Jack Frost


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Jack is the stunted descendant of either two Asgardian frost giants, or a frost giant and a mortal (or even a frost giant and an Asgardian). This bizarre origin is the reason that Jack has the strange, chilling appearance and powers he wields, as well as as his potentially long lifespan.


Blending (a): on more than one occasion, Jack has demonstrated the ability to turn his entire body as transparent as a single cake of ice, virtually blending into his surroundings. He may do this with intensity 12 ability, seemingly fading from view altogether!

Body Armor (s): Jack's unearthly flesh is more dense than that of an average human being, and he has an inherent protection from attack. Jack has this power at intensity 4 (+1), which provides him like resistances to conventional attacks.

Cold Generation (a): this power allows Jack to generate intense waves of cold. Functioning at intensity 14, Jack can use this power to inflict like energy damage with each burst, and may well cause his foes hypothermia. This power is the basis for these additional abilities:

* Aura / Cold (a): Jack Frost's body radiates intense cold at all times, and his skin temperature always sits at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This has no applicable combat effect, but makes him more comfortable when not in an arctic climate - and others touching him uncomfortable.

* Ice Generation (i): Jack can generate intense waves of cold that, when combined with local moisture in the air, allow him to produce large amounts of ice. He can do this with intensity 13 skill, and can form various constructs out of ice, such as walls, spheres, or cages.

His ice constructs are of m.s. 10, and will remain in place for about an hour, unless specifically melted with applied heat. Shields he produces can provide similar protection from physical attack, and can protect himself or as many as everyone within near missile distance.

One power stunt Jack has developed involves firing snow or ice at his foes. The snow spray forces a target to pass an easy difficulty Willpower (ice generation) action to see Jack through the cover of snow. These sprays can inflict intensity 13 bashing or slashing damage.

Flight (a): Jack can move his body aloft on the wintry winds as he sees fit, achieving intensity 3 flight. Moving at up to ninety (90) miles per hour, he can quickly get from place to place within a city, and this drastically lowers his long distance travel times.

Longevity (s): while not immortal, Jack has been portrayed as being very long lived, and often refers to people as 'mortals'. As he is believed to be otherworldly in origin, it is likely that Jack has this power, though it is unknown what his eventual lifespan is.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dwarfism: it is believed that Jack is the progeny of two unknown frost giants. In that realm, Jack's diminished size would be a very big disadvantage, but allows him to fit in with normal humans. Of course, it means he is not allowed the use of the frost giants' impressive size factor.

Susceptibility: Jack Frost is especially susceptible to fire and heat, as it is anathema to his physiology. As such, his defenses are considered zero (0) against such harmful energies, though he can counter them with creative usage of his powers.






Very little of Jack's story has been revealed to the world at large, but he is a stalwart member of the Liberty Legion, and can rely upon his teammates for assistance in a pinch. Furthermore, as a member of the Legion, Jack is also a member of the Invaders by technicality.


Outcast, later Guardian: when he first appeared, Jack was a true loner, an outcast from his native realm. Later on, after being impressed by the heroic spirit of the Liberty Legion, Jack slowly developed into a protector of sorts for those 'pesky mortals'.


As did many heroes in his day and age, Jack didn't bother with all that much of a costume - though his is one that you tended to see only on young side kicks. Namely, it consisted of naught but a deep blue pair of trunks, which contrasted with his gleaming, blue-white skin.


Jack Frost comes across as a man with a large ego, stating his disdain for mere mortals on occasion. However, he is a hero at heart, and is willing to put his distaste for others aside for the greater good, going out of his way to protect 'foolish' innocents from harm when need be.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: adventurer, drifter
Legal Status: former criminal record, expunged by the government
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion

Height: 5'11"
Hair: blue
Eyes: blue-white
Weight: 172 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: bluish-white skin that glistens from the glaze of frost that covers it at all times (or the water that collects on it, like a frosty cold glass of pop in mid-summer), and his skin always rests at a mere 32 degrees.


The story of Jack Frost is known to very few men. He is a mystery and/or an enigma, a strange chilled entity that was awakened upon hearing the feeble cries for help of a dying Dr. Forbes. Vowing to cleanse crime from his land, he sought out the doctor's killer.

