Hand Size:
4 (25)


Jeffrey Mace is naught but a normal human, physically speaking. He has no freakish genetic mutations, sorcerous skeletons in the family closet, or bizarre disciplines that have granted him super-human abilities. He simply fights the good fight with a one-two punch!



Hindrances / Augmentations:





Boxing (s): Jeffrey's a competent brawler, since his fighting skills were all he had (before he got that shield, of course). If declared, Jeffrey can split his total action score among two attacks (the second being a contingent action).

Journalism (i): Jeffrey is skilled at digging up stories. As such, upon making a successful challenging action, he can find out pretty much any public knowledge data (or slightly secret) information within one day. Of course, the real fun comes when digging up the buried stories...

Military (w): Jeffrey is a former military man, and as such, he can lead troops (or decipher military strategies) at one difficulty level lower than would normally be required by the Narrator. Of course, it also looks great on Jeffrey's resume, as well.

Wrestling (s): if unarmed, Jeffrey can attempt a wrestling attack. If this Strength attack inflicts damage, Jeffrey can attempt to latch on to an opponent with an average difficulty Strength (strength) action as a contingent attack.

He will then inflict similar damage the next exchange, and on each subsequent exchange for as long as he desires, but must make a successful hold action each turn to maintain the hold on each first.


Jeffrey has several contacts, in both military and media circles, that have yet to be revealed. Furthermore, as a member of the Liberty Legion, Jeffrey can rely upon his teammates - and subsequently their sister team, the Invaders, for aid in a pinch.

And don't forget his one-time side kick, Miss Patriot!


Idealist: as the Patriot, Jeffrey believed in his country, and risked his life on countless occasions in battle against the super-powered forces of oppression. He would do virtually anything to help the United States of America, though he nonetheless did so in a cool, unfanatical fashion.


Jeffrey's costume consisted of a blue stretch fabric shirt with a gold eagle and two stars on the chest, red gloves with white stars on each, blue trunks over red stretch fabric trousers, blue boots with a white star on each, and a red mask with a blue crest and a yellow 'v' over his eyes.


Jeffrey is extremely patriotic, but not fanatically so. In fact, he even lectured Captain America about being too extreme in his Americanism on occasion! However, he's willing to do whatever he is asked to, within reason, to protect liberty and freedom from the forces of evil.

Real Name: Jeffrey Solomon Mace
Occupation: adventurer, former journalist, former military man
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 205 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Jeffrey Mace is a veteran who used to be a mild mannered reported for the Daily Bugle. Inspired by his hero however, Captain America, Jeffrey decided to follow in his footsteps and fight crime, saboteurs, and super-wackos in a Patriotic costume.

After the Invaders were brain-washed by the Red Skull, Jeffrey was approached by Bucky, who'd escaped the Skull's plot and was looking for aid against the villain. Using Jeffrey's regular radio broadcast program, the duo put out a call for help from any hero that could hear them.

In time, several heroes answered the call, and thus was the Liberty Legion born! They included Blue Diamond! Jack Frost! Miss America! Red Raven! Thin Man! And the Whizzer! Their onslaught of heroism began by tracking down the controlled Invaders to set them free.

After several battles, the Legion finally faced the Invaders directly, and freed them by destroying the hydrogen balloon that the Red Skull was using as a base - one that housed his mind control equipment. After this incident, the Legion remained together to fight evil at home.

This while the Invaders continued their fight against fascism abroad. Over time Jeffrey's team sort of blended together with the Invaders, the two groups trading members and assistance in matters when it was necessary. This course of events continued on for the duration of the war itself.

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