Crazy Sues

Over the course of the second World War, the United States government threw every weapon it could grasp into the effort to defeat fascism, including super-human operatives. Sure, they could only make one Captain America, but he wasn't the country's only super hero.

To this end, the Army created its Specialized Unit: Enhanced Soldiers, which came to be known colloquially as the Crazy Sues, if only because Specialized Unit: Enhanced Soldiers is quite a mouthful. And though it wasn't full of Captain Americas, this unit was at least trained by him.

The paranormal members of the armed forces were further bolstered by the tireless work of Timely Comics, who would write fictionalized accounts of the Crazy Sues, to win the 'hearts and minds' of the American people, and keep them looking upon the war effort more favorably.

Thus, one could determine whether or not their favorite costumed heroes were still alive by seeing whether or not their adventures were no longer published by Timely. And many of the Crazy Sues weren't seen in print for very long, unfortunately.

The Crazy Sues consisted of these, and many other augmented operatives:

Specialized Unit: Enhanced Soldiers

Blue Diamond: when an immense blue diamond exploded in his hands, anthropologist Elton T. Morrow was imbued with the stone's strange powers. Though he did so reluctantly, Elton used his new powers against evil as... the Blue Diamond! Availability:

Blue Diamond (MSH Classic)

Blue Diamond (4C System)

Blue Diamond (Marvel Saga)

Bucky: Captain America's original partner, James 'Bucky' Barnes is a con man and swindler, and doesn't have any problem getting his hands dirty to get what he wants - and what he wants is to protect the world from the Nazi scourge! Availability:

Bucky (MSH Classic)

Bucky (4C System)

Bucky (Marvel Saga)

Captain America: sole survivor of an experimental super soldier serum trial, sickly Steve Rogers quickly became a hero. Growing into his role as the Sentinel of Liberty, he gave his all in the fight against America's many, many foes! Availability:

Captain America (MSH Classic)

Captain America (4C System)

Captain America (Marvel Saga)

Father Time: too late to save his innocent father from being unjustly executed, Larry Scott vowed to make time work against criminals, instead of the innocent. To this end, he adopted the role of Father Time, punishing evil with his fists and his sharpened scythe! Availability:

Father Time (MSH Classic)

Father Time (4C System)

Father Time (Marvel Saga)

the Fin: when his submarine went down in the high seas, Navy Lieutanant Peter Noble found he could breathe just fine on the ocean floor! Exploring this new (to him) realm, Peter found a magical blade - which he used to fight evil as... the Fin! Availability:

the Fin (MSH Classic)

the Fin (4C System)

the Fin (Marvel Saga)

the Invisible Man: when corporate assassins tried to stop him before he could complete his grand work, Doctor Gade was not killed so much as transformed. Now wielding the power of invisiblity, he sought vengeance against his many foes! Availability:

the Invisible Man (MSH Classic)

the Invisible Man (4C System)

the Invisible Man (Marvel Saga)

Merzah the Mystic: aided by lovely assistant Diana and attack valet Jose, Merzah wielded his psionics against evil forces assailing his country. This when not actually serving in the nation's military as one of its so-called Crazy Sues! Availability:

Merzah the Mystic (MSH Classic)

Merzah the Mystic (4C System)

Merzah the Mystic (Marvel Saga)

Moon-Man: on nights when the moon is full, criminals who the law can't touch fear... the Moon-Man! Once a month, this vigilante dons his costume and wages war on evil, ferreting out those who scoff at the laws of otherwise civilized society! Availability:

Moon-Man (MSH Classic)

Moon-Man (4C System)

Moon-Man (Marvel Saga)

Taxi Taylor: laughed at when he tried to sell the US Army his inexplicable Wonder Car, Jim 'Taxi' Taylor decided to use the bizarre creation himself. Driving into the city, he used his Wonder Car in a one-man war against scofflaws and saboteurs alike! Availability:

Taxi Taylor (MSH Classic)

Taxi Taylor (4C System)

Taxi Taylor (Marvel Saga)

Vagabond: unable to clandestinely investigate crimes due to his being a well known police detective, Patrick 'Pat' Murphy donned the persona of a wandering hobo to snoop around town. Little did he know that this bizarre act would become a lifestyle choice! Availability:

Vagabond (MSH Classic)

Vagabond (4C System)

Vagabond (Marvel Saga)

Theres a couple more guys in this group, but I haven't quite written them yet - those presented so far are just those unfortunate souls who I'd already covered for the 13 thus far. I'll get to all the other oddities who died horribly in here before too long, however.

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