Traveling to the United States, Jack offered to help the police to deal with crime in general - and the murder of Forbes in particular, but something of a misunderstanding caused the police to try and apprehend Jack; naturally, this didn't go over very well, and he left.

Though he was now a wanted man, Jack tracked down a Mr. Zelby, who knew of Dr. Forbes' discovery of gold in the permafrost, and found him menacing the dead man's daughter. Defeating Zelby's thugs, Jack freed the daughter of Dr. Forbes, but the villain wanted revenge.

Setting his building on fire to kill both her and Jack, Zelby fumed as the two escaped. However, when Zelby became trapped in the blaze of his own making, Jack refused to rescue him, wanting Justice to be done - which caused the police to now want him for murder as well.

Making his escape, Jack fumed over his outcast status, until he was interrupted by a wandering policeman who recognized him. Dealing with this interloper and the resulting crowd, Jack traveled to a local beach and ruined everyone's day by freezing all the water present solid.

In the midst of his mischief, however, Jack discovered a dead body, one seemingly slain by an octopus! Diving deep, he found the large beast he expected - but it managed to overpower him. Drawn inside, Jack resumed consciousness to find out that the octopus was artificial!

Upon meeting the captain of this strange submersible, Jack was told that the beach above held buried treasure, and that the one-eyed captain's plan was to chase everyone off with the octopus while his crew nabbed the loot. Taking exception to this, Jack went after the men.

Dealing with them easily, he followed their captain to his escape rowboat, where the two entered a duel to the death! Freezing the area, Jack found the man flinging a chunk of ice at him; reversing it with his powers, Jack slayed the unnamed captain and left him for the police.

Later, while walking around incognito, Jack sensed a fire nearby. Rushing to the scene, he found that this was no mere business aflame, but a hospital! Heading inside, he found a nurse asking for his help, and after putting out the fire, Jack rescued all of the immobilized patients within.

When the police showed up, the hospital director claimed that the sinister Mike Dolan had set the fire, due to him not agreeing to buy medical supplies from Dolan and Dolan only. The police also saw Jack at this point, and deciding he'd set the fire, they began to chase him down.

Taking an interest now, Jack tracked down this Mike Dolan, though the police were hot on his heels. Mixing it up with Dolan's goons, Jack disarmed the criminal and then chased him off, evading the police all the while. Of course, Dolan then skipped town.

Flying after the fiend, Jack dropped in on him from above and began a brawl with the man, but when he fled again Jack set a roadblock for him soon after. Instead of stopping, Dolan charged through it through, and wound up killing himself instead of making his escape as intended.

Some time after this incident, Jack was walking the streets when he spied a man proposing to his love, and found himself thinking that maybe these 'humans' aren't so bad after all. Just moments later, the man in question was killed instantly with some sort of freeze ray in his car!

Rescuing his fiancee from the same fate when she tried to pull him free, Jack found himself on the wrong side of the police again, this time with at least some form of rationale for thinking he was behind the crime. Making his getaway with the frozen body, Jack decided to sort things out.

Thawing the man, a cryogenic scientist called Bob, Jack went to his place of business only to find that Bob's partner, Crain, was in cahoots with another investor to steal their new freeze gas - and wanted to frame Jack for the crime in the process! Naturally, Jack disapproved.

Taking the plotters on, Jack found out that Crain also acted out of jealousy; having been horribly disfigured due to an accident Bob caused, Crain had lost the girl to his partner. Luckily though, Jack was able to reverse all the deaths Crain's plot caused save for that of Crain himself.

Once Bob and his fiancee explained things to the police, they seemed to back off somewhat. Jack even got involved in an informal friendship with several local heroes, including the Defender and Rusty, Rockman, Whizzer, Major Liberty, Captain Terror, and the Vagabond.

Some time later, his curiosity was aroused by a strange radio broadcast, one produced by both Bucky and the Patriot. Answering their call for aid, Jack joined up with several other heroes (including his friend, the Whizzer) to form the one and only Liberty Legion!

Originally assembled to foil a plot of the Red Skull's devising (where he'd gained mental domination of the mighty Invaders), the Liberty Legion remained a team after this serious incident, working to foil domestic crimes while the Invaders were active abroad.

Of course the two teams worked closely together when possible, and sometimes they would mix and match membership as needed. Having been impressed by these more stand-up mortals, Jack stayed on with his fellows in the Liberty Legion for the duration of World War II.

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