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Varen David is a quandary. While he has no origin that would specifically grant him spectacular physical powers, he nonetheless has them. He's no altered human or mutant, but seems to have his amazing power due to his bizarre, yet non-fantastic childhood.

Known Powers:

Damage Reduction: Varen possesses considerable resistance to conventional injury, mainly due to his sheer size but possibly because of other factors. Cold, crushing blows, and most everything else affect Hercules at their listed damage value -2 RS.

Resistance to Poisons: one curious aspect of Varen's physiology is what he calls a heightened metabolism. This rank value 50 trait allows him to completely ignore the effects of conventional anesthetics, and probably other drugs and poisons as well.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Alien Customs: though brilliant in nature, Varen just doesn't know a lot about culture - America's or anyone else's. As such, he should be treated as if his Repute were -2 RS , as he tends to act and think counter to the rest of human civilization.

Gigantism: while Varen does not appear to suffer any physical ill effects from his considerable height, the simple fact of the matter is that he's over eight feet tall. Which might explain why he just wears very little, when you get down to it.


Science! Varen is a master of science, like his father, though his exact disciplines have yet to be detailed. I suppose one could just grant him a +1 RS on all Intellect ACT rolls that depend on scientific knowledge - knowledge from the 1940s, that is.

Survival: one skill Varen acquired at a very early age is the ability to survive anywhere on earth, his father training him to get by in the most savage of earth's climates: the arctic. He can scrounge up food, water and shelter whenever necessary.


Bobbie Drew, the reporter he met shortly after his arrival in America, seems to like Varen somewhat - and would probably be willing to help him out if he needed it. She is the one that (sort of) set Varen on the path of a crime-fighter after all.


Varen has worn several outfits. His first was just a sort of furry pair of trunks. When he first started working as a circus freak, he switched to a tuxedo, though when that gig went south, he settled on a blue pair of trunks, blue boots, and a black belt.


Varen David is a very smart, yet very simple man. He's a veritable man of science, thanks to his father's teachings, but he has little in the way of practical social skills, or any understanding of life in general. He's like a genius blank slate, for the most part.

Real Name: Varen David
Occupation: adventurer, side show freak
Legal Status: assumed American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 8' 2"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 350 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: he's an eight foot tall behemoth, but that's about it.


The 'master' of science, Doctor David left for Snow Island years ago to rear his new son as a perfect specimen of humanity, both in body and in mind. As Varen grew in size and power, however, the doctor died. David's son was forced to fend for himself, until he was collected by two circus minions that thought he'd make a great freak show attraction.

Hercules, as he was called by the shifty fools (because he's so darn big), wasn't all that troubled by the kidnapping, of course. He wanted to see America, and since he had nothing better to do, why stir up trouble? The next time he was seen, Varen was in a full tuxedo and top hat, and being touted as Hercules, the greatest Titan of all time!!!

After the show, Varen was being interviewed by Daily Globe reporter Bobbie Drew, when a monstrous bull broke loose from the tents and charged the two. Varen then grabbed the bull by the horns and snapped its neck. Seeing this incredible display, the reporter told Varen that he should do more for mankind than just being a circus freak.

Varen agreed, though his bosses took exception to him leaving, and pulled guns on the would-be hero. After dealing with them, Varen made for a dam nearby, which had suddenly broke free. Handling this crisis with ease, Bobbie convinced Varen to use his talents for the good of all, which he agreed to do. Quitting the circus, Varen left for parts unknown.

The next time we saw him, though, Varen was at work at another circus. His peaceful life as a freak on display was interrupted by an inexplicable earthquake, and as it turned out the villainous Lemo was testing out his earth-shaking tank just beneath the circus' main tent. Tracking the villain down, Varen broke into Lemo's compound but was captured by the man.

This mastermind subsequently tried to operate on Varen' very BRAIN to make him his obedient slave, but thanks to his heightened metabolism, Varen was unaffected by the anesthetics and woke up upon feeling a drill boring into his skull. As Varen tore the joint up, Lemo then used his weapon on his own headquarters, burying his foe under tons of rubble.

Digging himself out, Varen eventually chased Lemo down in his earth-shaking tank, and utterly destroyed the vehicle - with the villain still inside. After receiving kudos from the mayor of the town that Lemo was wreaking havoc within, Varen once again reaffirmed his wish to use his impressive power to help mankind. Whether he actually does so or not remains to be seen...!

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