Miss Fury

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Marla Drake, otherwise known as Miss Fury, is essentially a normal human, with little power to speak of. In her battle against the forces of evil, she merely uses her custom-built costume and her various fighting skills to war with those who harm the innocent.

Known Powers:

Unyielding Will: though she lacks obvious ascendant abilities, Marla has nonetheless demonstrated a remarkable capacity to absorb punishment. In other words, she has a rank value 10 version of this power, allowing her to temporarily offset damage in a pinch.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Costume: her primary instrument of super-heroism, this custom-made, leopard skin bodysuit gives Marla a distinctive look as Miss Fury. Formerly worn by an African tribal shaman while performing rituals, and then customized by Marla herself, this suit has these capabilities:

* Battle Tail: a conspicuous aspect of Marla's Fury costume is its long, heavy tail. The tail isn't prehensile by any means, but it was quite effective in battle, being able to act as a club in a pinch (by means of a curious set of motions) which inflicts Bashing damage.

* Claws: to properly punish evildoers, Marla wore a set of claws behind the knuckles of her gloves. These deadly slashing instruments are constructed of m.v. 30 metals, and she could use them to inflict Slashing damage with each swipe.

Sports Cars: having a considerable amount of money at her disposal, Marla always utilized expensive sports cars while she was on the road, in either her of her identities. These cars, having been built in the 1940s and/or 1950s, possess these vehicular statistics:

RV 10
RV 30
RV 20
RV 10




Acrobatics: Marla is a very limber woman, having a preternatural balance to her movements. As such, she gains a +1 RS whenever attempting dodge, evade, escape, or weave maneuvers in combat. This skill also allows her to pull off various intimidating moves in a fight.

Detective / Espionage: waging a one-woman war against evil, Marla has taught herself the fine arts of detective work. As such, when investigating the scene of a crime, Marla adds a +1 RS to any ACT meant to uncover clues that may lead to the resolution of a mystery.

Driving: Marla is a highly skilled driver, and can use this expertise to gain a +1 RS on any Coordination or Handling ACT required while behind the wheel of any ground-based vehicle, even if she usually prefers to drive her expensive, high-performance automobiles.

Martial Arts styles A, B, C, D, and E: Marla can add a +1 RS to any melee attack, dodge, grapple, escape, or weave maneuver, can Pound or Concuss opponents regardless of her comparative Brawn or Fortitude, and adds a +1 to initiative in unarmed combat.

Tumbling: while she's quite agile, Marla isn't perfect, and as such, has learned how to take a fall with minimal injury to her person. As such, if she falls without receiving damage, she can try a Coordination ACT to see if she lands on her feet, thus making her ready for action immediately.


Marla, being a rich socialite, has hundreds of contacts in all walks of life. Be they politicians, policemen, or businessmen, Marla can count on a rather large number of people to lend her favors when necessary. However, her Miss Fury identity has few, if any reliable contacts to speak of.


While battling various criminal-types, Marla wears a black, custom-made leopard-skin bodysuit, one that she complements with black leather boots. Her mask has large, yellow lenses through which she can see clearly, and covers all of her face save for her mouth and nose.


In her secret identity, Marla wears the newest fashions, uses the latest hairstyles, and drives the nicest cars. She is an extreme flirt, and has broken many a man's heart. When working as Miss Fury, however, she's a no-holds barred opponent, kicking, clawing, and even biting her foes!

Real Name: Marla Drake
Occupation: adventurer, socialite
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: the Black Fury
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: green
Weight: 110 lbs (give or take)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Marla Drake was a woman that arguably had it all. She was a well-known socialite who hob-nobbed with the elite of society, she had more money than she knew how to spend, and she had more than enough suitors to keep her busy. However, Marla was bored with her life.

Perhaps that's why she adopted an alter ego. Malcontent with her 'perfect' existence, Marla decided to turn her considerable resources towards the fight against the forces of darkness. To this end, she created a unique, skin-tight leopard skin costume with which to do so.

Calling herself Miss Fury (or the Black Fury, depending), she found herself in all kinds of messes, invariably trampling all over the schemes of various villains. She battled Nazis, South American dictators, and a motley crew of spies, all while taking impossible amounts of punishment.

Her most distinctive opponent, however, was the Nazi adventuress Erica von Kampf, a platinum blonde troublemaker whose long locks concealed the swastika emblem branded onto her forehead. These foes and more were defeated time and again by Marla's crusade against evil.

Her ultimate fate, of course, has yet to be seen, in that only a few of Marla's adventurous forays have been chronicled to date. However, considering her sheer force of personality and stubbornness, it is likely that she continued on as a costumed crime-fighter for many, many years.

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