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Elton T. Morrow was completely normal man in every sense of the world, at least until he found himself at ground zero of a bizarre accident. When an exceptionally large and exceedingly rare blue diamond blew up in his grasp, millions of its fragments were embedded in his body, causing their unusual properties to rub off on him. In other words, they made him super strong and durable!

Known Powers:

Body Armor: thanks to the millions of microscopic, possibly magical diamond fragments scattered throughout his body, Elton has become highly resistant to most attacks. In fact, these diamond bits provide Elton this power at rank value 50, which has raised his defense against the various attack forms from normal human levels to these stellar heights:

RV 50 / RV 30 / RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0

Limitations / Enhancements:





Dulled Sense / Sight: experiencing a slow physical decline even during the Golden Age, Elton was wearing a pair of eye glasses in every one of his appearances (out of costume, at least). This is because his vision isn't what it used to be, and should he find himself without his trademark pair of wire-rimmed glasses, he must make all vision-based Awareness ACT rolls at a -2 RS.


Archaeology / Anthropology: Elton is currently one of the world's single greatest authorities in anthropological matters. He knows people and their cultures quite well, as he is simply fascinated by the sheer variety of people out there. In such matters, his Intellect trait should be considered +2 RS, as he's likely to know all about people and their civilizations - either past or present.

Guns: though he's incredibly strong and pretty much bullet-proof, Elton has been trained in the use of conventional firearms after he enlisted in the Army - mostly because everyone else in his paranormal fighting unit was educated in the same way. As such, he has the ability to wield any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol as if his Coordination trait was +1 RS in value.

Martial Arts style B: though the nature of Elton's super-powers literally optimized his body for punching things, the sad truth is that he never really got very good at doing so - at least, until he signed up with the military. Now that he's in the Army, Elton has been properly trained in the fine art of unarmed combat, and may attempt any such strike as if his Melee trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Military / United States: though he never had any intentions of enlisting in the Army, particularly with his being a long-standing member of the Liberty Legion, Elton nonetheless did so when the government asked him to. Going through Basic training with his fellow Crazy Sues, Elton can be considered an expert on the Army way of doing things, and can readily lead fighting men into battle if necessary.


Elton is a member of the Liberty Legion, and as a result, can count on his six teammates for almost any sort of assistance he could require. Furthermore, upon enlisting in the Army, Elton was inducted into the Crazy Sues, who were happy to have his muscle on board. Finally, Elton is known to have several contacts in anthropological circles, should he need information of that nature.


As the Blue Diamond, Elton wears a blue stretch fabric uniform, which was complemented by yellow boots, gloves, trunks, and a yellow belt. Elton also wears a mask that covers all of his face, save for his mouth and nose; this mask is blue save for the very top, which has a yellow sort of 'dome' shape on it. He also bears a stylized diamond design on his chest, with a yellow 'glow' around it.


Elton really comes across as a reluctant sort of hero, as he tried the job on for a time, and then retired until calamity forced him into action again. He is a worldly, intelligent college instructor and a dependable hero that, while sort of inexperienced, gives it his all. Of course this is all his fellow crime fighters expect of him, being aware of his situation and relative unease with combat in general.

Real Name: Professor Elton T. Morrow, PhD.
Occupation: adventurer, instructor
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion, the Crazy Sues

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: 495 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Way down in Antarctica, while on a scientific expedition of great import, Elton T. Morrow and another scientist discovered an 'azure diamond' of exceptional size - the largest ever, in fact. The two recovered the stone, and proceeded to take it back to America. However, their boat was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, and in the mayhem that resulted, the stone exploded.

His compatriot didn't survive the incident, but Elton himself was besieged by millions of tiny diamond fragments, each of which embedded themselves within his body. He managed to survive this somehow, as well as the frigid waters of the Antarctic, and was eventually picked up by a passing ship - though it quickly became apparent that he had been forever changed.

En route to his home, Elton discovered that the diamond bits in his body had somehow given it the 'hardness of diamond itself, and great super-human strength to go along with it. How this was possible has yet to be explained by medical science, but there he is. For a time, Elton decided to use his new powers as the heroic Blue Diamond, but he didn't find the adventuring life very interesting.

Returning to his career as a college instructor, Elton tried to forget his heroic phase, but was forced into action yet again after he was attacked by Nazi thugs on campus. Right afterward, he heard a plea for help from Bucky, the partner of the one and only Captain America, who claimed that the Invaders were in serious trouble. Though he didn't want to, Elton became the Blue Diamond yet again!

Journeying to New York City, Elton met several other heroes who responded to Bucky's call for help, and with them, he formed the Liberty Legion! This band of heroes, though they'd never worked together before, nonetheless fought with a mind-controlled band of Invaders, and managed to free them before the evil Red Skull could use them to kill countless Americans at a ball park.

Elton continued on with the Liberty Legion after this, and he and his teammates were on very good terms with the Invaders, and in time the two groups blurred together into one great strike force. While the Legion worked against threats at home, and the Invaders fought abroad, the two groups would trade members and favors to assist each other when necessary, to maximize their overall effectiveness.

While the two groups eventually became the All-Winners Squad, Elton wasn't a part of that enterprise. No, Elton instead enlisted to join up with the Crazy Sues, a team of ascendant humans in the United States military. He served with distinction in this group on every mission he was assigned by the Sues' leader, and apparently continued on as one of the Crazies throughout World War II.

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