Timely Solo Villains

Though not nearly as notorious as the various Axis-aligned villains, those costumed criminals who walked their own path were nonetheless a force to be reckoned with. Sure, some were quickly doomed to obscurity, but others continued to plague the world for years to come!

Known solo villains from the Golden Age include:

Asbestos Girl: a shrewd man-hater, the Asbestos Girl was driven to new heights of loathing by one man above all others: the Human Torch! Humiliating her time and again, the Torch has earned a singular place in the Asbestos Girl's blackened heart. Availability:

Asbestos Girl (MSH Classic)

Asbestos Girl (4C System)

Asbestos Girl (Marvel Saga)

Basil Drake: a renowned chemist and utter madman, Basil Drake was driven to murder after his romantic advances were spurned. Luckily for the target of his ire, Professor Zog and his Marvel of the Age, Electro, were able to stop his killing spree! Availability:

Basil Drake (MSH Classic)

Basil Drake (4C System)

Basil Drake (Marvel Saga)

Gary Gaunt: criminologist by day and hooligan by night, Gary Gaunt was an ordinary man until, in a concussed daze, he drank an experimental formula that causes daily transformations. While he seeks a cure for his malady, his inner monster aches to be free! Availability:

Gary Gaunt (MSH Classic)

Gary Gaunt (4C System)

Gary Gaunt (Marvel Saga)

the Green Terror: emerging from the depths of Africa, the strange post-human known as the Green Terror is bent on extending his nigh-immortal lifespan ever further - even if this requires the consumption of vast quantities of human blood! Availability:

the Green Terror (MSH Classic)

the Green Terror (4C System)

the Green Terror (Marvel Saga)

Gnorr: a bizarre alien inhabiting an abandoned structure on earth's moon, Gnorr longed to conquer a planetary body less barren than his current abode. And he might've taken control of our world if not for Professor Zog and his creation, Electro! Availability:

Gnorr (MSH Classic)

Gnorr (4C System)

Gnorr (Marvel Saga)

Jago: having conquered his fellow Dragon-Men through cunning and brute force, Jago leads them with an iron fist! And naturally, he's not content to simply lead the Dragon-Men. No, he longs to conquer his home world of Ligra - and all else! Availability:

Jago (MSH Classic)

Jago (4C System)

Jago (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Lorrof: expelled from the scientific community by his peers for his unethical experiments, Doctor Lorrof quickly lost his mind. Turning his mad science against all of mankind, he would've destroyed Titan City, if not for the might of Electro! Availability:

Doctor Lorrof (MSH Classic)

Doctor Lorrof (4C System)

Doctor Lorrof (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Manyac: though Manyac is likely an alias, this villain is nonetheless a Doctor, for his knowledge of chemistry is without peer. Crafting his exotic green flame with it, Doctor Manyac has engaged in numerous criminal campaigns within New York City! Availability:

Doctor Manyac (MSH Classic)

Doctor Manyac (4C System)

Doctor Manyac (Marvel Saga)

Mor the Mighty: a powerful sorcerer wishing to conquer all, Mor the Mighty possessed the ability to make monsters out of mundane creatures! He used this knowledge in a bid to conquer all, but was crushed by Professor Zog and his robot, Electro. Availability:

Mor the Mighty (MSH Classic)

Mor the Mighty (4C System)

Mor the Mighty (Marvel Saga)

Muro: something of a villainous polymath, there was no power that Muro wouldn't use to further his aims of global conquest. Whether brandishing science or sorcery at the world, Muro could only be stopped by one man: Monako - Prince of Magic! Availability:

Muro (MSH Classic)

Muro (4C System)

Muro (Marvel Saga)

Prince Omei: Omei's power was was that of mesmerism, with which he could readily bring to heel the will of other men! The origin of this dread power is unknown, but everyone knows that he used it in the forging of a vast and terrible criminal empire! Availability:

Prince Omei (MSH Classic)

Prince Omei (4C System)

Prince Omei (Marvel Saga)

the Shark: instead of using his revolutionary submersible technology to aid humanity, Stephen Morgan wielded it as the Shark, a dread undersea pirate, one whose crimes against the seven seas were only halted by Electro: Marvel of the Age! Availability:

the Shark (MSH Classic)

the Shark (4C System)

the Shark (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Bruno Varoz: a former neurosurgeon of renown, Bruno lost his mind at some point, either due to illness or self-experimentation. This madness egged him on in his attempts to conquer the world, and if not for Electro, he just might have! Availability:

Doctor Bruno Varoz (MSH Classic)

Doctor Bruno Varoz (4C System)

Doctor Bruno Varoz (Marvel Saga)

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