The Crazy Hate: A Chronological Issue Guide!

While the main Tales page lists most of the current releases available for your reading pleasure, this index is a chronological listing of the various issues of the Crazy Hate, relating those stories in order for convenience. Of course, the group doesn't exist as things begin, and the first 28 issues are origin stories for the various members, but still. Feel free to start your serial Hate with...

Technoholic Man # 1 (the Crazy Hate #1) - Your Underwear's On Outside Your Pants: this is the origin of the one and only Technoholic Man, a tale that explains how this former digital satellite technical support guru wound up being blessed - or cursed - with an organic circuitry weapons array that was forever spliced into his very nervous system. Can he survive long enough to make good use of it, though?

Technoholic Man # 2 (the Crazy Hate #2) - Mmm... Cherry...: after surviving his encounter with the Atomic Apocalypse, our man Sam finds that the Plot has caught up with him, and the creators of the Technohol coursing through his veins (and nervous system) have sent the malicious and crafty Technohol 12 after him. Will our hero survive this, or should we rename this series now?

Technoholic Man # 3 (the Crazy Hate #3) - Stupid Old Man: tune in as we pick up Sam's trail while a special guest star does the same. Watch how Seņor Barnett of Agency 13 tracks Mr. Robbins down even as he seeks out the creator of the Technohol - and as Technohol 12, who Sam left for dead, does the same to him; she owes him a beating, after all!

Technoholic Man # 4 (the Crazy Hate #4) - the End of the Road: having dealt with the menace posed to them by the diabolical Technohol Zero, Sam and Clarice (having assumed something akin to a truce) make their way to Bio-Logic industries, the corporation Zero was using to concoct his Technoholic wares - but don't expect them to just roll over for our two high tech heroes, oh no...!

Everywhere Girl #1 (the Crazy Hate #5) - A Welcome to Everywhere: welcome to Franky Gray's tale, she being a young lady who was raised from the dead by an evil technomage to do his bidding - though Franky's always had a problem with authority. As such, Franky broke free of her would-be master and took to wandering the earth, at which point we pick up where we left off before...

Everywhere Girl #2 (the Crazy Hate #6) - Weighty Concerns: we pick up Franky's story quite a while after our first issue ended, at which point she's mastered a few of the many psi powers she has been given access to as a result of her nigh-fatal exposure to the Between. Of course, she's got problems, as the young rejuvenate has been tracked down by that... thing... from the Club...

Everywhere Girl #3 (the Crazy Hate #7) - Get Out! a few months after last issue, Franky has gotten the hang of her psimotive abilities some, and has joined the Departure on her very first mission. Exploring a supposedly abandoned temple dedicated to some eerie god of evil in an unknown plane, imagine the surprise our heroes feel when they find out the place isn't empty at all...!

Everywhere Girl #4 (the Crazy Hate #8) - A Confluence of Cataclysm: about a year after our story started, Franky has pretty much mastered her powers, and has decided to leave the employ of Psychoturge and her surly subordinates. Of course, they don't want to let her go that easily, and when she tries, she gets ambushed by a bunch of people she thought long gone. Whoops...!

Charlie_Chicanery #1 (the Crazy Hate #9) - Quest for Something or Other: meet our newest hero, Chuck Swank, shortly after his space-faring mutant powers emerge. After meeting a strange alien on the moon, Chuck is headhunted into Extra Solar Enterprises, who puts him to work (after figuring out how his powers work) scavenging various items from across the universe for them!

Charlie_Chicanery #2 (the Crazy Hate #10) - Star Thuggery: A New Rap Sheet: after meeting Chuck's friend Wendell, we get on with another of ESE's weird missions. This time, Chuck has to fly ten thousand light years out to get ahold of some item stolen from a company representative, but the problem is that it's on a space station teeming with aliens, and Chuck can barely relate to humans, let alone aliens!

Charlie_Chicanery #3 (the Crazy Hate #11) - Atypical Weirdness: given a supposedly routine mission to collect samples from an experimental matter duplication machine, Charlie Chicanery and Wendell Wherever travel to yet another bizarre alien planet, where they meet a bunch of very strange aliens that are doing mysterious things, for unknown reasons. The kicker is that all of this isn't the really weird part.

Charlie_Chicanery #4 (the Crazy Hate #12) - Exponential Self Loathing: After Wendell manages to somehow talk that curiously pink alien into sparing Charlie's life, things only go down hill as the matter duplicator manages to copy Charlie perfectly, even while mangling the genes of the original in one spectacularly embarassing way (for Charlie at least). So the question is, where does Charlie go from here?

Without #1 (the Crazy Hate #13) - Exponentialized: supremely dissatisfied with her job delivering foreclosure notices, the fortunes of recent college graduate Annah Harrington take a turn towards the bizarre when she crosses the path of the Biplicity! These married super-villains are competing to see who can conquer the world first - and, thus, their marriage - and Annah finds herself caught in the middle!

the Reincarnator #1 (the Crazy Hate #17) - A Crowd of One: meet Robert. At least that's what his current name is. Robert is a nigh-unique individual in that he's been reincarnated over and over at least as early as the dawn of the human race - if not before. Of course, in his current state he's but a seemingly normal high school student, trying to change the world with the weight of History on his side!

Hate Ball #1 (the Crazy Hate #25) - Rebirtheded - a failed super-hero, Russell Barnett has gone by many aliases: Gunner, 8-Ball. But it takes the threat of a truly insidious secret society to finally awaken the true nature of his super human abilities, and to finally become the man he always knew he could be - even if it involves giving in to the mindless hate required to fully activate his inherent technopsionic potential.

Hate Ball #2 (the Crazy Hate #26) - Restraineded - awakening on a strange alien world, Russell finds his nemesis has not only escaped him but set in motion his own demise. Can Russell escape the trap the Ologyologist has set for him and get back home before he does, or is he doomed to a painful execution across the universe without even a lawyer to bail him out at the last second?

Hate Ball #3 (the Crazy Hate #27) - Rearmeded - now that he's made it back to earth, we know what Russell's going to do - he's going to put Clarence Davidson in a hurt locker! But he has to re-arm himself first, having given all his existing technology away for a ride home. Luckily for him, he now knows how to trigger his bizarre technological super-genius ability!

Hate Ball #4 (the Crazy Hate #28) - Revengeded - when we last left you dangling (like so many participles), poor Russell was face to face with the diabolical Kedae monstrosity known only as Ocpatex! Can our hero come up with a plan to defeat both it and the lingering Ologyology foundation - or will those fiends be free to bring even more demonic horrors into the city? Read on to find out!

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