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Madeline was originally an ordinary human girl, albeit one with a latent mutant gene. After exposure to electricity sufficient to 'kill a thousand men', she manifested a variety of super-human powers, though some faded in time as her newly activated mutant genes 'settled down'.

Known Powers:

Levitation: Madeline's primary power is levitation; she can make her body resist the pull of gravity with rank value 30 ability, which allows her to rise as high into the air as normal breathing would allow for. She can do this for up to two hours before needing to rest.

One stunt that Madeline has developed from this power is the ability to 'fly', using carefully planned leaps, which allow her to move at up to 27.27 miles per hour (rank value 2). While relatively slow as flight goes, it still beats walking - and comes with the ability to move vertically as well!

Super Stamina: Madeline also has increased vitality, as fatigue poisons take much longer to build up in her body than they would in a normal human. Consider her Fortitude +3 RS for the purpose of determining how long she can continue to engage in physically strenuous activity.

Faded Powers: though she retains her levitation and super-human stamina, Madeline initially possessed a much wider variety of powers, abilities which faded shortly after her initial brush with the fantastic. Madeline's lost, possible secondary mutations include the following:

* Super Brawn: for a time Madeline enjoyed the benefits of full-on super-human strength, as opposed to the physical prowess normally present in humans. While she retained this ability, Madeline had a Brawn trait of 50, and a resultant Health sum of 110.

* Super Intellect: this ability made Madeline an exceedingly effective crime fighter and solver of mysteries during the early days of her super heroic career. Though it has since faded, she originally had an Intellect trait of 50, and a resultant Fortune sum of 70.

* Transparent Vision: in her very first crime-fighting appearances, Madeline enjoyed the ability to see through solid matter, an ability that functioned at rank value 20. This power disappeared in time, and soon after she was forced to wear glasses to see normally.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Dulled Sense / Vision: Madeline's vision has gone south over the years, first with the loss of her X-ray vision and then the degradation of her regular ocular acuity. She must make all vision-based Awareness ACT rolls at a -2 RS, unless she's wearing her horn-rimmed spectacles.


Martial Arts style B: a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Madeline can easily hold her own in a fight. She may attempt any unarmed attacks, whether she's punching, kicking, elbow smashing or head butting an opponent, as though the above Melee trait was +1 RS in value.


Madeline is a member of the Liberty Legion, and can easily rely upon the membership of that team for assistance should she need it; they're heroes, after all! Furthermore, as a member of the Liberty Legion, Madeline is also a close associate of the Invaders after a fashion.


Madeline wears a patriotic costume into battle against evil. It consists of a red, long-sleeved shirt with a red, white and blue shield design on the chest, a red skirt over red stretch fabric trousers, red boots, a blue belt, a blue cape, and a red cap with a small shield emblem on the front.


Madeline is spunky and gung-ho, and embraced the role of a super heroine with aplomb. She enjoys righting wrongs, as this invariably involves roughing up the bad guys (and girls). She's definitely a team player though, and goes out of her way to help her allies when they're in need.

Real Name: Madeline Joyce
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion

Height: 5'8"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: blue
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Long ago, young Madeline Joyce was touring her beloved uncle's electrical plant, situated in a converted lighthouse, when a bizarre accident occurred. During that fateful night, with an electrical storm raging outside, a nearby lightning strike caused a power surge within the plant.

Exposed to the brunt of this surge, and subjected to enough electrical current to 'kill a thousand men', Madeline survived. In fact, instead of dying, Madeline was reborn - the overwhelming energy somehow jump starting latent mutant genes that simmered unsuspecting within her!

Finding her mind and body enhanced spectacularly, Madeline decided to make the best of her new abilities, and began to use them to fight crime as Miss America! As time passed though, many of Madeline's abilities faded, possibly as a result of her newly activated genes 'settling down'.

Either that or all that electricity had simply 'super charged' her for a time.

Regardless, Madeline was left with one or two abilities to fight crime with, and she did solo until she ran afoul of the Whizzer, while both heroes were essentially after the same criminal. Despite themselves, they were both victorious in the end.

Before they could go their separate ways, Madeline and this Whizzer heard a plea for help from Bucky and the Patriot over the radio! Forming up with several other loose cannon heroes, Madeline helped liberate the mighty Invaders from an insidious mind control scheme.

With this caper done, Madeline and company stuck together as the mighty Liberty Legion, and foiled many sinister plots against America, either at home or abroad alongside their 'sister' team, the Invaders. In fact, the two groups worked very closely together, almost like one big team.

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