the Liberty Legion

When the mighty Invaders were captured and brain-washed by the diabolical Red Skull, the President of the United States himself asked former Army man and journalist Jeffrey Mace, secretly the two-fisted adventurer known as the Patriot, to rescue them from bondage.

To this end, the Patriot broadcast a general plea for help from any heroes that were listening, but this effort was interrupted by Bucky Barnes, Captain America's side kick, in a sort of misunderstanding. After a quick scuffle, the two realized that they had the same goal.

As such, both the Patriot and Bucky joined together to make the broadcast, asking for help from America's considerable super-human population. In the end, they were joined by six other heroes, and as a result the Liberty Legion was born! It includes the following heroes:

Blue Diamond: when an immense blue diamond exploded in his hands, anthropologist Elton T. Morrow was imbued with the stone's strange powers. Though he did so reluctantly, Elton used his new powers against evil as... the Blue Diamond! Availability:

Blue Diamond (MSH Classic)

Blue Diamond (4C System)

Blue Diamond (Marvel Saga)

Jack Frost: a vigilante enigma from the north, Jack responded to a call for help from Bucky and the Patriot. Once he helped to resolve their initial crisis, Jack hung around with the newly formed Liberty Legion for the duration of the war! Availability:

Jack Frost (MSH Classic)

Jack Frost (4C System)

Jack Frost (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super-powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Patriot: inspired by Captain America, mild mannered journalist and veteran Jeffrey Mace became a costumed adventurer himself. Donning the persona of the Patriot, Jeffrey fought many threats to freedom, both alone and with the Liberty Legion! Availability:

Patriot (MSH Classic)

Patriot (4C System)

Patriot (Marvel Saga)

Red Raven: lone survivor of a plane crash on the mysterious, floating Sky Island, he who would become the Red Raven was raised by the locals. Cherishing freedom and justice, he eventually left the Island to share these ideals with the world! Availability:

Red Raven (MSH Classic)

Red Raven (4C System)

Red Raven (Marvel Saga)

Thin Man: Doctor Bruce Dickson almost died of exposure on a Tibetan expedition when he found the secret civilization of Kalahia. There, he mastered their powers of dimensional compression, and returned to fight evil... as the Thin Man! Availability:

Thin Man (MSH Classic)

Thin Man (4C System)

Thin Man (Marvel Saga)

the Whizzer: Robert Frank was bitten by a cobra one day, and would have died if not for his father. Knowing the mongoose was a deadly enemy of the cobra, he injected mongoose blood into his son, which inexplicably caused him to be reborn as the Whizzer! Availability:

Whizzer (MSH Classic)

Whizzer (4C System)

Whizzer (Marvel Saga)

These collected heroes sought out the enslaved Invaders, having several brawls with them across the eastern seaboard, until they met for a final battle in a packed stadium. All the while, the Red Skull was floating above in his dirigible, observing the carnage he had wrought.

The heroes fought to a stand-still for a good long time, until Bucky used a captured Toro to destroy the Skull's blimp (he basically ran into it, catching it on fire). With the destruction of the Skull's dirigible, the mind controlled Invaders were once again themselves.

The two teams then acted to stop the flaming wreckage from killing all the spectators in the stadium, agreeing to work together afterward. The Invaders would fight the Nazi scourge abroad, while the Liberty Legion dealt with Bundits and other threats at home.

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