the Whizzer


Hand Size:
4 (25)


The Whizzer is an altered human, one that inexplicably gained super-human abilities after he was injected with mongoose blood. This, all in a similarly inexplicable effort to save his life upon being bitten by a deadly cobra in darkest Africa.


Enhanced Lower Body Strength (s): Robert's leg strength was enhanced in the odd process that gave him his powers, boosting his legs' applicable Strength score to 12. This allows for his super running, but can also make for quite a mean kick!

Super Running (a): the Whizzer can apparently run at intensity 5 ground speeds (150 m.p.h.). As such, he can travel almost anywhere within far missile distance each exchange, making him quite dangerous in battle. He has developed the following power stunts thus far:

* Cyclone (i): Robert can manufacture a small whirlwind to keep foes at bay, doing so with intensity 13 ability. If caught in such a mini-tornado, a target can free himself by using flight, telekinesis, or just shooting Robert to make him stop maintaining the whirlwind.

* Hypersonic Punch (s): Robert has been seen moving in on somebody at super speed, and then smacking them on his way out. He can use this trick to inflict intensity 15 bashing or concussive damage, depending on whether or not he actually connects (his choice).

* Jelling (a): Robert can also run up walls and across water, moving fast enough that normally applicable physical laws don't have time to catch up with him (or something to that effect). He does this at the same speed he crosses normal ground with.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Detective / Espionage (i): Robert is known to be at least partially involved with the American intelligence community, as he was in charge of at least one national security review of the super-human Invaders team. He may make investigative actions at a reduced difficulty.

Skill / Super Running (s): Robert's only known combat skill is his unique fighting style, derived from the use of his super running power and its various power stunts. He can make combat actions at a reduced difficulty, but only if running at the time.


Robert is a member of the Liberty Legion, and as a result, a member of the Invaders. He can rely on them for aid should he need to. Furthermore, Robert has significant contacts in the American intelligence community, having worked for an unidentified agency in the past.


Adventurer: Robert is an adventurer at heart, which is why he wound up in Africa on a safari with his father. After he received his powers there, Robert continued his adventurous lifestyle, though now with a costume and incredible running powers!


As the Whizzer, Robert wears a yellow stretch fabric body suit with a blue 'W' seemingly racing from the right of his chest to the left, complemented with a blue belt, blue boots, and blue trunks. This has stayed constant over the years, but his headgear has not.

In his early crime fighting days, he wore a yellow, winged helmet atop his head. In time, however, this changed into a simple mask that covers back of head, but leaves his face exposed. It also has little wings on the side, a shout-out to his old helmet.


As a super hero, Robert tends to be quite the verbose kind of guy. He chit chats and cracks wise with the best of 'em. He's also something of an egotist, exceedingly confident and cocksure in a fight, even when up against someone vastly stronger than he is.

Real Name: Robert L. Frank
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


It all started back in Africa, where Robert L Frank was bitten by a rather deadly cobra while on safari with his father. Trying to save his son somehow, Robert's father injected some mongoose blood into his body, in an inexplicable attempt to neutralize the poison.

Dying from the strain on his heart after this, Emil Frank missed the startling transformation his son went through. Right before his glazed over eyes, the mongoose blood and snake venom somehow altered Robert's body, granting him the speed and vitality of a mongoose!

Robert returned to America as the Whizzer, and was determined to fight crime. Soon after, he encountered some German insurgents attempting to blow up a train, as it was loaded with war supplies. He ruined their bomb and then went after them, only to be beaten to the punch.

Miss America had arrived on the scene, and taken out the miscreants with little trouble. Sort of irate about this, the Whizzer nonetheless went to New York with the upstart heroine in response to a call for help from Bucky Barnes, Captain America's side kick.

The two heroes met up with several others, and teamed up to stop the Red Skull from using the mind controlled Invaders to destroy America. Together, as the Liberty Legion, the seven heroes eventually freed the Invaders, apparently killing the Red Skull in the process.

Not that he hasn't apparently died on dozens of occasions before.

After this, the Legion decided to stick together, battling internal threats to American liberty. Over time, however, the Liberty Legion and the Invaders sort of blurred into one big association of heroes, backing each other up and swapping members as was necessary.

In fact, they did this for the duration of the war.

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