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As was his brother, the Human Torch, Volton is an android: an artificial being created to resemble ordinary humans, in both form and function. However, an uncertain something in Volton's construction has also given him the power to generate vast electrical forces.

Known Powers:

Agelessness: as an android, Volton not age. While it is possible that he's comprised of organic components (in part or in full), his capabilities will not degrade over time, as long as he generally takes care of himself. Any aging he evinces is completely cosmetic in nature.

Electricity Generation: Volton does not generate heat like his brother, instead manifesting unparalleled amounts of electricity. He can fling this energy, in the form of his 'Ampere Cocktails,' as a ball of electrical force that inflicts rank value 75 Stunning Energy damage.

Electricity Control: in addition to his power to generate vast amounts of electricity, Volton has demonstrated quite a few practical applications in the shaping of such energy. He can do so with rank value 50 skill, and has demonstrated these power stunts thus far:

* Aura / Electricity: Volton may wreathe his body in the devastating energies that he generates. This provides him rank value 50 protection from harm, but can also affect anybody touching him with an automatic Stunning attack. This protection breaks down as follows:

RV 40 / RV 50 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0

* Flight: by partially transforming his body into electrons, Volton can reduce his mass enough to fly, doing so by propelling himself through the air with potent electrical discharges. He seems capable of rank value 10 flight, moving at around 109.09 miles per hour.

Invulnerability to Electrical Attacks: while he has never been subject to electrical forces besides those that he himself generates, it is assumed that Volton is completely immune to the effects of his own roiling energies, as is his more famous brother.

Resistance to Disease and Poisons: artificial by nature, Volton android possesses rank value 75 resistance to diseases and poisons of all stripes, meaning he can primarily ignore such threats - even if he's designed to simulate beings who cannot.

Limitations / Enhancements:









Volton fought crime for a time, and may well have several contacts during his heroic period. After serving in the Battle-Axis however, few individuals from the Allied powers would aid him, even amongst his own team; he did try to slay his very creator, after all!


When he originally fought crime, Volton wore a costume that primarily consisted of a green stretch fabric body suit, which covered his entire body save for his face. It is light green from the shoulders up, and is accessorized with red gloves, red trunks, and golden arm bands.

Volton's second costume included a brilliant red stretch fabric body suit (that didn't cover his arms), though with a blue 'v' on his chest and a blue arrow on his forehead. It was accessorized with blue buccaneer boots, blue gloves, blue trunks, and a blue leather belt.

When Volton turned 'evil', he altered his look yet again. His body suit remained red, but he ditched the large blue 'v' on his chest, and he regained his arm bands - if albeit in a white hue this time around. His arms were covered once more, though he abandoned his blue gloves.


At first, Volton reveled in the use of his powers, using them to combat ordinary humans. Of course, after having been revealed as an artificial being, Volton has changed somewhat, exhibiting more than a little bit of disdain for humans and their many accomplishments.

Real Name: Volton, the Human Generator
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: an artificial being, Volton has no known citizenship
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Guy Newton
Group Affiliation: the Battle-Axis

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: unrevealed, but possibly blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 300 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Unlike the rest of the Battle-Axis, Volton wasn't duped into joining the team so much as talked into it by his creator. You see, Volton is an android, one of two that Phineas T. Horton and James Bradley created, though Volton did not at first know he was more - and less - than human.

His first memories were of the powerful jolt of electricity Bradley used to activate him, though his creator told Volton that he'd been a normal man who was struck by lightning. Perhaps this was why he had powers that ordinary men lacked, powers over electricity itself!

After deciding on a new name for himself, Volton fought crime for a short time, but was quickly convinced to join up with the Nazis by Bradley, who himself had done so in the guise of Doctor Death for his own reasons. This, of course, because Bradley was a man with a plan.

He wanted to force the United States out of the second World War, and was plotting untold devastation in the American Southwest to cause this turn of events. Needing super-human muscle to help him pull this plan off though, Doctor Death formed the so-called Battle-Axis.

However, while Volton gladly served with this group of traitors (he technically isn't one, as he's not actually an American citizen), he learned his true origins during the team's battles with the Invaders. Enraged that he'd been deceived, Volton sought out his lying creator.

As Bradley grappled with Captain America, Volton seemingly killed him with one of his Ampere cocktails, though he continued to follow the man's plan through to its grisly end. This because he was generally confused about his existence - but definitely unhappy with the human race.

The Battle-Axis was defeated after this singular outing, and have yet to be seen again. Most of the surviving team members were likely carted off to prison for their treasonous crimes, and Volton may have joined them in incarceration - but his ultimate fate is as of yet unknown.

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