after which point he will then return to death's embrace once more.

Light Generation (a): when Spencer strains his already exceptional powers to their fullest, his body glows with an eerie blue flame. Though not hot, this 'electronic' energy casts intensity 10 light, enough to blind those within near missile distance of his person.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Super-charged Speedster (i): this super roadster allows Spencer to move at 'unlimited' speeds. This is highly unlikely, but this vehicle probably worked as per the typical sports car, with a top speed around 105 MPH or so (intensity 4 land speed).


Boxing (s): wielding no super-human attack powers aside from his phenomenal strength, Spencer has learned how to use his fists to fight evil - and how! He can divide his total action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.


None. Before his death in 1852, Spencer could have likely relied on his father, Doctor Keen, for aid. However, since the man is long-since dead, Spencer doesn't have anyone to lean on for aid, should he need it. No, Spencer battles crime all alone.


Protector: Spencer Keen, the Blue Blaze, acts to protect innocent people from the scourge of evil. To this end, he is constantly rising from the dead in the vicinity of great evil, to wipe it out. Though the Blue Blaze really forces him to do this, Spencer doesn't seem to mind.


Ever since his 'rebirth', Spencer has worn his blue stretch fabric body suit, along with with black boots, a studded weight-lifter belt (later removed), and a hood that covers all of his head, save for his eyes, mouth, and chin (though the shape of the mask has changed over time).


Little is known of the personality of he who rises in the name of the blue blaze. He is out of touch with most modern issues, but probably willing to learn, given the chance. Of course, this is probably because Spencer spends so much time being dead...!

Real Name: Spencer Keen
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen that is legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: unrevealed
Hair: black
Eyes: unrevealed
Weight: unrevealed
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


On his way to a college masquerade (which conveniently explained his costume), Spencer Keen decided to visit his father, Doctor Keen, in his laboratory. Excited about his newest discovery, Doctor Keen demonstrated the enigmatic properties of the blue blaze, a sort of blue fire suspended in a reddish liquid by some sort of hourglass and beaker apparatus.

He showed Spencer the effect it had on lab rats, animals he killed with the strange energy only to watch them return to life again only days later. Immediately after, a tornado struck Midwest College, and the laboratory was torn to shreds, the blue blaze striking and killing Spencer before the flying debris could get to him and rip him apart.

Eighty eight years later, in 1940, Spencer Keen rose from the earth to stop a couple of grave robbers from raiding his cemetery. Realizing what had happened to him, Spencer adopted the identity of the Blue Blaze, knowing that he will be forever at the beck and call of the strange force that had somehow revived him after his death so long ago.

Knowing his purpose in life, the Blue Blaze made for the lair of the evil Professor Maluski, a man that had found a way to reanimate the dead to serve in his armies of world conquest! After the villain tried to cow Spencer with his diabolical arsenal and army of zombies, our hero went to town on the man, destroying both him and his sinister lair.

In his second adventure, the Blue Blaze interrupted the plans of Barko the inventor, a crazy fellow whose inventive genius saw him trying to sell safety devices to mine operators by... blowing their mines to pieces. After all, had the mine's operators installed his safety implements in the first place, Barko's bombs couldn't have caved the things in, now, could they?

The Blue Blaze's third outing pitted him against Doctor Gair and his super-powerful Star-Monster! This strange entity was created in a vat of chemicals bathed in the rays of an eerie star, and was more powerful than even the Blue Blaze! Our hero deduced the monster was powerless without his star-light, though, and encased him in lead.

After this victory, the Blue Blaze stopped the evil Doctor Vortex from sparking a war between two European nations with the power of his Hate Rays. He defeated the evil Doctor by carrying him into some lime pits and leaving him for dead. Soon enough, the Blue Blaze emerged from the pits all by himself, leaving Doctor Vortex to his terrible fate.

The Blue Blaze next did battle with the hoary Vampire of Doom, in a mysterious tale so shocking that the public has yet to be let in on its terribly triumphant tenor. Having vanquished this menace, Spencer continues fighting against dastardly evils beyond the ken of mortal man to this very day, though he does so shrouded in utter secrecy!

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