Spider Queen


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Unlike most of her team-mates in the Battle-Axis, Sharon has no super-human powers. No, she is but a normal human, though one who utilizes a set of spider-like 'web-fluid' weapons of her late husband's design in her adventuring career / quest for vengeance.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Web-Shooters (a): built by her late husband, these trademark gizmos give Sharon the ability to fire a blast of 'web fluid' at her foes. These weapons fit nicely beneath her flared yellow gloves, and can strike any target within far missile distance of Sharon's location.

The compound these weapons fire grant Sharon the power of adhesion, as the strands it fires can stick to objects with intensity 14 ability. Though it will dissolve eventually, preventing a permanent adhesion result, these web strands can bind targets for a considerable amount of time.

One trick Sharon has developed in their use is swinging from one building to another, as does a much more familiar, spider-themed adventurer. She may attempt this feat with intensity 5 ability, and can move at intensity 1 speeds when wielding her web-shooters in this fashion.


Acrobatics (a): while she doesn't have many marketable skills, Sharon has demonstrated that she is quite the acrobat. As such, she may attempt actions to dodge attacks and reduce falling damage at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Targeting (a): in addition to her considerable acrobatic capabilities, Sharon has nonetheless shown a competence with her web-shooters. As a result, when using these weapons, she can make applicable actions at a reduced difficulty level.


Before she turned against the country that birthed her, Sharon could rely upon people she'd helped in the past, as well as some law enforcement officials, for aid in a pinch. However, her term as a member of the Battle-Axis has pretty much wiped that slate clean.


Vengeance: Sharon originally donned a costume to get payback against the Russians for killing her husband. With the Soviets allying with America during the War (after a fashion), Sharon has decided to share her ire with the land of her birth as well.


Sharon's Spider Queen costume included a red mask (with white, one-way lenses over her eyes), a red skirt, a light blue blouse open to show off her navel, a yellow sash, a yellow cape, and yellow boots. Of course, she also wore yellow gloves that had her web-shooters mounted inside.


Sharon is generally a good person, though she's made a mess of her life. She believes that the guilty must be punished, and is willing to go to amazing lengths to bring about this state of affairs. She's also one to carry a grudge, being wholly unwilling to bury the hatchet.

Real Name: Sharon Kane
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record
Marital Status: widow
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Battle-Axis

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: black
Eyes: unrevealed
Weight: 115 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Sharon Kane didn't start life out as a costumed adventurer, oh no.

Her career began as the humble wife of an ingenious inventor, one who had concocted - among other inventions - a bizarre 'web-fluid' weapon system, one that he planned on selling to the U.S. government. He figured they could use every edge they could get, after all!

Sharon journeyed to Washington DC as her husband was to showcase his wacky new devices to some interested military parties, but neither of them made it to this meeting. This was because, on their way to said meeting, the duo were attacked by Russian secret agents!

This was before Germany attacked that country, mind you. These thugs apparently wanted the man's new weaponry, and killed him in retaliation when they failed. Enraged, Sharon took up the devices, and began to hunt down similar evildoers to get her own, personal satisfaction.

Days later, the United States became allied with the nation she hated more than anything else, and this wore on Sharon's sense of right and wrong. While fighting her fair share of criminal thugs, Sharon became increasingly discontent with this political state of affairs.

Though she should've known better, Sharon was more than receptive to the offer of Doctor Death, an American mad scientist who had joined up with the Nazi party for his own, selfish purposes. Pushing all of her buttons, the evil Doctor convinced Sharon to join their cause, as well.

After all, if America wouldn't deal with Russia, Germany would. This was enough of a hook to ensure Sharon's cooperation with the Doctor's scheme to knock California off the West Coast, thus forcing America out of the War (and guaranteeing Germany's victory over Russia).

Sharon went along with the plan, which ultimately saw Doctor Death and his cohorts, the so-called Battle-Axis, defeated at the hands of the Invaders - if barely. Captured at the end of this brou-hah-hah, Sharon was presumably incarcerated for her treasonous crimes.

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